What Side to Choose? Deciding Where to Get Your Nose Pierced

Deciding on where to get your nose pierced is one of the hardest decisions that you can make. With all the different factors involved, it can be overwhelming to decide on what side to choose. In this article, we will be exploring the different factors to consider when deciding on the side to get your nose pierced on. These factors will range from the healing process to cultural norms.

The Healing Process

One of the primary factors that will help you decide on the side to choose when getting your nose pierced is the healing process. The healing process of a nose piercing can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Left vs. Right

There is a belief that getting your nose pierced on the left side signals a connection with the female reproductive organs, while getting it done on the right side signifies the male reproductive organs. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this belief.

Allergy Concerns

If you have allergies or sinus problems, it is best to opt for the side that is less affected by them. For example, if you have more trouble with allergies on one side of your nose than the other, you may want to avoid getting your nose pierced on that side.

Cultural Norms

Cultural norms can also influence the side you choose when getting your nose pierced. The significance of the side might vary depending on the culture.


In India, nose piercing is seen as an integral part of the culture, and there is a belief that it can help with fertility. In some parts of India, the left side is considered the standard side to get a nose piercing.

Middle East

In the Middle East, it is common for women to get nose piercings. However, the sides that are preferred differ between countries. In Egypt and Lebanon, the left side is preferred, while in Yemen and Iran, the right side is more common.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the side you choose to get your nose pierced on should come down to personal preference.


Some people may prefer one side over the other because of how it looks with their fashion choices. For example, if you part your hair on your left side, you might prefer to get your nose pierced on the right so that it does not clash with your hair.


Others may prefer symmetry and choose to get their nose pierced on the same side as their ear piercings.

Health and Safety

Whichever side you choose, it is essential to prioritize your safety and wellbeing.

Professional Piercer

Ensure you visit a professional piercer who uses sterile needles and environment, as unclean methods can lead to infections.


Follow your piercer’s aftercare instructions carefully to reduce the risk of infection, such as washing the area regularly with saline solution, avoiding touching the area with dirty hands or fingers, and avoiding makeup or lotions.


Choosing the side to get your nose pierced on can be an overwhelming decision. The healing process, cultural norms, personal preferences, and your health and safety should all be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions related to choosing a side to get your nose pierced on.

  • Q: Should I get my nose pierced on the left or right side? A: Ultimately, this decision comes down to personal preference, but you can also consider the healing process, cultural norms, and your health and safety.
  • Q: Does it matter what side of the nose you get pierced? A: No, but some cultures may have their preferred side depending on the cultural significance.
  • Q: Can I get both sides of my nose pierced at the same time? A: It is not recommended to get both sides of your nose pierced simultaneously, as it can slow down the healing process and be more painful.


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