Master the Trend: Cut Nails into Coffin Shape

Nail trends come and go quickly. Some are definitely vintage and outdated, while some styles are a timeless classic. Nail shapes and designs affect the look of your hands, and it varies for every individual. However, coffin-shaped nails have emerged as a popular trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. These nails are not only chic but also edgy and elegant.

What are coffin nails?

Coffin nails, also known as ballerina nails, are a unique and elegant nail shape that resembles the end of a coffin or a ballerina’s pointed toe shoes. These nails are long and have a flat top that is squared off, giving them their distinct and sharp appearance.

How to cut nails into coffin shape?

If you’re looking to cut nails into coffin shape, here is a step-by-step guideline:

  1. Get your materials ready: Nail cutter, nail file, pencil, and nail polish.
  2. Start by cutting your nails to your desired length, but remember to keep them longer than usual.
  3. Then file them down to make the tips flat and square.
  4. In the middle of the nail, use a pencil to mark a line down to the tip.
  5. Use a nail file to shape the sides of your nails to a taper, ensuring they follow the angled pencil line.
  6. File the ends of your nails to achieve a straight and neat finish.
  7. Your coffin-shaped nails are ready.

What are the benefits of having coffin nails?

There are a few advantages to having coffin nails that make them worth considering:

  • Coffin nails elongate the fingers and make them look more elegant.
  • Nail art looks fabulous on coffin nails due to their flat surface.
  • Coffin-shaped nails are edgy, unique and stand out among other nail shapes.
  • The tips of the nails are less prone to breakage, as they are squared-off and have a wider base.

What to consider when choosing coffin nails?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing coffin-shaped nails:

Nail length

Coffin nails come in various lengths. However, it’s best to choose a length that suits your lifestyle and your daily activities. Long nails might not be practical if you’re working with your hands all day, whereas shorter nails might not be suitable if you’re looking for an elegant and artistic look.

Nail polish

Coffin nails look great with different solid, ombre, and metallic colors or a mix of them, but it is still essential to choose a color that complements your skin tone and outfit.

Nail art

Coffin nails are ideal for intricate nail art designs. However, be sure to find a design that works well with the shape of your nails.

How to maintain coffin nails?

Maintaining coffin nails is vital to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. Here are some tips to help you maintain your nails:

  • Keep your nails clean and free of dirt and debris to avoid any infection.
  • Massage oil into your cuticles to keep them moisturized and healthy.
  • Apply a clear and nourishing base coat before applying nail polish to prevent staining and keep your nails strong.
  • Avoid exposing your nails to harsh chemicals or excessive water to prevent them from breaking or chipping.
  • Trim and file your nails regularly to keep them short and prevent them from growing too long.


Coffin nails are a great way to express your personality and style. They are chic, elegant, and unique, making them a popular trend that is here to stay. Follow the steps to cut nails into a coffin shape, keep them clean and healthy while maintaining them, and choose colors that suit you to look more attractive.


  • Q: Are coffin-shaped nails suitable for everyone?
  • A: Yes, they are suitable for anyone who likes the look and style of coffin nails; however, you should consider the length and shape of your fingers and how they will complement the shape of your nails.
  • Q: Can coffin nails be done on natural nails?
  • A: Yes, coffin nails can be done on natural nails. However, it is essential to keep your natural nails healthy, clean, and strong to make them look appealing.
  • Q: How long do coffin nails last on average?
  • A: This will depend on a variety of factors, such as how fast your nails grow and how well they are maintained. On average, coffin nails can last for 2-3 weeks with proper maintenance.


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