What color eggs do black chickens lay? The truth revealed!

When it comes to eggs, people are always wondering about the different colors that chickens produce. Black chickens, specifically, have always been a topic of curiosity when it comes to the color of their eggs. The question on everyone’s mind is, what color eggs do black chickens lay? Well, the truth is finally revealed.

The Breeds of Black Chickens

Before we dive into the colors of eggs that black chickens lay, it’s important to note the different breeds of black chickens. These breeds can affect the color of the eggs. Here are a few popular breeds:

  • Ayam Cemani: This is probably the most well-known breed of black chicken. They are completely black, even their meat and bones, and their eggs are a cream or light brown color.
  • Black Australorp: These chickens are black with a greenish-purple sheen, and their eggs are brown.
  • Black Sex Link: These chickens are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Rock, and their eggs are brown.

The Color of Black Chicken Eggs

The eggs of black chickens are slightly different in color depending on the breed. Generally, the eggs are brown or cream, with some subtle differences. Here’s a breakdown of the colors:

Ayam Cemani

Despite their black appearance, Ayam Cemani chickens lay eggs that are a creamy or light brown color. This makes them an interesting breed since they are so different from the color of the chicken’s feathers. However, the egg color can vary slightly depending on the individual chicken.

Black Australorp

Black Australorps lay brown eggs, which can have a variation in color. Some eggs may be a darker brown, while others are a lighter tan color. Overall, they produce large eggs that are perfect for sharing at the breakfast table.

Black Sex Link

Black Sex Link chickens also lay brown eggs, but the shade is a little more consistent than the Black Australorp. They are medium-sized eggs and very similar in color to eggs laid by other brown-egg layers.

Why Do Egg Colors Vary?

It’s natural to wonder why different breeds of chickens lay eggs of different colors. It mainly has to do with genetics. The color of a chicken’s eggs is determined by the color of the pigment it produces. Chickens are either blue with white pores or brown with red pores. Blue eggs result from a genetic trait that results in the chicken’s ability to deposit a pigment called oocyanin on the eggs as they travel through the oviduct.

Does Egg Color Affect the Flavor?

There is no significant difference in taste between brown eggs and white eggs. The difference in egg color is only due to genetics, and does not affect the taste, quality, or nutritional value of the egg. The important factors that affect taste are freshness and the feed that the chicken is given. So, what really matters when it comes to flavor is how fresh the eggs are and what the chickens have eaten.

How Fresh Are Your Eggs?

When it comes to freshness, there are a few ways you can test your eggs. The first test is the float test. If your eggs float in a bowl of water, they are not fresh. Fresh eggs should sink to the bottom of the bowl. Another test is the crack test. If your egg yolk holds its shape well when cracked, then the egg is fresh. If it spreads out a lot, it is older. Always check the expiration date on the carton, and don’t forget that you can freeze eggs to extend their shelf life.

What to Do With Black Chicken Eggs?

Black chicken eggs are great for eating, regardless of their color. They are just like regular eggs, with the same nutritional value and taste. If you’re interested in trying out some black chicken eggs, it’s best to find a local farmer who sells fresh eggs. They can tell you which type of black chicken produces the eggs they sell, and maybe even let you meet the chickens!


Black chickens produce some of the most unique and interesting looking eggs. Despite the appearance of the chicken’s feathers, their eggs are quite different in color. Whether you’re cooking up a delicious breakfast, or looking to experiment with different types of eggs, black chicken eggs certainly won’t disappoint.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Do black chickens lay black eggs? No, black chickens do not lay black eggs.
  • What color eggs do Ayam Cemani lay? Ayam Cemani chickens lay creamy or light brown colored eggs.
  • Are black chicken eggs more nutritious than white eggs? No, the color of the egg does not affect its nutritional value.
  • What affects the taste of eggs? The freshness of the egg and the feed that the chicken is given affects the taste of eggs.


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