What Episode: Jan’s Implants – The Boob Job You Can’t Forget

In season 2 of ‘The Office’ TV show, Jan Levinson, played by Melora Hardin, undergoes a breast augmentation surgery, popularly known as boob job, which becomes one of the most memorable moments of the series. The episode, titled ‘Boys and Girls,’ aired on November 2, 2006, and has been a subject of discussion among fans of the show ever since. The storyline is a perfect example of how a fictional TV show can bring up topics like cosmetic surgery and body image, which are often considered taboo, and create discussions around it.

The Context of the Episode

Before diving into the details of Jan’s implant surgery, it’s essential to understand the context in which it took place. ‘The Office’ is a mockumentary TV series that follows the daily lives of employees working at Dunder Mifflin, a paper company. Jan Levinson is introduced as a corporate executive who is in a romantic relationship with her subordinate, Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell. Throughout the series, the tension between Jan and Michael’s personal and professional relationship is a recurring theme.

The Plotline

The episode ‘Boys and Girls’ explores the issue of gender roles and focuses on the events that take place during a ‘women in the workplace’ seminar at the Dunder Mifflin branch. During the seminar, Jan makes a presentation where she emphasizes the importance of women taking charge of their lives and careers, and also talks about her experience of getting breast implants. The episode shows Michael struggling to come to terms with Jan’s decision to get a boob job, which ultimately leads to a breakup between the two.

Why Did Jan Get Breast Implants?

The reason behind Jan’s decision to get breast implants is not explicitly stated in the episode, but it can be inferred from the context and the conversations between the characters. According to Jan, she got breast implants because she wanted to feel empowered and in control of her body. She mentions that she was tired of feeling insecure about her appearance and being overlooked in her professional life because of her gender. Jan’s decision to get a boob job is a reflection of the societal pressure and expectations placed on women to look a certain way to be successful in their careers.

How Did Michael React to Jan’s Boob Job?

Michael’s reaction to Jan’s boob job is a perfect example of how men perceive and react to women who undergo cosmetic surgery. At first, Michael is supportive of Jan’s decision, but as the episode progresses, he starts to feel insecure and threatened by her newfound confidence and power. Michael’s attitude towards Jan’s body transformation is indicative of how men perceive women’s bodies as their property, and any change in their appearance is perceived as a threat to their masculinity.

Impact and Legacy of the Episode

The episode ‘Boys and Girls’ was a significant episode in ‘The Office’ series and has remained a subject of discussion among fans and critics. The episode brought up the issue of gender roles and body image, which are still relevant today. It showcased the societal pressure placed on women to conform to a particular beauty ideal to be successful in their careers. The episode’s legacy can be seen in the various conversations and debates it has sparked on social media and among its viewers.

The Episode’s Influence on Pop Culture

The episode’s impact can also be seen in its influence on pop culture. After the episode aired, the term ‘Jan’s boobs’ became a popular meme, and gifs and clips from the episode were widely shared on social media. The episode also inspired a song titled ‘Jan’s Got a Gun’ by the band Stop Calling Me Frank, which references Jan’s breast augmentation surgery.

The Episode’s Criticisms

The episode has also faced criticisms for its portrayal of women and their bodies. Critics have argued that the episode reinforces the patriarchal view of women’s bodies as objects of desire for men and perpetuates the notion that women’s value is tied to their physical appearance.


The episode ‘Boys and Girls’ of ‘The Office’ series is an essential contribution to the discussion of gender roles, body image, and cosmetic surgery. Through Jan’s character, the episode highlights the societal pressure women face to conform to a particular beauty ideal to be successful in their careers. The episode’s impact can be seen in the various debates and discussions it has generated among its viewers and in its influence on pop culture.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Q: What episode does Jan get breast implants?

    A: Jan gets breast implants in season 2, episode 15 of ‘The Office’ series, titled ‘Boys and Girls.’
  • Q: Was the episode controversial when it aired?

    A: Yes, the episode faced both criticism and praise for its portrayal of women and their bodies.
  • Q: Did Jan’s boob job affect her relationship with Michael?

    A: Yes, Michael struggled to come to terms with Jan’s decision and eventually broke up with her because of it.


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