How to Whiten Nails Naturally: The Ultimate Guide

Having yellow, stained nails can be extremely embarrassing, making you self-conscious about the appearance of your hands. While many people resort to expensive nail treatments or use artificial nails to cover up their discolored nails, there are simple, natural ways to whiten your nails at home. Keep reading to learn how to whiten nails naturally with the ultimate guide!

1. Causes of Yellow Nails

Before learning how to whiten your nails, it’s essential to know what causes yellow nails. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Smoking – Smoking cigarettes can lead to discoloration of nails.
  • Poor Nail Hygiene – If you fail to keep your nails clean or trim, it can lead to yellowing of nails.
  • Health Problems – Yellow nails can also indicate a health problem such as diabetes, lung disease, or liver disease.
  • Nail Polish – Long term use of nail polish stains your nails. This results in yellowish nails.

2. Home Remedies for Whitening Nails

2.1 Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

One of the best ways to whiten nails naturally is to use baking soda and lemon juice. Take a bowl and mix equal parts of baking soda, lemon juice, and water to make a fine paste. Apply this paste evenly on your nails and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process once or twice a week for results.

2.2 Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can also help to whiten nails naturally. Mix hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of baking soda to create a paste. Apply the mixture on your nails with a soft-bristled brush and leave it on for 3-4 minutes. Repeat this process twice a week for best results.

2.3 Vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent natural remedy for yellow nails. Take a bowl and mix some vinegar with water. Soak your nails in this mixture for 10-15 minutes twice a week. After soaking, rinse your nails with warm water and apply some moisturizer.

3. Healthy Nail Habits to Prevent Yellowing

3.1 Keep Your Nails Clean

It’s essential to keep your nails clean to prevent yellowing. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub your nails. You can also use a natural soap to keep your nails clean.

3.2 Trim Your Nails Regularly

Keeping your nails trimmed and well-maintained can prevent yellow nails. Invest in a good quality nail cutter and trim your nails once a week. Always cut your nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.

3.3 Moisturize Your Nails

Moisturizing your nails with essential oils or natural moisturizers helps to prevent yellowing. Use coconut oil, olive oil, or vitamin E oil to moisturize your nails every night before bedtime to see good results.

4. Diet for Healthy Nails

Your diet plays a crucial part in maintaining healthy nails. Here are a few foods that can help to keep your nails healthy and strong:

Food Benefits
Eggs Eggs contain biotin and protein which help to strengthen nails.
Spinach Spinach is rich in iron, which promotes healthy nail growth.
Citrus Fruits Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are rich in vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen needed for healthy nails.
Almonds Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E which helps to keep nails strong and healthy.

5. Tips to Avoid Yellowing of Nails

5.1 Avoid Chemicals

Avoid using harsh chemicals such as nail polish remover with acetone or other nail products that contain harsh chemicals. These products lead to brittle and discolored nails.

5.2 Wear Gloves

If your work involves exposure to various chemicals or water, always wear gloves to protect your nails.

5.3 Avoid Smoking

Smoking not only discolors your nails but also affects your overall health. Quit smoking to improve the appearance of your hands and nails.


Discolored nails can be distressing, but with correct home remedies, healthy diet, and good nails hygiene, you can prevent and whiten your nails naturally. Following the tips mentioned above can help you get back those healthy, pink, and beautiful nails you once had. Try these remedies and tips for a few weeks, and you will see the difference.

Common Questions and Answers:

  • What are the causes of yellow nails?
    Yellow nails can be caused due to smoking, poor nail hygiene, health problems such as diabetes, lung disease or liver disease, and long-term use of nail polish.
  • Can lemon juice whiten nails?
    Yes, lemon juice is a natural bleach, and it can help to whiten nails when applied with baking soda.
  • What are the best foods for healthy nails?
    Eggs, spinach, citrus fruits, and almonds are some of the best foods for healthy nails.
  • How often should you apply home remedies to whiten nails?
    You should apply home remedies to whiten nails once or twice a week for best results.
  • What should you avoid to prevent yellowing of nails?
    Avoid harsh chemicals, smoking, and exposure to water or chemicals that can affect the appearance and health of your nails.


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