What Does a 4 Haircut Look Like? Exploring the Perfect Crop!

A haircut is not just about trimming off unwanted hair. It is also about creating a style statement, expressing oneself, and feeling confident. One of the most popular haircuts among men is the crop. This style adds volume and texture to hair and complements various face shapes. However, not all crops are the same. Different numbers on hair clippers indicate different lengths of hair. So, what does a 4 haircut look like? Let’s explore the perfect crop together.

The Basics: What Is A Hair Clipper?

Before diving into the details of a 4 haircut, it’s essential to understand what a hair clipper is. A hair clipper is a device that uses blades to cut hair. It is usually powered by electricity or batteries. Clippers are a popular tool used by hairstylists and barbers to achieve precise haircuts. They come with different blade sizes, each indicating a different hair length. Clippers are perfect for trimming hair in short lengths, creating fades, and defining hairlines.

What Is A 4 Haircut?

A 4 haircut is a style that is proud of its simplicity. The haircut requires the hair to be trimmed to a length of 3/8 of an inch or 10 mm. Haircut Clipper sizes start from a 0, which is the shortest, to 8, which is the longest. In between these numbers, there are other half sizes. A 4 is a moderate length that lies between a 3 and a 5. It’s a great option for those who want a short haircut that’s not too close to the scalp. This haircut is perfect for men who want to shorten their hair without looking completely bald.

How to Get a 4 Haircut

Getting a 4 haircut is not rocket science. However, it’s essential to take the proper steps to achieve the best results.Below are the steps for getting a 4 haircut:

  1. Decide on the ideal length.
  2. Wash your hair and towel-dry it.
  3. Attach the number 4 clipper blade to your hair clipper.
  4. Maintain a consistent, slow and gentle clipping motion from the base to the top of your head.
  5. Blend the hair evenly with a trimmer, ensuring there are no hairline marks around the ears and neckline.

Who Can Get a 4 Haircut?

A 4 haircut is suitable for most face shapes, hair types, and textures. However, you may have to adjust the cut to fit the specific needs of your hair. This haircut is versatile, low maintenance, and stylish, making it an ideal option for men of all ages. The 4 haircut can be edgy, professional, or classic, depending on the desired outcome.

What Face Shapes Suit A 4 Haircut?

The 4 haircut works well with different face shapes. However, some styles may be more flattering than others. Below are some face shapes that can benefit from a 4 haircut:

Oval Face Shape

Oval faces have neither sharp nor flat features, and the forehead is slightly wider than the jawline. Men with the oval face shape can get away with virtually any haircut, including the 4 haircut. They can experiment with different styles or blend their top with tapers to create a unique look.

Square Face Shape

Square faces have a prominent jawline and forehead. The cheekbones are also straight, and the face is roughly equal in length and width. To soften the angular features, men with square faces can opt for a 4 haircut with some texture on top. The added texture will minimize the sharpness of the face, giving it a more relaxed look.

Round Face Shape

Round faces have chubby cheeks, a soft jawline, and a narrower forehead. To elongate the face and create an illusion of sharpness, men with round faces can opt for a 4 haircut that’s shorter on the sides and longer on the top. This will give their face some structure, making it appear more chiseled.

Heart Face Shape

The heart face shape has a wider forehead and narrow jawline. Men with heart-shaped faces can opt for a 4 haircut that has enough hair on the sides to balance the face. They can also add some texture on top to create a contrast with the uniform length at the sides.

What Hair Type Suits a 4 Haircut?

The 4 haircut is suitable for most hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. However, the texture and thickness of the hair may affect the outcome of the haircut. Below are some hair types that’ll suit a 4 haircut:

Straight Hair

Straight hair generally looks good at shorter lengths, making the 4 haircut an ideal option. The haircut will add volume and texture to the hair, creating some interest even though the hair is short. Men with straight hair can either opt for a classic 4 or add some texture on top for a modern twist.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair can look great in a 4 haircut, especially if the hair is thick. The length of the hair will reduce the bulk, making it easier to style. Wavy haired men can request for some layers or texture to add movement and dimension to their hair.

Curly Hair

Curly hair has more texture and bounce than straight hair, making it suitable for a 4 haircut. However, it’s crucial to ensure the edges are sharp to avoid appearing unkempt. Curly haired men can request for some volume on top, and the hair at the sides should be trimmed shorter to keep the shape neat and tidy.

How to Style a 4 Haircut?

Styling a 4 haircut is easy and straightforward. However, this haircut may need more maintenance than others to keep its shape. Below is how to style a 4 haircut:

Classic 4 Haircut

  1. Wash your hair, and towel-dry it.
  2. Apply some hair styling product such as pomade or wax to the hair.
  3. Comb the hair in the desired direction or tousle it gently with your fingers for a natural look.
  4. Finish off the style with hairspray or a finishing product that holds.

Textured 4 Haircut

  1. Wash and towel-dry your hair.
  2. Blow-dry the hair until it’s almost dry.
  3. Apply some texturizing product such as sea salt spray to create volume and texture.
  4. Use your fingers to shape the hair, focusing on the top and leaving the sides shorter.
  5. Finish off with a holding product to keep the hair in place.

What Are The Benefits of A 4 Haircut?

The 4 haircut has numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for men. Some of the benefits include:

Low Maintenance

The 4 haircut requires minimal upkeep, making it an ideal option for men who don’t have the time or energy to maintain longer hair. The hairstyle is short enough not to require constant styling or combing.


The 4 haircut has a versatile and classic look that never goes out of style. It’s an excellent investment that can last for weeks or even months with a few touch-ups.

Suits Different Face Shapes and Hair Types

The 4 haircut is suitable for men with different face shapes and hair types. This means that most men can achieve the style regardless of their hair texture or face shape.


The 4 haircut is a straightforward and versatile style that can lend a touch of style and sophistication to anyone. It is a great haircut for men who prefer simplicity without compromising on style. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, the 4 haircut can add volume, texture, and depth to your hair. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with this stylish haircut.


  • What is a 4 haircut?
  • A 4 haircut is a short hairstyle that requires the hair to be trimmed to a length of 3/8 of an inch or 10 mm.

  • Who can get a 4 haircut?
  • A 4 haircut is suitable for men of all ages, face shapes, and hair types.

  • What is the difference between a 3 and a 4 haircut?
  • A 4 haircut is slightly longer than a 3 haircut by 1/8 of an inch or 3 mm.

  • Can a 4 haircut be styled?
  • Yes, you can style a 4 haircut using different hair products such as pomade, gel, or wax.

  • Is a 4 haircut low maintenance?
  • Yes, the 4 haircut is relatively low maintenance as it requires minimal upkeep.


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