What Colors Pair Best with Olive Green: A Style Guide

If you’re an avid lover of the color olive green, you may have found it challenging to find complementary colors to match with it. Olive green is a versatile shade that has a plethora of tones, from warm to cool depending on the undertones. This article will guide you through the recommended colors to wear with olive green.

Understanding Olive Green Color

Olive green is a versatile color that can range from subtle shades to warm and bold tones. It’s a blend of yellow and green, creating a hue that is similar to a humble olive fruit. Olive green color often has an earthy and naturalistic vibe, making it appealing to both men and women. It’s a versatile color that can be implemented into different outfit styles, depending on the tone and fashion choices.

The Psychology of Colors and Olive Green

Colors can impact our mood, behavior, and impressions. Olive green conveys an earthy and calm vibe, representing peace, vitality, and growth. It’s a muted color that can evoke a sense of relaxation, and its naturalistic undertones can create a harmonious atmosphere. Olive green is becoming increasingly popular in various fields, from home decor to fashion, as its versatility provides a refreshing and innovative perspective.

Complimentary Colors for Olive Green

Neutral Shades

Neutral shades are incredible with Olive green, as they create a natural blend that conveys a balanced and serene atmosphere. White, beige, and cream have a warmer tone that blends well with Olive green, creating a subtle and elegant look.

Earthy and Natural Tones

Earthy tones, such as rust orange, dark brown, or burgundy, are fantastic complementary colors to olive green. These earthy tones can provide a nuanced and natural contrast that creates a harmonious aesthetic. Similarly, the natural tones of sky blue or golden yellow can enhance olive green’s naturalistic and calming characteristics.

Bright and Bold Shades

Olive Green can also pair well with bright and bold shades, such as red, orange, or fuchsia. These colors can create a beautiful contrast and enhance the depth of olive green. However, it’s essential to balance these bright colors, as too much of them may overshadow the olive green color.

Outfit Ideas with Olive Green

Olive green has become increasingly popular in fashion trends, and it’s a versatile color that can pair well with different styles and outfit choices.

Casual Outfit

A casual and comfortable outfit can be achieved by pairing olive green cargo pants or shorts with a white t-shirt or shirt. You can contrast this laid-back look with white or beige converse shoes, or opt for sandals or flip flops for a summer vibe.

Formal Outfit

Olive green can also be implemented into formal outfits, providing a subtle and elegant look. Olive green suits or blazers can be paired with white or light blue shirts and brown or black dress shoes for a classic and modern outfit.

Winter Outfit

Olive green can also provide a warm and cozy look during the winter season. You can pair olive green coats, parkas, or puffer jackets with earthy toned scarves, hats, and gloves. You can contrast this outfit with black or brown winter boots.

Olive Green in Home Decor

Incorporating olive green into home decor can provide a naturalistic, elegant and refreshing vibe. Olive green pillows, curtains or carpets can create a muted tone that creates a harmonious atmosphere. Olive green can be implemented into different styles, such as Moroccan, Bohemian or Minimalistic.

Minimalistic Decor

Implementing olive green in Minimalistic decor can provide a calm and serene ambiance. Olive green can be used for walls, furniture or accessories, providing an earthy feel to the space. Combining olive green with white or beige elements can create a balanced and open atmosphere.

Moroccon Decor

Olive green can be used in Moroccan decor style, providing an exotic and luxurious feel to the area. Olive green colored carpets, curtains or cushions can contrast with colorful or patterned elements, such as yellow, red or blue. The earthy undertones of olive green can also complement gold or silver Moroccan lanterns or candle holders.


Olive green is an elegant and versatile color that can be implemented into different styles, clothing choices, and home decor settings. It’s essential to understand the undertones of olive green to pair it with complementing colors, providing a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. Whether you’re creating a casual outfit for a summer day, a formal outfit for an occasion or redecorating your house, olive green can be a fantastic color choice that provides a refreshing and naturalistic perspective.

Common Questions and Answers on the topic

  • What Colors can go with Olive Green? Olive green goes best with neutral, earthy, and natural colors such as white, beige, cream, rust-orange, burgundy, sky blue, and golden yellow.
  • Is Olive Green a Neutral Color? Olive green can be considered a neutral color as it pairs well with different colors and has various tones that can create subdued or bold looks, depending on the combination.
  • What Colors Don’t go with Olive Green? Olive green does not pair well with bright or vivid colors such as neon or hot pink, purple, or electric blue, as these colors can create a contrasting look that overshadows the olive green color.
  • What Outfits can I create with Olive Green? Olive green can be implemented into various outfit styles, from casual to formal, providing a versatile and elegant look. You can pair olive green cargo pants with a basic white t-shirt, olive green suits with white or light blue shirts, or olive green coats with earthy toned accessories.


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