When is anthro day

What is Anthro Day?

Anthro Day is an annual event dedicated to the field of anthropology. It was created in an effort to bring together anthropologists, students and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and celebrate the many cultures that make up the human race. Anthropologists use the day to educate the public on the many discoveries and advances that have been made in the field.

Now let’s take a look at what Anthro Day has to offer:

History of Anthro Day

Anthro Day is an annual event that commemorates the day of the first meeting of the anthropologists in Europe, which took place on April 26, 1954 in Paris. It was set up by two prominent European academics and anthropologists from University College London, Professor Norbert Elias and Professor Claude Lévi-Strauss. Since its inception, Anthro Day has been celebrated each year as a way to bring together anthropologists from all over the world for dialogues and exchanges related to anthropology.

Anthro Day has grown substantially since it began and now includes conferences, debates, lectures, workshops, screenings, festivals and exhibitions centered around various aspects of anthropology. The event typically involves a variety of international organizations including universities, NGOs, governmental institutions and research centers.

Anthro Day aims to promote discussion on key contemporary issues such as:

  • Development cooperation between countries;
  • Cultural diversity;
  • Migration;
  • Health care;
  • Eco-anthropology;
  • Indigenous rights;
  • Education;
  • Human rights;
  • And more recently climate change regarding its impacts on different societies across the world.

Purpose of Anthro Day

Anthro Day is an international observance that occurs on November 20. This holiday celebrates the science of anthropology and its various branches. The aim of the event is to raise awareness about what it means to be an anthropologist and how the discipline contributes to our understanding of ourselves, our fellow species, and our environment.

Anthropology is an incredibly varied subject, with branches such as:

  • Bioanthropology
  • Linguistic anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology (the study of humanity through cultural patterns)
  • Archaeology (the study of material objects linked to humans)
  • Primatology (the study of non-human primates)
  • Evolutionary anthropology (which looks at how humans differ from other mammals in terms of biology and behavior)
  • Forensic anthropology (used in criminal investigations)

Each has its own unique set of goals and methods.

On Anthro Day, anthropologists raise awareness about their field by hosting events like lectures or volunteer activities at university campuses. Additionally they often combine it with observation days such as World Anthropology Day or Science Cafe which allows members from the public to engage with the work and research that goes into producing discoveries through anthropological studies.

The purpose behind Anthro Day is for people not just a raise awareness but also for them to understand more about their own culture and others as well as have conversations about what matters most in life; such as education, health-care travelling etc… Ultimately these aspects in life enable us all to create a better humanity for all – which anthropologists are dedicated exploring.

When is Anthro Day?

Anthro Day is an annual celebration of anthropology and the progress it has made as a discipline. This day is celebrated in many countries on August 9th every year. It is the perfect day to discuss anthropology’s role in the world and the various ways it contributes to our understanding of human behavior and culture.

Let’s take a look at when Anthro Day is and the importance of celebrating it:

Dates of Anthro Day

Anthro Day is a day of celebration for the furry fandom which occurs annually on the first Saturday of March. Anthro Day events include gatherings, performances, and artists/vendors selling a variety of furry merchandise.

Anthro Days originated at Georgia Institute of Technology in 1998 where they still take place every year. However, in recent years Anthro Days have been occurring at other universities and locations as well—including virtual meetups during the COVID-19 pandemic—so everyone can take part in the festivities even if they cannot attend physically. The date for Anthro Day changes each year, but it usually falls within the month of March so furries can come together to share their passion for anthropomorphic art and stories.

So mark your calendars and keep an eye out for upcoming dates!

Locations of Anthro Day

Anthro Day is a popular event held annually by Anthro Inc., to promote their latest products and creations. This exciting event is typically hosted in major cities around the world, including New York City, Tokyo, London and Los Angeles.

Each year, fans flock to these locations for the chance to meet some of the creative geniuses behind Anthro products and designs. Attendees have the opportunity to experience a day of socializing with fellow fans, game-playing events, competitions and more! They can also take home some awesome swag; in past years the swag has included t-shirts, mugs and limited edition figures.

If you’re eager to attend an Anthro Day event near you – not only will it be fun – but also a great way to get acquainted with your favorite company! To find out when and where Anthro Day will be held next year, be sure to follow them on social media or keep an eye out for any official announcements made through their website or email list.

What Happens on Anthro Day?

Anthro Day is a day of celebration for anthropologists from around the world. It is a day to learn about different cultures, explore the similarities and differences between them, and recognize the work of anthropologists. Anthro Day also gives anthropologists a chance to share their work and knowledge with the public.

From lectures and workshops to networking events and cultural celebrations, there is something for everyone on Anthro Day!

Activities and Events

Anthro Day is an occasion for celebrating anthropology in all its diversity and suggesting new ways for people to apply its insights in the present. The day marks a special opportunity to recognize those anthropologists who have devoted their lives to advancing the field, and it is also a chance to reflect on new developments in the discipline and explore what anthropology can say about the challenges of living in the 21st century.

Activities and events range from lectures, exhibitions, conversations, panel discussions and workshops on general aspects of anthropology to activity-specific immersive experiences related to particular themes such as applying anthropological insights into corporations, museums, educational programming or health care. Many universities mark Anthro Day with special guest speakers or open houses that explore some aspect of our collective understanding of the human experience.

