How to Tear Down Walls in Rust: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Rust is a popular survival game that prides itself on player autonomy and freedom. One of the ways players can exercise their autonomy is by building and tearing down walls in the game. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to tear down walls in Rust step-by-step. Whether you’re raiding an enemy base or creating a new layout for your own base, this guide will help you demolish walls with ease.

Before You Begin

Before tearing down walls in Rust, it is essential to note that the process is resource-intensive. You will require a considerable amount of resources like explosives, hatchets, or pickaxes to achieve your goal. Thus, ensure you have enough resources to complete the demolition process.

Materials Needed

The following are the materials you’ll need to tear down walls in Rust:

  • Explosives: All types of explosives will work to knock down walls. High-quality explosives like rockets, satchels, and C4 are the most efficient and will require less effort to pull down walls.
  • Hatchets: A hatchet is an essential tool for removing walls in Rust. It can take a long time to tear down a wall with a hatchet, but it is an effective alternative in the absence of explosives.
  • Pickaxes: Pickaxes are faster than hatchets when removing walls, but they have low durability and require constant repair.
  • Eoka Pistol: While not as efficient as explosives or hatchets, the Eoka Pistol can knock down walls with a low cost.

Identifying Walls

Walls come in different materials in Rust, namely wood, stone, sheet metal, and reinforced metal. It is essential to identify walls by their materials to determine the amount of resources needed to bring them down.

Step-by-step Guide to Tear Down Walls in Rust

Step 1: Gather Resources

You need to ensure you have enough resources to pull down a wall. Use the materials outlined in the ‘Materials Needed’ section to prepare the necessary tools.

Step 2: Choose the Best Method

The method used to tear down walls depends on the available resources and the wall’s material. Use explosives whenever possible, as they are generally the most efficient method. If explosives are not available, consider either a hatchet or pickaxe, depending on the wall’s material.

Step 3: Identify the Target Wall

Identify the specific wall you want to take down. Use the wall’s material to correctly determine the amount of resources needed. Once you know the target wall, position yourself in a way that allows you to attack it safely.

Step 4: Use Explosives to Take Down the Wall

Place the explosives on the wall you want to bring down. Different explosives require different placement methods, so follow the instructions for the selected explosive carefully. Once you have positioned the explosives, wait for them to detonate, and the wall will come crashing down.

Step 5: Use Hatchets or Pickaxes on the Wall

If explosives are not available, you can still use hatchets or pickaxes to tear down walls. Stand close to the wall and target it with your tool, then continue hitting the wall until it comes down.

Alternatives to Demolition

Step 1: Upgrade Your Wall

If you want to remodel your base instead of demolishing it entirely, consider upgrading your existing walls. A higher-tiered wall cannot be destroyed by lower-tiered tools. Therefore, upgrading the wall will take more resources and time for raiders to tear it down.

Step 2: Add Defense Measures

In Rust, the best defense is a good offense. By adding defense measures like traps or turrets to your base, raiders are deterred from attempting to breach your walls. Adding traps to your base can also slow raiders if they get past your walls.


Can I remove walls with my bare hands?

No, you cannot remove walls with your bare hands in Rust. You will require either hatchets, pickaxes, explosives, or higher-tiered tools to bring down walls.

Can I repair walls that have been damaged?

Yes, you can repair walls that have been damaged. Use the material that the wall is made of to repair it. It is worth noting that walls significantly damaged by explosives will cost more to repair.

Do I need to destroy a foundation to tear down walls?

No, you do not need to destroy a foundation to tear down a wall. However, removing the foundation will cause all structures attached to it to break apart and be destroyed as well.

Do I need to be inside a base to knock down walls?

No, you do not need to be inside a base to knock down walls. Players can target walls from both inside and outside a base to take them down.


Demolishing walls is an important aspect of Rust gameplay. Knowing how to tear down walls in Rust can help players to raid enemy bases or modify their own bases. Follow the step-by-step guide provided in this article, and consider upgrading walls or adding defense measures as alternatives to demolishing entirely.



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