Where is Bacon Cut From: The Secret to Perfect Strips.

Where is Bacon Cut From: The Secret to Perfect Strips

Bacon is one of the most popular types of meat consumed globally. Although there are different ways to cook and present bacon, everything starts with the cut. Many people have been wondering what part of the pig the bacon comes from. Bacon is cut from the belly of the pig. The bacon comes from the belly and not the back, as many people think it does. The bacon is cut from the same pork belly as the pork belly roast.

The History of Bacon

The history of bacon dates back to ancient times. The Chinese were the first to cook salted pork belly, and it was then introduced to Europe by the Romans. Over time, new discoveries were made about how to cure and season bacon, and this has made it an essential staple in many diets. Americans consume the most bacon products, followed closely by Europeans. Bacon has also become a popular addition to dishes globally.

Types of Bacon Cuts

Belly Bacon

Belly bacon is the most popular type of bacon in the United States. This bacon comes from the underside of a pig’s belly, and it has alternating layers of fat and meat. It is the fattiest type of bacon due to the layering of fat, which gives it richness and flavor when cooking.

Back Bacon

Back bacon is a cut of bacon that comes from the back of a pig. It is not as popular as belly bacon in the United States but is a common cut in Ireland and Britain. This bacon is leaner and has less fat content since it comes from the loin of the pig. Back bacon is commonly used in breakfast sandwiches, and it is a good option for people who want to enjoy bacon without the high-fat content.

Process of Curing Bacon

Bacon must be cured for preservation purposes; traditionally, bacon was cured with salt or nitrites. The curing process can take up to two weeks, and it involves the rubbing of meat with a mix of salt, sugar, and sodium nitrite or natural nitrates. In the modern-day, artificial nitrates are used to preserve bacon. The curing process can also include the use of flavorings like honey or black pepper.

The Secret to Cooking Perfect Bacon

Most people love their bacon cooked in different ways; some like it crispy, while others prefer it soft and chewy. However, there are some general rules to follow to cook perfect bacon strips. First, begin with a cold skillet, and lay the bacon strips flat in the skillet. Cook over medium heat, flipping the bacon occasionally. Be sure not to overcrowd the bacon strips in the pan. Cooking might take five minutes or less depending on how thick the bacon pieces are. Voila! Perfect bacon.

Bacon Nutritional Facts

Bacon consists of approximately 68% fat and 12% protein. Three slices of bacon contain 10g of total fat and 1.5g of saturated fat. While bacon contains many high-fat content, it is still an enjoyable treat when consumed in moderation.

Bacon Serving Size

A standard serving size of bacon is three slices, which amounts to approximately fifteen grams.

Bacon Calories

Three slices of cooked bacon contain around 120 calories on average. Keep in mind that the size and weight of bacon pieces could vary and so will the nutritional value.

Choosing the Right Bacon Cut

Choosing the right bacon cut depends on your preference and your recipe. If you want to cook bacon for breakfast sandwiches, use back bacon, and if you want to cook bacon for making crispy bacon bits, the belly bacon is the way to go. In short, there is no right or wrong way to choose a bacon cut. The choice entirely depends on what you want to do with the bacon and the recipe you’re following.

Where Can You Buy Bacon?

Bacon is readily available in most grocery stores, supermarkets, and meat markets. It can be found pre-cut or as a slab, depending on your preference. Some popular places to buy bacon include Walmart, Costco, and Kroger, among others.

Cooking Alternatives for Bacon

Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon is leaner and comes from the eye of the pork loin. It has a different texture and taste when compared to traditional bacon. Canadian bacon is commonly used in eggs benedict dishes, and it is fried or baked.

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacon is a popular alternative to pork bacon. It is made from ground up turkey meat and has a low-fat content when compared to pork bacon. Turkey bacon is typically pre-cooked but warmed up in a pan for a fresh taste.

Bacon Myths Debunked

Bacon is unhealthy

Bacon has high-fat content. However, it is still enjoyed in moderation. Three slices of bacon as a serving size does little harm when consumed occasionally. Incorporating bacon into one’s diet is still healthy as long as it is consumed in moderation.

Brown Bacon is dried out

People think that when bacon is browned or crispy, it is overcooked or dried out. However, crispy bacon is delicious, and it’s just a matter of preference when cooking bacon. Don’t be scared of browned bacon; it adds flavor to dishes.

Bacon is only for Breakfast

Bacon can be eaten at any time of the day; people have been incorporating bacon into dishes globally. The versatility of bacon has made it an essential ingredient in many recipes, including bacon-wrapped asparagus, bacon-topped salads, and bacon-wrapped prawns, among others.


Where does bacon come from?

Bacon comes from the belly of the pig.

What is the nutritional composition of bacon?

Bacon consists of approximately 68% fat and 12% protein.

What is the serving size for bacon?

Three slices of bacon are considered a standard serving size.

What is the recommended cooking time for bacon?

Cooking time might vary, depending on the thickness of the bacon strips. However, cooking for five minutes or less over medium heat is a good rule of thumb.

Can I freeze bacon?

Yes, you can freeze bacon for up to six months.


In conclusion, bacon is a popular meat consumed globally. It is a versatile meat used in many recipes, and it is essential to know the different bacon cuts before cooking. Bacon comes from the belly of the pig, and there are different bacon cuts, including belly bacon and back bacon, among others. Choosing the right bacon cut depends on personal preference and the recipe. While bacon may have high-fat content, it can still be a healthy food if consumed in moderation. Bacon can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and it’s up to you to choose how you want to cook it.


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