Where to Buy Loquat Fruit: A Guide to Finding Sweet Perfection

Loquat fruit is a deliciously sweet fruit that is also referred to as Chinese plum, Japanese plum, or Japanese medlar. It is native to Southern China, and its popularity has spread across the globe. Loquats are a great source of vitamin A and C, fiber, and potassium, making it a healthy fruit option. If you’re looking to add this unique fruit to your diet, you might be wondering where to buy loquat fruit. In this article, we’ll provide a guide to finding sweet perfection of loquat fruit.

Familiarizing yourself with Loquat Fruit

Before you start looking for where to buy loquat fruit, familiarizing yourself with the fruit is essential. Loquat fruit is a small-sized fruit that is similar in size and appearance to apricots. This fruit has a yellow-orange skin color, smooth to touch, and slightly fuzzy to the taste. The fruit has a mildly sweet taste with a tart skin that has a slightly bitter taste. Loquat fruit can be eaten ripe or unripe, depending on personal preference. Ripe loquats have a soft texture, while unripe loquats have a crunchy texture.

Loquat Fruit Nutritional Value

Loquat fruit has a variety of nutritional values as follows:

Nutrients Amount
Calories 47
Protein 0.44g
Fiber 1.7g
Vitamin A 48mcg
Vitamin C 1.9mg
Potassium 266mg

Where to Buy Loquat Fruit

Local Farmer’s Market

The first place you can consider when looking for where to purchase loquat fruit is at your local farmer’s market. Farmer’s markets are known to offer fresh and locally grown produce to their customers. You can check with the organizers of the farmer’s market to inquire about the availability of loquat fruit. The good thing about buying loquats from your local farmer’s market is that you can guarantee that the fruit is fresh and that you’re supporting local businesses and farmers.

Grocery Stores

Most grocery stores carry loquat fruit, especially during its growing seasons. You can check with the produce section of your local grocery store and inquire about the availability of loquat fruit. You can also ask the store associate about the quality and origin of the fruit to ensure that you’re getting the best quality. The good thing about buying from a grocery store is that you are likely to find loquat fruit that has been shipped from faraway places. Additionally, if you are buying loquat fruit in bulk, grocery stores might offer discounts, saving you some extra cash.

Online Shops

Another option for purchasing loquat fruit is through online shops. Many online sellers offer loquat fruit for sale, and you can easily search for them through an online search engine or a commerce platform like Amazon. You can check reviews from other customers before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting a quality product. The downside of purchasing loquat fruit from online shops is that you might not be able to verify the quality of the fruit before purchasing. Hence, it is important to buy loquat fruits from reputable sellers to ensure that you receive high-quality fruit.

When is the Best Time to Purchase Loquat Fruit?

Loquat fruit is a seasonal fruit that is available from late winter through early spring. The fruit ripens at different times in different regions, with the first harvest arriving in late December and the last harvest in February. Loquat fruit is incredibly perishable and can become overripe if not harvested on time. When purchasing loquat fruit, it is essential to ensure that you do so during its growing season and at the right time to guarantee that you’re buying quality fruit.

Tips for Buying the Best Quality Loquat Fruit

Choose Ripe Fruits

When purchasing loquat fruit, it is essential to check for ripeness before making a purchase. Choose fruits that are yellow-orange in color with a smooth skin texture. Ripe loquat fruit should be slightly soft to the touch but not squishy. If the fruit is too soft and gives in slightly to your touch, it might be overripe, and the fruit might be spoilt.

Check for Freshness

Check the fruit’s freshness by smelling the blossom end of the fruit. The loquat fruit should have a sweet and mild smell, and there should be no off smells.

Check for Blemishes

When purchasing loquat fruit, check for blemishes or bruises on the fruit. Avoid any fruits that have damages or have been mishandled since they might be spoilt or overripe.

How to Store Loquat Fruit

Since loquat fruit is perishable, it is essential to store it correctly to ensure they stay fresh for longer. Loquat fruit should be stored in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. If the fruit is overripe, it should be consumed within a day or two.


Loquat fruit is a delicious fruit that is packed with nutritional value. Finding where to buy loquat fruit is easier than ever, with local farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and online shops readily available. As a consumer, it is essential to check for quality and freshness before making a purchase. Once you’ve bought your fruit, remember to store them correctly to keep them fresh for longer.

Most Common Questions About Buying Loquat Fruit

  • Can loquat fruit be found year-round?

    Loquat fruit is seasonal and is usually available in the late winter and early spring depending on the region.

  • What should I look for when buying loquat fruit?

    When buying loquat fruit, look for fruit that is ripe, has no blemishes or bruises, and smells sweet and mild.

  • Where can I buy the best quality loquat fruit?

    You can buy high-quality loquat fruit from your local farmer’s market, grocery stores, and online shops.

  • How should I store loquat fruit?

    Loquat fruit should be stored in the fridge to slow down the ripening process.

  • What are the nutritional contents of loquat fruit?

    Loquat fruit is a great source of vitamin A and C, fiber, and potassium.


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