Left Handers in the White House: Which Presidents Were Left Handed?

Left-handers in the world may have often been considered a minority, but they’ve made remarkable contributions throughout history. The average left-hander is said to be more creative, more skilled at problem-solving, and has a better sense of spatial awareness than the average right-hander. Interestingly, there have been several left-handed US Presidents that have played significant roles in shaping the history of the United States. Read on to discover which presidents were left-handed and how their handedness may have influenced their time in office!

Presidents That Were Left-Handed

Throughout history, there have been eight left-handed US Presidents, including:

  • James A. Garfield
  • Herbert Hoover
  • Harry S. Truman
  • Gerald Ford
  • Ronald Reagan
  • George H.W. Bush
  • Bill Clinton
  • Barack Obama

In most cases, these leaders haven’t received any special attention for their handedness or its potential impact on their leadership ability. However, in the case of Gerald Ford, he used his left-handedness as a way of connecting with the American public. He was known to sign important bills with a fountain pen that was specially designed for left-handed people, and he delivered speeches that addressed the challenges of being a left-hander in a right-handed world.

Theories on Left-Handedness and Leadership

Although there isn’t any hard data that back up specific connections between left-handedness and leadership traits, many people have theorized that left-handers have certain qualities that are advantageous when it comes to leadership roles. Some of the primary theories include:

Creativity and Innovative Thinking

A popular theory is that left-handed people are more creative and innovative thinkers than their right-handed peers, which would make them more effective in leadership roles. Some studies suggest that the areas of the brain that govern creativity and problem-solving may be more developed in left-handed individuals. If this is the case, then it’s easy to see how their thinking could be advantageous when it comes to complex problem-solving, idea generation, and innovation.

Natural Adaptation to Right-Handed Environments

Another theory is that left-handed people are better at adapting to right-handed environments, which is an essential skill for leaders. Since the majority of tools, equipment, and environments are created with right-handed people in mind, left-handers must learn to adapt and find creative solutions to everyday challenges. This adaptability could translate into an advantage when it comes to leadership and problem-solving under pressure.

Greater Ambidexterity

Some studies suggest that left-handed people may have a greater degree of ambidexterity than right-handed people. The natural adaptation to using right-handed tools and equipment may require left-handers to develop a higher level of skill with their non-dominant hand, which could translate into improved fine motor skills and greater overall dexterity. This could be advantageous in situations that require quick thinking and physical coordination, such as in emergency situations or athletic events.

Left-Handed Facts and Trivia

  • Left-handedness occurs in approximately 10% of the population.
  • The word “sinister” comes from the Latin word “sinestre,” which means “left.” This is because left-handedness was once considered unlucky or evil.
  • In some cultures, left-handedness is considered a sign of intelligence, and parents may try to encourage their children to use their left hand when they are young.
  • Left-handed people are more likely to be male than female.
  • The majority of people who are left-handed have a family member who is also left-handed.


Although there isn’t any scientific evidence to definitively link left-handedness to specific leadership traits, there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests that left-handed individuals may have certain qualities that are advantageous when it comes to leadership roles. Regardless of their handedness, all US Presidents have played significant roles in shaping the history of America, and their leadership and contributions will be remembered for generations to come.

Common Questions and Answers:

  • Q: Who was the first left-handed President?
  • A: James A. Garfield was the first left-handed President on February 19, 1881.
  • Q: Were any of the Presidents ambidextrous?
  • A: Although there isn’t any scientific validation or medical diagnosis on the handedness, many people claim Barack Obama to be ambidextrous.
  • Q: Why do people consider left-handed individuals smarter and more creative?
  • A: This theory came into existence because of the unique traits found in many left-handed people’s brains. Lefties have been shown to have increased connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain, which leads to a spatially efficient way of processing information.
  • Q: Are left-handed individuals more athletic?
  • A: There is no scientific evidence to support this theory, but anecdotes mention lefties having the advantage of surprise over competitors who are accustomed to facing right-handed people.






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