What Does Toner do to Bleached Hair: A Guide to a Stunning New Look!

Bleaching your hair can be an exciting way to switch up your look and make a bold statement. However, taking that leap of faith can come with a bit of uncertainty when it comes to the outcome. While many people are curious about what bleaching their hair will do to their appearance, there are still some questions lingering about what comes next. In particular, what does toner do to bleached hair? Thankfully, we have all the answers that you need to transform your hair into a stunning new look!

The Purpose of Bleaching Hair

Bleaching your hair involves removing your natural pigment entirely, which is quite an intense process. This means that the process can take some time and will likely involve the use of a developer and dye. One reason why people bleach their hair is to achieve a completely white or platinum blonde look, which requires removing all pigment from the hair completely. However, the process of bleaching is only the first step towards this gorgeous look.

Why is Toner Necessary for Bleached Hair?

After an intense process like bleaching, your hair can be left with unwanted brassy and yellow tones. Overusing toner can be damaging to your hair, but when used correctly, toner can help to neutralise these unwanted tones and achieve the perfect look. The result is hair that is free from brassiness, making it look healthier and more vibrant. That’s why toner is necessary for bleached hair.

How Does Toner Work on Bleached Hair?

Toner is a semi-permanent hair colour that contains pigment which helps to cancel out unwanted tones in your hair. Toner usually comes in a range of colours, including purple, silver, and blue. These colours work to neutralise unwanted brassy or yellow tones in your hair so that you can achieve the perfect tone. When using toner, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully and only leave the product in your hair for the recommended amount of time. Overusing toner can bring blue or purple tones to your hair, so it’s essential to get it right the first time.

Types of Toner for Bleached Hair

Different types of toners will work best on different shades of bleached hair. Here are some of the best toners to use for bleached hair:

Purple Toner

Purple toner is one of the most common toners for bleached hair. It is usually used on hair that is pale yellow to remove any unwanted yellow tint. A purple toner will neutralize the yellow tones, and your hair will turn into a beautiful silver or blonde colour.

Blue Toner

Blue toners, on the other hand, are perfect for hair that is a light yellow shade. It helps to neutralize any unwanted orange tones in the hair. Once applied, the blue toner will neutralise the orange tone and give the hair a stunning white or silver look.

Silver Toner

For hair that is more of a light grey or silver colour, a silver toner should be used. It helps in canceling out any yellow or green tones that may affect the hair.

How to Apply Toner to Bleached Hair?

Applying toner to bleached hair isn’t challenging, but it does require close reading of instructions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply toner to bleached hair:

Step 1: Mix the Toner with Developer

In most circumstances, you will need to mix the toner with a developer before applying it to your hair. The developer helps to activate the pigment in the toner, making it more effective. To mix the toner with a developer, check the instructions that come with the product. Most manufacturers will typically list the correct developer you need to use.

Step 2: Prepare Your Hair

Prepare your hair by shampooing and allowing it to dry. It is crucial that your hair is fully dry before you apply the toner.

Step 3: Apply the Toner Mixture

Once you have mixed the toner with the developer, put on gloves and apply the product to your hair evenly. Start from the roots of your hair, and work your way to the tips. Be sure to cover every strand of hair adequately.

Step 4: Leave the Toner in Your Hair

Follow the instructions that come with the product in terms of how long you should leave it on your hair. Once the time elapses, wash your hair with conditioner and let it dry naturally.

Common Questions and Answers About What Toner Does to Bleached Hair

  • Q: How Long Does Blue Toner Last on Bleached Hair?

    A: Blue toner lasts from four to five weeks on bleached hair, depending on the type of products you use, the state of your hair, and the kind of shampoo you use after toning your hair.

  • Q: Can I Leave Toner in My Hair Overnight?

    A: No, it’s not advisable to leave toner in your hair overnight. Toner should only be left in your hair for the time indicated in the instructions by the manufacturer. If you leave the toner in your hair for too long, you may end up sacrificing the condition of your hair.

  • Q: Can I Tone My Hair When It’s Wet?

    A: No, it’s not advisable to apply toner to your hair when it’s wet. Before applying the toner, be sure to properly shampoo your hair and dry it completely. Damp hair restricts the bonding power of the toner, so this must be avoided.

  • Q: How Do I Know Which Toner to Use?

    A: What type of toner to use will depend on the colour of your hair and the tones you want to neutralize. If you are unsure which toner to use, speak to a professional hairstylist who will help you choose the right one for your particular hair.

  • Q: Can I Use Purple Shampoo Instead of Purple Toner?

    A: Yes, purple shampoo can substitute for purple toner. Purple shampoo works by depositing the colour pigment onto your hair, similar to toner. However, unlike toner, purple shampoo is not as intense; as such, it may not help you to achieve a drastic tonal shift.

The Bottom Line on What Toner Does to Bleached Hair

Overall, toner helps in making the colour of your hair look more vibrant and healthier. This is because toner neutralises unwanted brassy or yellow tones that arise after bleaching your hair. Toner is also relatively easy to apply, and with the proper guidance, toning your hair at home is achievable. However, always keep in mind that toner can be damaging to the hair when used improperly, so seeking professional help is always the best course of action. With this guide, you can now achieve a stunning new look using toner on your bleached hair.


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