What Does Auburn Hair Look Like? Unveiling the Beauty of Reddish-Brown Locks

Auburn hair, a reddish-brown shade, has become quite popular over the years for its natural and unique beauty. The word “auburn” originates from the Latin word “alburnus,” which means “off-white.” The color’s distinctive blend of brown and red shades provides an alluring and warm feel to any hairstyle. Let’s take a closer look at what auburn hair looks like and everything else you need to know about it.

The Color of Auburn Hair

Auburn hair is characterized by its warm, reddish-brown color, varying from medium to dark shades that resemble autumn leaves. This hair color is the perfect mix of brown and red pigments, resulting in a unique and warm tone. It’s the perfect balance between brown and red hair that isn’t too intense or too mild.

Furthermore, auburn hair is quite versatile regarding its shades. It can range from deep or rich browns with an undertone of red to a muted or soft version with barely visible red tints. Lastly, when the light shines on it, the color, especially in direct sunlight, has a bright or vivid reddish hue.

The Different Styles of Auburn Hair

Should you want to enhance the beauty of auburn hair, there are various styles you can pick from. It includes everything from long and wavy, pixie cuts, bobs, or an updo.

Long and Wavy Auburn Hair

The long and wavy style flatters and showcases the beauty of auburn locks as it highlights the color’s warm tones. The waves create a wonderful texture and movement that add elegance and sophistication to any style. A perfect example would be Julianne Hough’s signature wavy tresses, with subtle auburn highlights.

Pixie Cuts and Bob Hairstyles with Auburn Hair

A pixie cut or bob hairstyle is a classic way to showcase your auburn hair color. It features short, smooth layers of hair with the right shape and definition that complement the warm tones of your hair. Celebrities such as Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard have proved that shorter haircuts can be just as chic and striking, especially with auburn hair.

Updos and Auburn Hair

An updo style in auburn hair is a perfect way to showcase the different hues of the color. It often involves twisting and knotting longer locks into a bun, knot, or other updo styles. This style, combined with the warm and vibrant tones of auburn, is the epitome of feminine, graceful, and dynamic.

The Best Makeup for Auburn Hair

One of the significant advantages of having auburn hair lies in how versatile the color is and how it complements almost all skin tones. Makeup can further enhance the color’s warmth and beauty, and here are a few tips:

The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Auburn Hair

You can never go wrong with neutrals like browns, beiges, golds, and even oranges. These colors complement the reddish hues of auburn hair and balance the warmth with cool tones. Furthermore, in autumn, oranges and golds are perfect for matching the auburn hair colors of the foliage.

The Best Lipstick Colors for Auburn Hair

Auburn hair maintains a balance between warm and cool tones, so a neutral lipstick is an excellent choice to complement this. Sunny beige to rose pink shades suits best for most people with this hair color. Bold shades like reds can also look tasteful, but it depends on your skin tone and the undertones of your auburn hair color.

The Maintenance and Care of Auburn Hair

Auburn hair, like any other hair type, requires proper maintenance and care to keep its beauty and luster. Here are some tips:

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfate can cause color and shine to fade away quickly. To preserve the vibrancy of your auburn hair, it’s best to search for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners made precisely for colored locks. This helps to safeguard the color and natural oils to maintain the vibrancy.

Invest in Regular Glosses

Glosses create a temporary barrier that protects the hair’s color and gives it a perfect shine. A regular gloss treatment by a stylist would prevent the hair from becoming dull and maintain its vibrancy. A few salon visits per year for the treatment wouldn’t hurt to preserve your auburn mane.

Avoid Overwashing

Auburn hair can look washed out quite quickly, which makes overwashing a potential concern. Should you wash your hair too often, the natural oils on your scalp would strip away, and the hair might lose its luster. Therefore, it’s okay to skip an occasional wash and opt for dry shampoo to refresh your hair instead.

The Bottom Line

Auburn hair has risen in popularity in recent years, and it’s not challenging to see why. The color is warm, elegant, and looks great in various styles of hair. Lastly, with the proper maintenance and care, you can keep the color’s vibrancy and beauty for a long time.


  • Does Auburn Hair Look Good on Everyone?
  • Auburn hair generally complements all skin tones, although some variations may suit a particular tone more than others. Consult with your stylist and try out different shades to find the one that enhances your natural complexion.

  • Can You Get Auburn Hair if You Have Dark Hair?
  • Yes, you can. However, it might require some work as you would have to strip the hair’s natural color to obtain the auburn color in the hair. So, it’s best to find a stylist who truly understands your hair color and what would work best for the tone you have.

  • Can You Dye Auburn Hair?
  • You can dye auburn hair, but it is advisable to seek professional help for this. Also, it’s essential to clarify with your stylist what the effects of the dye will be and what to expect when the process is done.

  • Can You Get Auburn Hair if You Have Light Hair?
  • Absolutely, light-haired individuals looking to transition to auburn hair only require minimal color processing.

  • What Color Clothes Complement Auburn Hair?
  • Auburn hair complements warm colors like dark greens, browns, and oranges. Moreover, the warmest colors like burgundy or red would complement the coloring in your hair and make it stand out even more.


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