What Size in Men’s is a Women’s 8.5? The Ultimate Conversion Guide

In the world of fashion, people often come across unisex or gender-neutral clothing, which can be worn by both men and women. However, there are instances when one may need to determine the size of clothing for the other gender.

For instance, a woman may want to purchase a pair of men’s shoes, but she is unsure of what size to get. This is where size conversion comes in handy. One of the most common conversions is women’s size 8.5 to men’s size.

What is the conversion value from women’s 8.5 to men’s sizes?

When it comes to men’s and women’s sizes, there is no straightforward answer. While the US has standard sizes for both genders, there is no universal conversion chart to know what size a man’s shoe would be in women’s sizes.

In other words, there is no definitive answer to the conversion value for women’s 8.5 to men’s sizes. Therefore, it can be quite challenging to estimate the proper size of men’s shoes for women but this guide is here to help.

The Common Dimensions of Shoe Sizes for Men and Women

Before moving forward to the conversion factor, it’s essential to understand the dimensions of men’s and women’s shoe sizes in the US. Here is a quick rundown of common measurements:

US Size Men Women
5 35-36
5.5 36
6 36-37
6.5 37-38
7 6-6.5 38-39
7.5 7 39-40
8 7.5 40-41
8.5 8 41-42
9 8.5 42-43
9.5 9
10 9.5
10.5 10
11 10.5
11.5 11
12 11.5-12
13 13
14 14
15 15

Is Women’s Size 8.5 Equal to Men’s Size?

Now, let’s discuss one of the most common shoe size conversions, Women’s 8.5 to Men’s size.

The correct answer is that there’s no specific measurement since it varies between brands, manufacturers, and styles. The universal size chart for adult shoes ranges from size 1 to 20 regardless of gender, but women’s shoes typically fit narrower than men’s shoes.

However, in general, converting women’s shoe sizes into men’s sizes is approximately 1.5 sizes up. Hence, a woman’s size 8.5 shoe is roughly equal to a men’s size 7.

However, the conversion rule isn’t set in stone; it’s always best to measure your foot according to the brand’s size chart you’re buying.

How to Measure Your Feet to Obtain the Right Shoe Size?

The most important guideline for picking the appropriate shoe size is to measure your feet. Here’s how you can find out the size of your feet:

Step 1: Trace Your Foot

To begin, place a white paper on the ground and stand on it with both feet. Mark the foot’s outline with a pencil or pen while keeping your pen or pencil straight up and down while drawing.

  • Ensure that your foot doesn’t move too much when outlining since it might result in an incorrect measurement.
  • Trace your foot on paper in as perpendicular a manner as possible.

Step 2: Measure Your Foot Size

After finishing tracing your foot, use a ruler or tape measure to determine the distance from the heel’s end to the largest toe’s tip. Record the value from this measurement in both inches and centimeters.

  • To get a more accurate measurement of your foot, repeat the procedure with your other foot.

Step 3: Use the Size Chart Provided by the Shoe Manufacturer

After you’ve measured both feet, compare them to the shoe size chart of the brand or company you want to buy from.

If you have narrowly-fitting feet, you may need to downsize to ensure a snug fit. However, if your feet have a higher arch or are broader than usual, we recommend going half a size higher to ensure a comfortable fit.


In summary, there is no universal conversion chart for converting women’s and men’s shoe sizes, and the value of women’s 8.5 to men’s size isn’t standard across all brands. As a result, it’s always best to measure your feet and compare against each brand’s size charts to obtain an accurate fit.


Here are some of the most common questions and their answers related to women’s 8.5 to men’s size:

  • Q: How do I properly measure my foot to on my own?
  • A: You can properly measure your foot size by tracing both feet on a piece of paper and then measuring the distance from the end heel to the tip of the longest toe.
  • Q: What are the common width sizes for men’s shoes?
  • A: The common width sizes for men’s shoes range from AAAA to EEEE.
  • Q: Can women wear men’s shoes?
  • A: Yes, women can wear men’s shoes if they find them more comfortable or if they like the style.
  • Q: How can I be sure that I have the correct shoe size for me?
  • A: Always try on the shoes and walk around in them to evaluate the fit. It would be best to compare it against a brand’s size chart.


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