How to Make Amyl Nitrate at Home: DIY for a Thrilling Time

Are you interested in making amyl nitrate at home? If so, you’re in the right place! While amyl nitrate can be hazardous if not handled correctly, understanding the right steps can ensure that you make it safely at home. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to create an exciting, thrilling experience from the comfort of your own home.

What is Amyl Nitrate?

Amyl nitrate is a chemical compound typically used as a vasodilator. Though it was first introduced in 1844 for medical use, it was later found to have an effect on the central nervous system and is now used recreationally. Amyl nitrate is often used to enhance sexual experiences or as a party drug. It’s classified as a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning it’s against the law to manufacture, distribute, or possess amyl nitrate without a prescription. That said, it’s still available over the counter in some countries.

Is It Legal to Make Amyl Nitrate at Home?

The manufacture of amyl nitrate is illegal without a license from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the United States. This law carries the same weight no matter if you are manufacturing with the intent to sell, for personal use, or for any other reason.

What are the Risks Involved with Making Amyl Nitrate?

The manufacturing process of amyl nitrate carries several risks. If you aren’t careful, you could wind up with a damaging explosion. The entire process should be handled with care to avoid dangerous reactions. It’s essential to be aware of all of the potential risks associated with making your own amyl nitrate.

What are the Safety Precautions Needed?

Before you attempt to make amyl nitrate, you must take proper safety precautions. Wear protective clothing, gloves, and goggles to avoid any accidents. Don’t smoke, have open flames or run electrical devices without a proper hazard assessment. The environment in which you manufacture the amyl nitrate must be well-ventilated to prevent toxic fumes from building up. Amyl nitrate is also highly flammable, meaning that you’ll need to keep your work area free of any fire sources.

What Ingredients are Needed to Make Amyl Nitrate?

To prepare amyl nitrate, you’ll need a few vital ingredients that should be readily available. Before you’re ready to begin, make sure you have gathered all the ingredients needed. Having all the components in one place will make the process a little faster and easier.

Acid Mixture

This mixture is made from glacial acetic acid and nitric acid. The ratio recommended is three parts of glacial acetic acid to one part of nitric acid.


N-Propanol is a colorless and water-soluble liquid that has a strong odor. You’ll need one-liter of the substance to make amyl nitrate.

Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium nitrate is a crystalline solid with no color and a white powder. Three hundred grams of ammonium nitrate are necessary to prepare amyl nitrate.

What Equipment is Needed to Make Amyl Nitrate?

In addition to amyl nitrate’s ingredients, certain equipment is required to build the compound. The following are the necessary equipment:

Stirring Rod

A stirring rod helps with mixing the chemicals at the right intervals to form amyl nitrate.

Beaker with Thermometer and Funnel

You’ll need a glass beaker with a funnel and a thermometer. This is necessary to monitor the temperature in the beaker and the accurate amount of liquid added.

Laboratory Scale

A laboratory scale is necessary to form the right ratios of components to get the perfect composition to make amyl nitrate.

Fume Hood

A fume hood helps to vent the fumes from amyl nitrate generated during the manufacturing process. This helps to protect the user and nearby working conditions from any harmful exposure to the amyl nitrate.

Manufacturing Amyl Nitrate

Follow the steps below to create the amyl nitrate:

Step 1: Mix the Nitric Acid and Glacial Acetic Acid

You’ll need to mix three parts of glacial acetic acid to nitric acid one part. Stir the mixture well until it’s uniform. When adding the nitric acid to the glacial acetic acid, it’s imperative not to use organic materials like rubber, cork or polypropylene containers as it will react and create a hazardous condition.

Step 2: Add N-Propanol and Stir

Once you have the acid mixture, stir in the N-Propanol. Make sure both the mixture and N-Propanol are at the same temperature while adding them. Stir for 1 minute, then reheat the mixture until it reaches 80 ℃. Stir for two more minutes and let it cool to 23-25 ℃

Step 3: Add Ammonium Nitrate

Next, add ammonium nitrate to the cooled mixture. Continue to stir until the ammonium nitrate dissolves completely. The temperature will drop, so you’ll also need to reheat the liquid until 80 ℃ again. Alternately, add ammonia to control the pH between pH6-7 with constant stirring. The reaction should take 30-40 minutes.

Step 4: Add Ice and Water

Add crushed ice until the mixture cools to 0 ℃. Mix in water very slowly to prevent any dangerous reaction from occurring. Stir slowly to avoid any reactions. You’ll know your product is made when the milky appearance ceases, then separates into two phases, one milky and one clear.

Step 5: The Final Step

The last step is to add a small amount of a nonpolar liquid. This will purify the solution and eliminate contaminants. Several nonpolar liquids could be used to wash the product such as kerosene, dry ether or isopropyl alcohol. Allow the two phases to separate, then drain the lower milky phase into a beaker or flask with the aid of a stopcock. Cover the flask or beaker with steel to help promote the interaction in the separating process.

Safety Tips When Using Amyl Nitrate

As mentioned earlier, the manufacture and use of amyl nitrate come with risk. It’s crucial to handle the compound with care at all times, especially if you’re going to be using it recreationally. Here are a few tips to stay safe:

  • Use a minimal dose
  • Avoid inhaling amyl nitrate directly
  • Do not use with any medical conditions
  • Stay hydrated while using amyl nitrate
  • Keep it away from children and pets
  • Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.


While making amyl nitrate can be dangerous, it’s possible when handled correctly. Remember that it is illegal to manufacture amyl nitrate without a license in the United States, so doing so comes with its risks. Assuming you take the necessary precautions to stay safe, creating it yourself can be a thrilling experience in your own home.


Q: Can I buy amyl nitrate online?

A: It is illegal to purchase amyl nitrate online without a prescription in the United States.

Q: What should I do if I accidentally inhale amyl nitrate?

A: If you accidentally inhale amyl nitrate, move to an area with fresh air and seek medical attention immediately if symptoms persist.

Q: What happens if I over-dose on amyl nitrate?

A: An overdose of amyl nitrate can lead to severe side effects, including difficulty breathing, chest pain, and loss of consciousness. Seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you’ve overdosed.

Q: Can I mix amyl nitrate with other drugs or alcohol?

A: It is not recommended to mix amyl nitrate with other drugs or alcohol, as this could lead to severe side effects or worsening your medical condition.


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