What is gel pillow


Gel pillows are all the rage among sleepers looking for comfort and support, due to their unique blend of materials. They are made from memory foam, down, latex, and then filled with a cooling gel center. This innovative design provides the perfect combination of comfort and support for a good night’s rest. Read on to learn more about gel pillows and all their benefits.

Definition of Gel Pillow

A Gel Pillow is a type of mattress pillow made from a combination of cooling gel and foam materials. By blending the highest quality materials available, a Gel Pillow provides superior comfort and support as compared to traditional mattress pillows.

The cooling gel helps to keep body temperatures regulated, and the foam padding conforms to each individual’s body shape providing customized comfort. Additionally, the gel material increases air circulation throughout the pillow ensuring it remains cooler and drier for longer than traditional foam pillows.

In addition to cooling effects, gel pillows are designed with breathable fabric covers that help ensure proper airflow and provide moisture wicking properties to reduce accumulation of sweat or other liquids on the sleeping surface.

Types of Gel Pillows

Gel pillows are designed to provide optimal comfort, cooling and support for a good night’s sleep. Gel pillows are available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different sleepers. Depending on your desired sleeping style, you can choose from traditional memory foam, foam-based bolsters or thin gel foam. Each style provides unique benefits for different types of sleepers.

  • Traditional Memory Foam: Memory foam is known for providing superior comfort with body-conforming support and temperature regulation. As you move in your sleep, the material reacts quickly by adjusting to your position and dispersing heat away from body pressure points to reduce tossing and turning. Its soft enough to provide good cushioning but firm enough for proper neck alignment.
  • Foam-Based Bolsters: A bolster is a type of pillow made from traditional memory foam that is shaped into wedges or arcs that are ideal for side sleepers who need back support while they drift off at night. This type of pillow ably conforms around the contours of your head, neck and shoulders while supporting them in correct anatomical positioning.
  • Thin Gel Foam: Thin gel foams are lightweight yet durable memory foams containing cool infused gel particles throughout their structure which increase air circulation while providing instant cooling relief as well as enhanced sensory comfort during sleep. The mix of cushioned comfort and supportive thinness makes this type of pillow ideal for stomach sleepers who need their head elevated but don’t want too much bulk beneath them.

Benefits of Gel Pillows

Gel pillows are the new trend for comfort and cool sleep. These pillows feature infusions of gel that provide cooling comfort, reducing heat during sleep. Gel pillows also provide pressure relief, helping to reduce pain and night sweats. In addition, they are known to provide deep sleep and are hypoallergenic, providing a safe sleep environment.

Let’s discuss the various benefits of sleeping with a gel pillow:

Comfort and Support

Gel pillows provide a combination of comfort and support that many people find irresistible. The gel material helps to reduce stress on pressure points, allowing the body to relax more quickly and easily. This can reduce neck strain and help promote a better night’s sleep.

Many gel pillows also come with additional features designed to increase comfort. For example, some pillows can be adjusted in height or shape to better fit the body’s contours, while others feature a support layer made from materials such as memory foam or other specialty foams that better conform to the body. Together these features can provide extra support for the head and neck while still providing cushioning for the back, shoulders, and sides.

Finally, most gel pillows come with cooling features that help keep you cooler during hot summer nights. This can make sleeping more comfortable in warm months when traditional foam pillows tend to heat up quickly and become stuffy. Some gel models even feature built-in temperature regulation features for an even more restful night’s sleep in any climate or season.

Temperature Regulation

Gel pillows are designed to provide optimum comfort with their cooling and temperature-regulating benefits. The viscoelastic material of the pillows is infused with minor amounts of cooling gel that ensures continuous freshness and cooling throughout the night. This makes them an ideal choice for a more restful sleep, as it helps keep your body from overheating, allowing you to receive a higher quality of sleep throughout the night.

The pillows’ temperature-regulating capabilities also make them great for people who experience hot flashes or night sweats due to medical conditions such as fibromyalgia or menopause. It’s estimated that seven out of ten women suffer from hot flashes or night sweats, and gel pillows can offer relief by providing added air flow and cooler temperature points. Additionally, because they remain cool on both sides of your head, they also help keep your neck in a comfortable position while you sleep.

Pressure Relief

Gel pillows provide welcome pressure relief for many types of sleepers. Pressure points become virtually eliminated, and the overall sensation is one of incredible comfort. Additionally, the gel molding fills in any gaps in your neck and head region so you naturally settle into a more neutral position during sleep. This helps with respiration, digestion and all-around restful sleep. Additionally, you will experience fewer neck aches because the continuous support helps keep muscles relaxed throughout the night.

Features of Gel Pillows

Gel pillows are often the top choice for people who need a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. These pillows are designed with a combination of features to provide superior comfort and support that help alleviate aches and pains.

Some common features of gel pillows include:

  • Breathable fabrics
  • Cooling technology
  • Contouring shapes

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make gel pillows so popular.


