When Is It Supposed to Cool Down? The Ultimate Fall Forecast

The weather in fall is something that many look forward to, as the temperature begins to cool down and the leaves change colors across the country. Nonetheless, it can be tricky to know when to expect the fall weather to begin. The ultimate fall forecast will provide you with all the necessary information about when to anticipate temperatures to cool down.

In this article, we’ll cover several topics related to when temperatures cool down, including:

  • What is the fall season?
  • When is fall?
  • Why does it get cooler in fall?
  • What is the average temperature during fall?
  • What are various indicators that suggest fall is coming?

What is the fall season?

The fall season, also referred to as autumn, is one of the four seasons that occurs in the northern hemisphere. As the Earth rotates, the axis tilts at an angle relative to the sun. During the fall season, the Earth moves away from the sun, causing the temperatures to drop gradually.

When is fall?

Typically, fall begins around September 22nd or 23rd in the northern hemisphere. The exact date of the start of the fall season differs every year because it is determined by the Autumnal Equinox, which happens when the Earth rotates away from the sun at an inclination of 23.5 degrees. From this moment on, the daylight hours will be shorter, and the night will become longer as the sun moves back across the equator.

Why does it get cooler in fall?

The tilt of the Earth causes it to receive less sunlight as it moves away from the sun during the fall season. The shorter day and longer nights allow the atmosphere time to release heat absorbed during the summer season. Overall, these changes lead to a decrease in temperature and a more pleasant climate.

What is the average temperature during fall?

The average temperature during fall varies depending on your location in the northern hemisphere. Regions in the southern part have warmer temperatures during autumn than the northern states. On average, the temperature falls between 40 and 70 degrees F during fall, with the temperatures continuing to drop as we move toward winter.

What are various indicators that suggest fall is coming?

  1. Leaves start changing colors: If you notice a transformation in leaf hues from green to red, orange, and yellow, fall is near.
  2. Crisp mornings: Shivering in the morning as you wait for your car to warm up is another sign that fall has arrived.
  3. Cooler air: The drop in temperature can be sensed, as the air will smell fresh and cool.
  4. Farmer’s markets: The change of season brings new harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are available for purchase at markets or in supermarkets.

Tips to prepare for fall weather

As the fall season begins, it’s advisable to prepare for cooler temperatures. Here are some tips:

Layer up

As the temperatures begin to fluctuate, it’s important to wear layers that will keep you warm. It’s essential to layer clothes during the fall season because the temperature can range from cool to warm in a matter of hours.

Check your heating system

It’s crucial to check your heating systems as the temperature cools down in order to ensure that it’s working appropriately. Since your heating system may not have been used consistently throughout the year, it’s important to carry out maintenance to ensure it’s working optimally during fall.

Prepare your car for winter

Getting your cars ready for winter is an essential step to prepare for fall. Ensure that everything, including the lights, brakes, and tires, is working properly before the temperatures begin to drop.

Avoid being sick during fall

  • Get a flu shot.
  • Wash your hands consistently.
  • Drink plenty of water.


Knowing the ultimate fall forecast is useful in making plans for the season. By providing this information, you can prepare for cooler temperatures, and you can start to plan for the upcoming holiday season. Enjoy the autumn weather while it lasts!


  • Q: When does fall start?
  • A: Fall season usually starts around September 22nd or 23rd in the northern hemisphere.
  • Q: Why does it get colder during fall?
  • A: It gets colder during fall because the Earth tends to move away from the sun, causing it to receive less sunlight.
  • Q: How do I prepare for fall weather?
  • A: You can prepare for fall by wearing layers, checking your heating system, preparing your car for winter, and taking additional steps to avoid getting sick.


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