Where can I buy duct tape? Finding Your Fix.

Duct tape is a versatile adhesive known for its strength and permanence. It’s a go-to for quick fixes on everything from ripped clothing to household appliances. Buying duct tape shouldn’t be a challenging task, but with so many retailers offering similar products, where can you find the right one for your needs? In this article, we’ll explore where to buy duct tape and what factors to consider.

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are a great place to find duct tape as they carry various types and sizes. Home Depot and Lowe’s are two of the most popular hardware stores to look for duct tape, home improvement materials, and other hardware needs.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a chain of home improvement stores, specializing in carpentry, construction, and gardening tools. With over 2,200 stores across the United States, Home Depot provides convenient locations to purchase duct tape.

  • Home Depot has standard duct tape, specialized duct tape for various industrial uses, and colorful duct tape for non-industrial use.
  • Home Depot carries different brands of duct tape, so you have a variety to choose from; Gorilla Tape, Nashua Tape, 3M Tape, and others.


Lowe’s is another chain of home improvement stores that offers various home improvement materials and gardening tools. Lowe’s provides duct tape, but often has different brands than Home Depot.

  • Lowe’s also sells standard duct tape for household use, specialized duct tape for unique projects, and colorful duct tape for non-industrial use.
  • Lowe’s carries its brands, such as Valspar and Blue Dolphin, which offer unique products not found at other stores.

Online Stores

If you’re looking for a wide range of duct tape options at competitive prices, online stores are your best bet. Online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot offer duct tape options and deliver your purchases straight to your doorstep.


Amazon is an online retailer that offers duct tape and almost any other product you can imagine, making it one of the most extensive online stores in the world. Amazon has all sorts of duct tape, including; colored duct tape, specialty duct tape, and patterned duct tape.

  • Amazon provides duct tape by various brands including 3M, Rhino Tape, and Duck Tape.
  • Amazon has customer review ratings of each product, providing you with insight on what previous customers have experienced using the products.


Walmart is a multinational retail company that operates a chain of discount stores, offering customers large discounts on duct tape and other products.

  • Walmart has different duct tape product varieties, including patterned duct tape, specialty duct tape, and colored duct tape.
  • Walmart stocks duct tape from a variety of brands, including Gorilla Tape and Duck Tape Brands.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are convenient because they’re open twenty-four hours a day and offer quick access to duct tapes in cases of emergencies. CVS, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven are convenience stores that have duct tape in stock.

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy chain that offers prescription medications, over-the-counter health products, and household items.

  • CVS Pharmacy has standard duct tape and colored duct tape, which is useful for creative and non-industrial purposes.
  • CVS Pharmacy does not have many duct tape brands available, often only using the CVS brand.


Walgreens Boots Alliance is a pharmacy-based health and well-being company that provides health services, pharmacy products, and health information.

  • Walgreens has several duct tape varieties, including standard, specialty, and colored duct tape.
  • Walgreens offers a limited range of duct tape brands, primarily 3M and the Walgreens brand.


7-Eleven stores are popular all over the world and provide various household items, including duct tape.

  • 7-Eleven sells standard duct tape, colored duct tape, and Gorilla brand duct tape.
  • 7-Eleven stores may have limited availability to the duct tape selection, but the standard tape is always available.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are a fantastic place for finding bargains, including duct tape. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar have several types of duct tape, offering customers an inexpensive option to repair needs.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a discount store in the United States that offers merchandise for $1 or less, including household items, snacks, clothing, and toys.

  • Dollar Tree has a range of duct tape, including standard and colored duct tape; specialty duct tape is also available.
  • Dollar Tree only has a few brands available, including Duck and Tool Bench.

Dollar General

Dollar General is a discount store in the United States that sells household, food, and personal care goods.

  • Dollar General stocks many types of duct tape, including standard and colored duct tape, patterned duct tape, and specialty duct tape.
  • Dollar General carries several duct tape brands, including Duck Tape and Scotch brands, and the standard duct tape is nominally priced.

Family Dollar

Family Dollar is another discount store in the United States that sells a variety of household, clothing, and personal care items at low prices.

  • The store has various duct tape types, including standard duct tape, colored duct tape, and patterned duct tape, but the stock and brand availability may vary from location to location.
  • Family Dollar carries several duct tape brands, including Scotch and Duck Tape.


Looking for duct tape is an easy task as duct tape is widely available in various retail stores. Hardware stores, online stores, convenience stores, and dollar stores stock duct tape varieties with different brands, types, and prices. When purchasing duct tape, especially for industrial use, it’s essential to make sure it serves the purpose and is compatible with the surface you’re working on.


Here are some frequently asked questions about buying duct tape:

  • What are the common types of duct tape?

    The common types of duct tape include; standard duct tape, colored duct tape, patterned duct tape, and specialty duct tape.

  • What is the best type of duct tape for industrial use?

    The best kinds of duct tapes for industrial use are; Gorilla Tape, Nashua Tape, and 3M Tape.

  • Are there duct tapes that leave no residue?

    Yes, some duct tapes do not leave any residue on the surface you’re working on, like 3M Multi-Use Duct Tape.

  • What factors should I consider when buying duct tape?

    When buying duct tape, consider the surface you’re working on, the project you’re doing, and the type of duct tape you need.

  • Can I return duct tape if it doesn’t work for my project?

    Yes, whenever you purchase duct tape, whether in-store or online, the product usually comes with a return policy.


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