When Did Ariana Grande and Mac Miller Split?

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were one of the most loved and adored couples in Hollywood. Fans couldn’t get enough of their cute Instagram posts and red carpet appearances. However, after nearly two years of dating, the couple broke up in 2018, leaving fans heartbroken. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into their relationship, and try to uncover when exactly they split.

The Beginning of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller’s Relationship

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller first met in 2012 when they collaborated on the track “The Way.” However, they didn’t start dating until 2016 after Mac Miller split from his girlfriend, Nomi Leasure. The couple confirmed their relationship on social media, and soon began making public appearances together.

The couple frequently shared their love for each other on social media, and Ariana even made a surprise appearance at Mac Miller’s final Coachella performance in 2017, where they performed their collaboration “The Way” together.

Their Relationship Trouble Started in 2018

Despite their love for each other, Ariana and Mac’s relationship began to hit rocky ground in early 2018. Mac Miller was involved in a car crash in May, which led to his arrest for driving under the influence. Ariana was reportedly devastated by the incident, and tweeted her support for him.

However, in the same month, rumors began to spread that the couple had broken up. These rumors were confirmed by Ariana herself, who tweeted that “Mac Miller and I just ended things.” She also stated that their relationship was “toxic” and “hard.”

Ariana Grande’s Engagement to Pete Davidson

Just weeks after news of her split with Mac Miller, Ariana Grande became engaged to comedian Pete Davidson. This shocked many of her fans, who felt that it was too soon after her breakup with Mac. However, Ariana defended herself and her relationship on social media.

Despite the drama and attention surrounding her new relationship, Ariana continued to express her love and support for Mac Miller. She frequently tweeted about his music and even appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform a touching tribute to him after his passing in September 2018.

Mac Miller’s Struggles and Death

Mac Miller had always been open about his struggles with addiction and mental health. In the months following his breakup with Ariana Grande, he began to experience a series of personal and professional setbacks.

On September 7, 2018, Mac Miller was found dead in his home from a drug overdose. Fans and celebrities alike were devastated by the news, and many paid tribute to him on social media.

The Aftermath of Mac Miller’s Death

Ariana Grande was among those who were deeply affected by Mac Miller’s passing. She was heavily criticized by some fans, who felt that she had played a role in his struggles with addiction. However, many more stood by her and supported her during this difficult time.

Ariana eventually took a break from social media, citing the need to focus on her mental health. However, she returned shortly after with a new album, “thank u, next,” which included a touching tribute to Mac Miller in the song “ghostin.”

The Final Word on Their Breakup

It’s clear that Ariana Grande and Mac Miller had a deep and powerful connection. However, their relationship was also fraught with struggles and challenges.

While we may never know exactly when Ariana and Mac split, it’s clear that their love for each other remained even after their breakup. Ariana’s continued support of Mac’s music and her touching tributes to him following his death are a testament to the depth of their bond.

Common Questions and Answers

  • When did Ariana Grande and Mac Miller date?
    • Ariana Grande and Mac Miller started dating in 2016.
  • When did Ariana Grande and Mac Miller break up?
    • Ariana Grande and Mac Miller broke up in 2018.
  • What caused Ariana Grande and Mac Miller to break up?
    • The exact reason for their breakup is unclear, but Ariana has referred to their relationship as “toxic” and “hard.”
  • Did Ariana Grande cheat on Mac Miller?
    • There is no evidence or confirmation that Ariana Grande cheated on Mac Miller.
  • Did Ariana Grande date anyone after Mac Miller?
    • Yes, Ariana Grande became engaged to comedian Pete Davidson shortly after her breakup with Mac Miller.
  • What happened to Mac Miller?
    • Mac Miller passed away on September 7, 2018, from a drug overdose.


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