Where to Buy Nearsighted Glasses in an Emergency: Quick Tips

In emergencies, nearsighted glasses can be lifesavers. But, where can you buy them on short notice? Read on for quick tips on where to buy them.

Online Stores

Many online stores sell glasses designed for individuals with near-sightedness. These stores offer diverse designs, colors and styles to choose from. Several options best suited for consumers in emergency situations include:

1. Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is a leading online eyeglass store that takes orders and makes deliveries within days. Customers can choose from various styles, including sports, fashion, and classic. Frames are available in different shapes and materials, such as metal and plastic. The site is also mobile-friendly and allows you to upload a photo for a virtual try-on.

2. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is not just a popular brand, but also a place where consumers can buy affordable and quality eyeglasses. The brand’s website employs a virtual tool that helps people select frames that complement their face shapes. Additionally, Warby Parker allows one to try out their glasses risk-free for five days with free delivery and returns.

3. EyeBuyDirect

EyeBuyDirect is an online store that sells trendy and affordable eyewear globally. The website allows you to filter your search according to frame shape, color, and materials among others. Furthermore, the site features a virtual try-on feature to help you visualize how different glasses look like on your face. Orders can be delivered promptly within days in some regions.


Drugstores are a convenient nearsighted glasses solution in emergencies. The best part about relying on drugstores is that you can choose glasses after trying them on. Popular drugstores known to sell glasses on-demand include:

1. CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is a top retail store known for diverse products, including pharmaceuticals, beauty, and eyewear products. At the store, you can schedule an appointment with an optical expert for an eye exam or select from a wide selection of eyewear.

2. Walgreens

Walgreens is another leading retailer store with a wide variety of eyewear available to buy quickly. Customers can choose from glasses under $40 or opt for designer brands. Walgreens also employs experienced opticians who can help you find frames most suitable for your face shape.

Big Box and Wholesale Stores

In case of emergency, it is easier to find convenience stores such as Walmart where you can find various items, including eyeglasses, all under one roof. Popular box and wholesale stores providing custom glasses include:

1. Walmart

At Walmart, you can find a wide range of eyeglasses with prices starting at $9. Additionally, the store has a range of options for those who have difficulty reading or looking at screens, including magnifying reading glasses and computer glasses. You can use their online store locator to find a branch near you.

2. Costco

Costco is another great wholesale store that sells eyeglasses. The store has a large selection of glasses at discounted prices, including designer glasses. Costco also offers free adjustments and fittings and a one-year warranty on glasses.

Optical Testing Facilities

Optical testing facilities provide comprehensive eyewear services from eye testing to fitting, and selling glasses. These testing facilities include:

1. Lenscrafters

Lenscrafters is a massive retail store dedicated to eyewear products and services. The store’s services include eye exams, eyeglasses fittings, and lens replacement. Additionally, Lenscrafters allows you to get your glasses delivered or collected at any of their stores that are convenient for you.

2. Pearle Vision

Pearle Vision is another reliable store that sells eyeglasses and provides comprehensive eye exams. While they operate with an appointment-only policy, there are no long lines or waiting times, making it a quick nearsighted glasses solution. Pearle Vision prides itself on quality frames and lenses that suit all budgets and styles.


As we have seen, there are several places you can buy nearsighted glasses in emergencies, including online stores, drugstores, big box and wholesale stores, and optical testing facilities. It’s important to choose a reliable and trusted brand that meets your budget and preferences.


  • Which is the best place to buy nearsighted glasses in an emergency?
  • The best place to buy nearsighted glasses in an emergency would be an optical testing facility since they have trained specialists present who can conduct eye examinations and offer customized solutions.

  • Can I buy nearsighted glasses online?
  • Yes, you can easily find and purchase nearsighted glasses online at top eyewear online stores.

  • What is the average price of nearsighted glasses?
  • The average price of nearsighted glasses varies according to brands and design, but you can find affordable designs starting from as low as $9 from popular retailers.

  • How long does it take for orders to be delivered?
  • Online stores deliver eyeglasses within days (3 to 7) to areas within the company’s service regions. Optical testing facilities can deliver glasses faster if there is an emergency.


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