How to Get a Cat to Take Powder Medicine Without the Struggle

As a cat owner, you know that giving your cat medicine can be a challenge. If your cat is sick and needs medicine in powder form, you may be wondering how to get your cat to take it without a fight. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to get your cat to take powder medicine without the struggle.

Understand the Medicine

The first step to getting your cat to take powder medicine is to understand the medication itself. You should talk to your vet and ask about the medicine and the potential side effects. Your vet can also help you understand the recommended dosage and any warnings or special instructions you should follow.

Check if the Medicine Can be Given with Food

Some medicines can be given with food, while others cannot. Check with your vet to see if the medicine can be given with food to make your cat more comfortable with taking it. If the medication can be given with food, mix the medicine with a small amount of canned food or tuna juice. Make sure that your cat finishes the entire meal to ensure they consume the entire dose.

Know the Taste of the Medicine

Cats are notorious for being picky eaters, so it’s important to know the taste of the medicine before giving it to your cat. Many medications have a bitter taste, and cats may be more likely to reject them. Speak to your vet about whether the medication can be made into a more palatable form. If not, consider using a pill pocket or a flavored liquid medication.

Use a Syringe to Administer the Medicine

If your cat refuses to take the medication mixed with food, a syringe may be a helpful tool. Fill the syringe with the appropriate dosage and place it inside your cat’s cheek. Slowly squirt the medicine into their mouth, taking care not to spray the medicine down their throat. After giving the medication, praise your cat with treats or extra attention to help reinforce positive behavior.

Understanding the Syringe

It’s important to use the right syringe when administering medicine to your cat. Some syringes may not be precise enough and may give too little or too much medication. A 1 ml syringe is typically the right choice for administering medication to a cat.

The Right Technique

When using a syringe, it’s essential to use the right technique. Hold the syringe with one hand and use the other hand to hold your cat steady. Tilt your cat’s head slightly back and insert the syringe into the side of their mouth. Slowly release the medication into their mouth, taking care to avoid spraying the medicine into their lungs.

Use Treats to Entice Your Cat

Sometimes, your cat might be more willing to take medication in powder form if they associate it with treats. You can hide the medication in a treat, such as a pill pocket or a piece of cheese, to encourage them to take the medicine. However, it’s important to make sure that your cat eats the entire treat as they may try to swallow the treat whole without consuming the medication inside.

Choosing the Right Treat

It’s important to choose the right treat to use as a vehicle for the medication. Soft treats, like pill pockets, work well because you can mold them around the medication, making it more difficult for the cat to remove. Hard treats, like cheese or meat, can also be effective if you are able to mold them around the medication to ensure that your cat eats the entire dose.

Use Treats Consistently

If you’re using treats to entice your cat to take medication, it’s important to use them consistently. This means that you should continue to use the same type of treat every time you give the medication. This will help your cat associate the treat with the medication and encourage them to take the medicine more willingly.

Wrap Your Cat in a Towel

If your cat is particularly feisty or uncooperative, you may need to wrap them in a towel to administer the medication. Wrapping your cat in a towel can make administering medication easier as it will keep your cat still and prevent them from scratching or biting you.

How to Wrap Your Cat in a Towel

To wrap your cat in a towel, you will need a large towel or a small blanket. Lay the towel flat on the ground and place your cat in the middle of it. Fold one side of the towel over your cat’s back and tuck it under their belly. Fold the other side of the towel over your cat’s back, tucking it underneath them. This will create a secure wrap that will keep your cat still while you give them their medication.

Make it a Positive Experience

Wrapping your cat in a towel can be a stressful experience for them, so it’s important to make the experience as positive as possible. Give your cat treats and praise while you’re administering the medication to reinforce positive behavior, and take care not to hold them too tightly or restrict their breathing.

Final Thoughts

Giving your cat medication in powder form can be a challenge, but with the right techniques, it’s possible to do it without a fight. Remember to talk to your vet about the medication and use the right tools and techniques, such as a syringe or treats, to make the process easier. With a little patience and persistence, you can give your cat the medication they need to feel better.

Common Questions About Giving Powder Medicine to Cats:

  • Q: Can I mix the powder medication with water or milk?

    A: It is not recommended to mix medication with water or milk as this can dilute the medication and make it less effective.
  • Q: How can I tell if my cat has taken the medication?

    A: When using a syringe, you can visually confirm if your cat has taken the medication. When using treats, make sure your cat eats the entire treat to ensure that they have consumed the medication inside.
  • Q: What should I do if my cat refuses to take the medication?

    A: If your cat refuses to take the medication, speak to your vet about alternative options or consider using a compounding pharmacy to create a more palatable form of the medication.
  • Q: Can I crush the medication into a fine powder?

    A: It’s important to follow the instructions provided by your vet or on the medication label. Some medications may lose their effectiveness if crushed or altered in any way.


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