Who is the girl in the coke commercial


The girl featured in the Coke commercial is a young actress and singer by the name of Maisie Williams. Williams is a British star of stage and screen who is best known for her role as Arya Stark on HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones. Williams also starred in two independent films, as well as appearing in an episode of Doctor Who.

In 2017, she was named one of TIME magazine’s “Most Influential Teens” and she continues to be an example for other young women in the industry today.

Williams was chosen to be the face of Coke’s new ad campaign focusing on celebrating womens’ achievements around the world. The commercial, which debuted globally during the 2018 Super Bowl broadcast, featured Williams embodying many different roles, from astronaut to dancer to businesswoman. The commercial ended with Williams drinking a can of Coke and celebrating with her diverse team of friends and colleagues. With an inspiring message about celebrating success through diversity and togetherness, this ad has resonated with viewers around the world.

Who is the girl in the coke commercial?

The girl in the coke commercial is Lily Collins. The commercial features her speaking about her passion for adventure, her family, and what drives her. She talks about how she likes to make sure that she spends quality time with her family, even with her busy work schedule. Lily’s story is inspirational and a great reminder of the importance of family and taking time for yourself.

Let’s take a closer look at this commercial and the actress behind it.

Background of the girl

The model featured in the Coke commercial is actress-model Bianca Sia, a multi-talented Filipina-American artist, who moved to Los Angeles at an early age and attended Middle Tennessee State University. Sia has enjoyed a successful career as both an actress and a model since then.

In the Coke commercial, Sia plays the role of a young woman named Kayla who is trying to find her voice in life. She overcomes her hesitations when she joins her friends for a refreshing glass of ice cold Coca Cola. Kayla is empowered by her newfound confidence and embraces her unique personality with courage and strength.

Sia’s performance in this heartwarming ad was widely praised, as was the poignant message of striving for self-confidence against all odds.

Her career in the commercial industry

The girl in the coke commercial is Emilia Clarke, an actress best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. She began her career in 2008 at the age of 20 after graduating from the Drama Centre London. She has since gone on to appear in a number of commercials, including roles on shows such as Dr Who, Futurama and even Sofia the First.

Having worked alongside renowned actor and director Joss Whedon on many projects, Emilia Clarke has established herself as a fantastic actor with a unique ability to bring characters to life. Her talents have been recognized by audiences and critics alike who awarded her with Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for Game of Thrones in addition to various awards throughout her career.

Her success in the commercial industry is highlighted by her Coca-Cola Christmas commercial back in 2016 where she played the role of the artic fox who lives under the Northern Lights. The 35-second advert captivated viewers featuring Clara, a curious fox that embarks upon a journey on Christmas night to meet human children magically bound by Santa’s sleigh and all playing a part in delivering gifts around the world.

Her other projects

Besides the Coca-Cola commercial, the girl in the video was also featured in a music video for Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie’s song “L.A. Love“. She has also acted in several films including “Kick-Ass 2” and “Our Family Wedding“, and appeared as a guest judge on an episode of Project Runway All Stars.

Most recently, she provided the voice of Donna Tubbs on The Simpsons and had a major role in the 2018 film “Life of the Party“.

The impact of the commercial

The recent Coke commercial featuring a young black girl has received a lot of attention. It has generated buzz and has become a trending topic. The commercial’s message of self-confidence and acceptance has resonated with people from all backgrounds.

In this article, we will explore the impact of the commercial and how it has impacted the girl’s life, as well as the lives of those who saw it.

Increase in popularity

The ad with the young girl that has become so popular in recent months has had a tremendous impact on Coca-Cola’s reach and sales numbers. Millions of people all over the world have embraced this commercial, and its message of “taste the feeling” has resonated with viewers of all ages. This iconic commercial marks a new era for Coca-Cola, and its success is clear in the increase in popularity it has seen. It’s inspiring story line, catchy jingle, and interesting characters draw people into this world that Coke has created.

The ability for Coca-Cola to create an advertisement that is able to connect with viewers like no other before it shows the true power of their brand. The advertisement launched during Super Bowl 50 in 2016 with a simple 30 second commercial spot featuring teenagers getting ready for school. It quickly started to gain praise from viewers all over the world who could relate to it in some way or another. Not only did they enjoy watching it, but they also began sharing it through various forms of media as well, further increasing its exposure.

The demand for more Coke commercials continued as viewers began to ask “Who is That Girl?“, referring to the main character in the ad; subsequently creating overnight sensation on social media. This kind of attention was unprecedented and only solidified Coca-Cola’s status as the quintessential lifestyle brand people everywhere were able to connect with at any age or any time from anywhere around the globe. As a result of this increased popularity Coca-Colas shares have increased tremendously helping them remain at the top of their industry despite current market trends.

Positive reception

The release of the widely popular “Share a Coke” television commercial has sparked positive reactions from viewers. The commercial’s light-hearted narrative, contagious tune and its overarching message of friendship and sharing have all resonated with its audience. The impact of the ad has been seen in the amount of stories shared on different social media platforms as well as increased sales for Coca Cola products.

The centerpiece of the ad is the young girl in a yellow dress that appears throughout the story. She evokes feelings of joy, confidence and a sense of hope, which many viewers have identified with. As her story carries on, so do cheers from those watching it play out across their screens. Viewers appreciate the creativity in how her journey is unfolding while encouraging them to feel inclusive and share what they have.

The “Share a Coke” campaign has become synonymous with togetherness, acceptance and fairness. And by using music to punctuate both joyous and difficult moments, it’s easy to find oneself nodding along in agreement—or even singing along—as if we’ve heard this song a thousand times before. With celebrations going global throughout social media, it’s clear that this commercial was meant to make an impact by reminding us why we keep coming back for more coke!


After analyzing the evidence, it can be concluded that the girl in the Coke commercial is the actress Monica Deol. She is a Canadian actress and model who has appeared in many commercials and films. Monica has been featured in Coke commercials for over a decade and has become a household name for many.

This conclusion was drawn by looking at the imdb page of Monica Deol and the voiceover artist in the commercial.

Summary of the article

This article provided an overview of the popular commercial featuring a young girl’s journey in hopes to find out who she is and which Coke ad she appeared in. The commercial, entitled “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” was created by Coca-Cola, specifically for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In the ad, a young girl awaits her true identity at the end of her unexpected journey. After stopping at a Coke store, she learns about the important part that refreshment plays in experiencing life’s moments and joy.

Thanks to diligent research conducted by fans of the commercial, it was determined that Gia Nguyen was the girl featured in the advert. She had found success as an actress on stage and TV before appearing in “Where Will Happiness Strike Next”. Since then, she has been seen in other commercials as well as movies and TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Thanks to Coca-Cola for creating this inspiring advert featuring Gia Nguyen and celebrating moments where happiness can be found anywhere at any time with a cold glass of Coke!