Learn to Tame Your Brows: How to Train Eyebrows to Grow in the Right Direction

Learn to Tame Your Brows: How to Train Eyebrows to Grow in the Right Direction

Are you tired of stray eyebrow hairs going in every direction, leaving you with an untamed and unkempt appearance? Well, you are not alone! Having well-groomed and perfectly-shaped eyebrows can make a huge difference in your overall appearance, framing your face and highlighting your best features. However, getting naturally unruly brows to behave and grow in the desired direction can be a daunting task. Don’t worry, though – there are several ways to train your eyebrows to grow in the right direction and achieve the polished look you want. Read on to discover some top tips for taming your brows.

Know Your Eyebrow Growth Pattern

The first step in training your eyebrows to grow in the right direction is to understand your natural growth pattern. Everyone’s brows grow differently, so it’s essential to become familiar with your particular patterns, shape, thickness and density. Studying your eyebrows’ growth and unique shape will help you learn what areas need extra care or attention.

Take a close look at yourself in a good-quality mirror and define the areas that need to be shaped or controlled. Use an eyebrow brush to shape your brows into how you would like them to look, making sure you position them in the right direction.

Invest in the Right Tools

To tame your brows effectively, you will need to purchase one or more specialized tools. To shape them and keep them in place, you will need a precision tweezer, spoolie brush, brow scissors, and an eyebrow pencil, among others. These tools will help you maintain your desired shape, tidy the eyebrows and fill in any gaps if needed.

Best Techniques for Training Eyebrows to Grow in the Right Direction

1. Practice Regular Maintenance

To train your brows to grow in the desired direction, you need first to brush them up and outwards. Make sure that you don’t miss any short or fine eyebrow hairs. You can use an eyebrow gel to keep them in place after brushing.

It’s crucial to maintain the eyebrows’ shape by plucking stray hairs around the natural brow line. If you are unsure of how to pluck the hairs, get professional help from a trained eyebrow specialist.

2. Be Patient

Training your eyebrows to grow in the right direction takes time and patience, and you’ll need to be consistent with your grooming routine. It can take up to six months to see your eyebrows grow in the direction you want.

To stay motivated, take a photo of your eyebrows every four weeks to monitor progress. Keep in mind that when over-plucking occurs or if the hairs have been stubbornly growing in the wrong direction for some time, it may take longer to achieve your desired look.

3. Use Oils and Serums

A range of oils and serums help to nourish eyebrow hair and stimulate new growth. The aim is to rehydrate the skin underneath the eyebrows, helping the hair grow in a more orderly fashion.

Castor oil, coconut oil, and argan oil are commonly used to stimulate eyebrow hair growth. Apply a small amount of serum to the eyebrows with a cotton swab at night and leave it on overnight.

4. Avoid Over-Plucking

One of the most important things to remember when training your eyebrows is to avoid over-plucking. Over-plucking can lead to cuticle damage and cause eyebrows to grow in the wrong direction, resulting in longer-term issues.

If you find it hard to resist plucking out that one pesky eyebrow hair, go to a professional to achieve the desired look. The eyebrow specialist can help you shape your brows and avoid removing too many hairs.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brows

1. Trim Your Eyebrows

Trimming the excess eyebrow hair is an important step to keep them looking neat and tidy. If left untrimmed, unruly hair can create an unkempt look.

To trim your brows, brush them straight up and carefully trim them with scissors. Ensure that you cut as little hair as possible, only trimming the ends that stick out. Avoid cutting more than a few millimetres.

2. Protect Your Eyebrows from Sun Damage

Like your skin, your brows can sustain sun damage from UV rays, causing them to become brittle and break. Wearing sunglasses or using a hat during the hot hours of the day will help protect your eyebrows from the sun’s harmful rays.

3. Consider Microblading

If you want a permanent solution for stubborn eyebrows, microblading might be the way to go. It is the process of using a fine needle to deposit pigment into the skin on your eyebrows, giving you fuller, natural-looking brows that last for years.

4. Build a Regular Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to taming your brows. Make sure to stick to a routine that works for you and your eyebrow hair type. If this involves plucking twice a week or brushing every morning and night, make it a priority.


Taming your eyebrows requires patience, time, and a good amount of upkeep. By taking the time to identify the natural growth patterns, selecting the appropriate tools and consistently practicing the recommended techniques, you will train your eyebrows to grow in the desired direction. It’s essential to remember that the eyebrows play a significant role in framing your face, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated to get that well-groomed and polished look.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Can castor oil grow eyebrow hair?
  • Certain oils, including castor oil and coconut oil, have been known to help nourish eyebrow hair and stimulate growth. Apply a small amount of oil or serum to the eyebrows with a cotton swab at night and leave it on overnight.

  • How long does it take to train your eyebrows?
  • It can take up to six months to see your eyebrows grow in the direction you want, depending on the eyebrow’s natural growth patterns and how stubborn the hairs are.

  • How often should you trim your eyebrows?
  • Trimming your eyebrows every eight weeks, or as needed, will help keep them looking neat and tidy.


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