Why We Should Have Free Healthcare: An Investment in Our Nation’s Health

Why We Should Have Free Healthcare: An Investment in Our Nation’s Health

The question of whether healthcare should be free is a contentious one that elicits strong emotions and opinions from people on both sides of the argument. However, when you consider the potential benefits of free healthcare, it becomes clear that this is a policy that could significantly improve the overall health and wellbeing of our nation. In this article, we will explore the reasons why we should have free healthcare, the potential benefits of such a policy, and address some of the common concerns that people have about this issue.

The High Cost of Healthcare

One of the primary reasons why we should have free healthcare is that healthcare is incredibly expensive, and many people simply cannot afford to pay for it. The cost of healthcare has been steadily rising for years, and this trend is expected to continue. In fact, a recent study found that healthcare costs in the US are projected to rise by 5.5% every year until 2027. This means that more and more people will struggle to pay for the care that they need.

Costs of Medical Care in the US

Type of Medical Care Cost Per Year
Hospitalization $10,000-$100,000
Prescription Drugs $600-$6,000
Primary Care Visits $175-$250

Access to Healthcare

Another reason why we should have free healthcare is that it would ensure that everyone has access to the care that they need. Currently, many people go without medical care because they cannot afford it, even if they have insurance. This means that small health problems can turn into larger health problems, and people can end up facing serious health issues because they were unable to access care in a timely manner.

Lack of Access to Healthcare

  • 27.5 million people in the US are uninsured.
  • Underinsured individuals often cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs for medical care.
  • The uninsured and underinsured are less likely to receive preventative care, leading to more serious health problems.

Public Health Benefits

In addition to the benefits of providing access to healthcare to all individuals, there are also significant public health benefits to having free healthcare. When people can receive preventative care and treatment for illnesses, they are less likely to spread communicable diseases. Additionally, when people are healthy, they are more productive, which can lead to economic benefits for the country as a whole.

Public Health Benefits of Free Healthcare

  • Reduces the spread of communicable diseases.
  • Improves the overall health of the population, leading to more productive individuals.
  • Reduces healthcare costs in the long run by reducing the number of serious health problems that individuals experience.

Concerns About Free Healthcare

While there are many potential benefits to having free healthcare, there are also concerns that people have about this policy. These concerns include increased taxes, longer wait times, and reduced quality of care. It is important to address these concerns and understand the potential drawbacks of free healthcare before implementing such a policy.

Common Concerns About Free Healthcare

  • Increased taxes
  • Longer wait times for treatment
  • Reduced quality of care


The benefits of having free healthcare in the US are numerous and significant. By ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare, we can improve the overall health of our population, reduce healthcare costs in the long run, and boost economic productivity. While there are concerns about this policy, these concerns can be addressed with careful planning and consideration.


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  • What is free healthcare?
  • Free healthcare is a policy where individuals are able to receive the medical care that they need without having to pay for it directly. This can be funded through taxes or government spending.

  • Why should we have free healthcare?
  • There are many potential benefits to having free healthcare, including increased access to healthcare, improved public health, and reduced healthcare costs in the long run.

  • What are the concerns about free healthcare?
  • The concerns about free healthcare include increased taxes, longer wait times for treatment, and potentially reduced quality of care.

  • How can we address these concerns?
  • These concerns can be addressed through careful planning, consideration of funding sources, and investment in healthcare infrastructure and resources.

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