Gel pillows are unique because they utilize a material that is not normally found in traditional pillows. Typically, the core of a gel pillow will consist of memory foam that has been infused with cooling gel particles. The cooling gel helps to regulate temperature, making the pillow suitable for both year-round and seasonal sleepers. It also conforms to your head, neck and shoulders for more even support than the average pillow can provide. Some models also include moisture-wicking technology which draws away sweat from your skin as you sleep.

The cover of a gel pillow is usually made from polyester or other synthetic materials that are designed for superior breathability and air circulation. Though different brands will have their own preferences when it comes to materials, most covers are machine washable and can be removed for easy cleaning. Many covers also come with hypoallergenic technology which prevents dust mites from taking up residence inside your pillow. Finally many models offer either a soft or firm feel depending on personal preference – ensuring you get the perfect amount of comfort when lying down at night.


Gel pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses to fit any preference or sleeping position. Common shapes are traditional rectangle, wedge, u-shaped and side sleeper pillows.

These variations guarantee that everyone can find a pillow to fit their individual needs:

  • Rectangle pillows are the most popular shape and often feature a contoured design with support for the head and neck.
  • Wedges are designed for added support for individuals who suffer from acid reflux or sleep with their feet elevated.
  • U-shaped pillows provide 360-degree support from the head to the abdomen with additional elevation for comfort in certain sleeping positions.
  • Side sleeper pillows are designed specifically with taller sizes and unique contours to alleviate shoulder pain when sleeping on your side.


Gel pillows are made from the same basic types of materials you would find in any traditional pillow. The main difference lies in the special construction of the pillow that adds layers or pockets of a cool-to-the-touch gel material. Depending upon the manufacturer, this layer may be quite thick – up to three inches – and it will be soft with just a bit of bounce. The gel layer may be surrounded by foam, fiber, feathers or other types of comfort fillers to add support and airflow.

Gel is wrapped in a knit fabric that moves with your head and neck while providing a protective barrier that won’t allow heat and moisture to develop during use. Many manufacturers use breathable fabrics such as rayon or Tencel that are known for their temperature regulating properties. Pillow covers are often machine-washable for ease of care and some come with a velvety zipper cover for added cushioning and comfort.

Care and Maintenance

A gel pillow can be a great choice for those looking for an extra comfortable sleep. Gel pillows are known for their breath-ability, cooling properties, and contouring capabilities. As such, it is important to take proper care of your gel pillow in order to keep it in optimal condition.

In this section, we’ll go over the basics of gel pillow care and maintenance:


When it comes to caring for a gel pillow, it is important to keep the cover on at all times and wash frequently. Some people may assume that because their pillow is filled with a product like memory foam or gel that it would not require much cleaning – but that just isn’t true. Here are some tips for washing your gel pillow:

  • Prior to washing, double-check the care label on the pillow to ensure you are using the proper laundering instructions.
  • Remove the pillow from its case and shake gently to loosen dirt and debris.
  • Gently hand-wash in lukewarm water – never hot – with a mild detergent, like Woolite or Nikwax Tech Wash Cleaner.
  • Rinse well and make sure no soap residue remains.
  • Allow it to air dry completely before replacing into its protective cover or storage container. Do not put a wet gel pillow in a dryer, or use any type of heated device such as an iron or hair dryer as this can damage the material inside.


After washing your gel pillow, drying it is essential to remove any residual moisture. To dry the pillow, lay it on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area. The air should continually move over the pillow to ensure that the fabric completely dries and no potential mold growth will happen. Depending on the environment, this may take several hours or overnight.

Be sure not to place it near direct sunlight or a heat source as it can damage the materials and shorten the overall lifespan of your pillow.


It is important to remember that, in order for a gel pillow to stay at its peak performance level and last longer, you must take the proper steps when it comes to storing it properly.

When you are not using your gel pillow, keep it stored in a clean, dust-free storage area. Vacuum any lint or dust on the surface with an attachment every few weeks. Make sure the pillow is clean and dry before storing and that there is no mildew or dampness present. Do not store a gel pillow in direct sunlight as this will cause the metals in the memory foam core to heat up and eventually degrade the material over time.

It is also important to store your pillow in a cool, well-ventilated area free from moisture buildup and extreme temperatures. Do not squeeze or bunch it up when storing—just lay your gel pillow flat for best results. Prolonged compression of any kind will permanently damage the material inside and make it much less comfortable for sleeping purposes.


Gel pillows are one of the latest in comfort technology for sleepers, offering unique temperature regulation and contour when compared with traditional foam or feather options. In addition to keeping users cool throughout the night, these pillows offer optimal neck support due to their breathable materials. They can also provide better durability and increased firmness, while still offering plushness without compromising comfort.

Gel types of pillows should be considered if you are a person who is prone to overheating while sleeping, those who tend to wake up feeling stuffy or stiff in the morning, or if you struggle with nighttime allergies. Furthermore, they can reduce tension in areas like the neck and shoulders due to their improved ergonomic design. Gel pillow is an ideal choice for those who want comfort mixed with support during restful sleep. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference when making this type of bedding choice as people respond differently to different types of materials.