What to Talk About with My Boyfriend: Hot Conversation Starters

The key to any successful relationship is communication, but sometimes knowing what to talk about can be a challenge. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been with your boyfriend for a while, coming up with conversation topics can be difficult. Here are some hot conversation starters to get the conversation flowing and strengthen your relationship.

Discuss Your Shared Interests

One of the best ways to connect with your boyfriend is to talk about your shared interests. Whether it’s a mutual hobby or a love for the same TV show, discussing your shared interests can spark great conversations. Consider starting the conversation with “I was thinking about our shared interest in…” and see where the conversation takes you.

Example Topics:

  • Your favorite TV show or movie series
  • A podcast you both enjoy listening to
  • Interesting articles or blog posts you’ve read recently

Talk About Your Past Experiences

Sharing your past experiences with your boyfriend can help him get to know you better and vice versa. Talking about your past can also help you learn more about your partner’s values and what’s important to them.

Example Topics:

  • Your childhood memories and upbringing
  • Your school experience and educational journey
  • Your past relationships and what you’ve learned from them

Discuss Your Future Goals

Talking about your goals and aspirations can help you and your boyfriend understand what’s truly important to each other. By discussing your future goals, you can also plan and work together towards accomplishing them.

Example Topics:

  • Your career and professional goals
  • Your personal and fitness goals
  • Your travel and adventure goals

Share Your Thoughts on Current Events

Sharing your thoughts and opinions on current events can lead to great conversations and help you understand each other’s perspectives. Be sure to approach the conversation with an open mind and considerate demeanor as some topics can be sensitive.

Example Topics:

  • Politics and government policies
  • Environmental issues and climate change
  • Social justice and human rights

Talk About Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends are an important part of your life, and discussing them with your boyfriend can help him feel closer to you. Sharing funny stories or interesting anecdotes can be a great way to bond over your loved ones.

Example Topics:

  • Your relationship with your parents and siblings
  • Your close friends and their unique personalities
  • How you’ve met your best friend and what you admire about them

Discuss Your Views on Love and Relationships

Talking about your views on love and relationships is essential for any couple to understand each other better. Ask each other questions to see what your partner is looking for in the long-term, and see where the conversation takes you.

Example Topics:

  • Your ideal relationship and what you value most in a partner
  • The role of communication, trust, and intimacy in a relationship
  • Your thoughts on marriage and starting a family

Exchange Stories About Pet Peeves

Exchanging stories about pet peeves can be a humorous way to connect with your boyfriend. Talking about everyday annoyances can be a lighthearted way to bond and let off some steam.

Example Topics:

  • Your pet peeves about home life and living habits
  • Your pet peeves about work, colleagues, and workplace culture
  • Your most annoying store or customer service experiences

Get Philosophical with Each Other

Have you ever had a philosophical conversation with your boyfriend? These kinds of conversations can be incredibly thought-provoking and insightful. By discussing big, important topics, you can learn more about each other’s worldviews, values, and beliefs.

Example Topics:

  • Your beliefs about the meaning of life and what gives it purpose
  • Your thoughts on morality and ethics
  • Your opinions on religion and spirituality

Discuss Your Dream Vacation Spots

Talking about your dream vacation spots can transport you and your boyfriend to exotic locales without even leaving your living room. You can learn about each other’s travel experiences and bucket lists and plan future trips together.

Example Topics:

  • Your favorite travel memories and experiences
  • Your dream destinations and why you want to visit them
  • Your thoughts on budget travel versus luxury travel

Play a Game or Do a Quiz Together

Playing a game or quiz together can be a fun and interactive way to start a conversation. You can find games and quizzes online or create your own – just be sure to keep the tone lighthearted and fun.

Example Topics:

  • Puzzles, word searches, and board games
  • Online questionnaires and personality tests
  • Trivia nights and game shows

Share Your Favorite Childhood Memories

Sharing your favorite childhood memories with your boyfriend can be a great way to bond and relate to each other. You can share childhood photos and stories about your upbringing.

Example Topics:

  • Your favorite childhood food or activity
  • A funny childhood memory or experience
  • Your favorite childhood place or vacation destination

Discuss Cultural Differences and Similarities

Discussing cultural differences and similarities can be a fascinating way to learn more about each other’s backgrounds and upbringings. You may learn about historical events or cultural attitudes that shaped each other’s worldviews.

Example Topics:

  • Cultural traditions and customs
  • Holidays and religious celebrations
  • Cultural cuisine and food preferences

Share Your Personal Anecdotes and Stories

Sharing your personal anecdotes and stories can help you and your boyfriend relate to each other on a deeper level. You can share funny stories or heartwarming memories from your past.

Example Topics:

  • A story about how you overcame a personal challenge or obstacle
  • A funny or awkward story from your teenage years
  • A memorable experience from a trip or vacation

Talk About Your Dreams and Fantasies

Talking about your dreams and fantasies can be a fun and exciting conversation topic for couples. You can take turns sharing your wildest hopes and aspirations or explore each other’s fantasies.

Example Topics:

  • Your wildest dreams and aspirations for the future
  • Your hidden fantasies and turn-ons
  • Your secret crushes or celebrity infatuations


Communication is key to any successful relationship, and coming up with hot conversation starters can be a great way to strengthen your bond with your boyfriend. Whether it’s talking about shared interests or childhood memories, current events or philosophical ideas, the key is to be open, honest, and respectful of each other’s opinions. Have fun, and happy talking!

FAQs about What to Talk About with My Boyfriend

  • What are some conversation starters for long-distance relationships?

    Some conversation starters for long-distance relationships include discussing your daily routines, sharing photos, and playing online games or quizzes together. You can also plan future visits and talk about exciting travel destinations.

  • What if my boyfriend doesn’t like to talk a lot?

    If your boyfriend is more introverted or doesn’t like to talk a lot, try to find activities or hobbies that you can do together that allow conversation to flow more naturally. Alternatively, you can try asking open-ended questions or trying out some of the conversation starters suggested above.

  • What if we can’t agree on a conversation topic?

    It’s normal to have different opinions and interests, and sometimes you and your boyfriend may not agree on a conversation topic. In this case, try to find common ground, ask questions to understand each other’s perspective, and avoid getting defensive or argumentative.


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