Additional activities can consider how we can reach beyond institutions and engage communities outside academic circles. These might take the form of public lectures or events held in parks or libraries where participation is encouraged from all spheres of society including:

  • School children
  • Business professionals
  • Artists and creatives
  • Local politicians
  • Anyone else interested in exploring big questions about identity, difference and global change across cultures.

Celebrations and Traditions

There are many traditions associated with Anthropomorphism Day. People celebrate in different ways, depending on the culture and region, but usually it is marked by activities that celebrate humankind’s connection to animals and nature.

In some places, people host parades or parties where animal costumes are worn or animals featured in art and other creative expressions. In other communities, people build a feast together where traditional foods are served or create an altar with symbols of their connection to the animal world.

In some countries, the day is used as an opportunity for teaching about endangered species or recognizing individuals who have worked hard to protect local wildlife. People also use this day to promote environmental awareness and responsibility by offering educational activities such as recycling drives or tree planting events.

Anthropomorphism Day is not only an occasion to recognize the wonders of nature around us but also our responsibility to protect those elements of nature that we cannot live without. Celebrating our shared relationships with animals encourages us to consider how humans can better coexist with our neighbors – both two-legged and four-legged!

How to Celebrate Anthro Day

Anthro day is celebrated every year on April 27th. It is a day to reflect on the many contributions of anthropology to our understanding of the world. It’s a day to celebrate its cross-cultural perspectives, its holistic and global view, and to recognize its importance in the world.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can celebrate Anthro day, with some ideas for activities and events:

Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift-giving, few things show how much you care more than showing thought and consideration in your choice of gifts. Whether you’re shopping for the anthropologist in your life or looking to treat yourself when Anthro Day rolls around, here are some great gift ideas to help celebrate this special day.

For the Scholar: Consider tumblers, coffee mugs, or water bottles emblazoned with quotes from anthropologists or ancient cultures. For something a bit more personal, consider customizing notebooks, notepads and calendars with collages of anthropological research that have inspired your loved one.

For the Outdoor Explorer: Nothing says anthropology like exploring the outdoors and observing local customs firsthand. Show them you know their passions by gifting items that will help them stay comfortable while out in nature – such as a durable field bag with plenty of pockets full of supplies for their next excursion. Or maybe even a waterproof GPS device to help document their travels!

For the Cultural Culinarian: For an anthropologist passionate about cooking and culture, why not give an idea cookbook highlighting traditional recipes from cultures around the world? Looking for something even more hands-on? Grab a selection of unique culinary items such as spices or utensils specific to different global regions – and perhaps spill some recipes as part of your presentation!

When it comes time to celebrate Anthro Day, these are all lovely ways you can show appreciation for cultural understanding without breaking the bank. With these ideas in mind, let’s all make sure this annual occasion is truly something special!


Decorating for Anthro Day can be one of the most exciting and fun activities to take part in. Whether it is making your home or office more vibrant with streamers, balloons and holiday inspired accessories, or even dressing up in costume – decorating is always a great way to get into the celebratory spirit of Anthro Day.

One of the simplest yet most satisfying ways you can decorate for Anthro Day is through printables. Printables are an affordable way to quickly add charm and flair to any Anthro-inspired décor. Some ideas for printables include but are not limited to:

  • banners
  • cards
  • invitations
  • coloring pages
  • labels
  • tags
  • DIY crafts

If you would like a more interactive form of decoration that really brings everyone together, consider table decorations such as centerpieces and place cards. Consider using something related to the Anthropomorphs such toys, figurines or books with relevant decoration elements like ribbons or balloons to help bring your celebration alive!

You can also go all out and make a feature wall in your house that’s full of Anthropomorphs artwork and decorations by creating something special out of everyday items you have lying around the house such colorful paper chains made from recycled cardboard tubes. Bring it all together by incorporating themed props; for example vintage lanterns draped with Anthropomorph-themed fabric could look great hung above each table or chair as seating decor!


When it comes to celebrating Anthro Day, there’s a plethora of recipes you can use to make your celebration even more special. Celebrate the day by hosting an Anthro Day potluck or bake-off and inviting friends, family, and loved ones to join in! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Main Dishes

  • Anthro Quesadilla – Fill your favorite quesadilla with a combination of cheese, beans, and vegetables of your choice.
  • Anthro Pizza – Top your homemade or store-bought crust with cheese, vegetables, and vegan meat substitutes like seitan or tempeh.
  • Anthro Baked Pasta – Fill a casserole dish with noodles of choice topped with tomato sauce, vegetables and vegan cheeses like Daiya or Follow Your Heart.


  • Fruit Salad – Slice up your favorite fruits such as kiwi and strawberries for a sweet treat that’s fun to eat.
  • Anthro Brownies – Use boxed mix brownies as the base for this tasty dessert. Add chopped almonds, chopped dates and coconut flakes for added texture and flavor!
  • Tiramisu Trifles – Layer cream cheese mousse in mini trifle dishes along with ladyfingers soaked in coffee for a decadent treat that isn’t too sweet.