How to Eliminate Paint Odor from Your Home

If you have recently painted your home, then you must be familiar with the strong smell of paint, which can be a bit bothersome. The paint odor can linger around your home for days, and sometimes, even weeks, making it difficult for you or your family members to bear. However, there are several easy-to-follow tips and tricks that can help you eliminate paint odor from your home. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective methods to get rid of paint odor and enjoy a fresh-smelling home.

Open the Windows

The easiest way to get rid of paint odor is through natural ventilation. Open all the windows and doors in your home and let the fresh air come in. It will help to circulate the air, which will eventually eliminate the smell of paint. If possible, create a cross-ventilation system by opening windows on opposite sides of the room. Allow fresh air to flow in for at least 48 hours before closing your windows.

Use Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is well-known for its odor-absorbing properties. Place a few activated charcoal pieces in a bowl and leave it in the room overnight. The charcoal will absorb the paint odor and make the air fresh. You can easily find activated charcoal in pet stores, home improvement stores, and online.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is another effective odor absorber that you can use to eliminate paint odor from your home. Sprinkle baking soda around the room or set out bowls of it around the house. The baking soda will absorb the paint odor and leave your home smelling fresh. You can also mix baking soda with water and spray it around your home.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to neutralize the smell of paint in your home. Add a few drops of essential oils to a spray bottle filled with water and spray it around the room. You can use essential oils like lavender, peppermint, lemon, or eucalyptus. These essential oils have a pleasant scent that will help to mask paint odor and provide a fresh-smelling home.

Use Vinegar

White vinegar is a natural and inexpensive way to get rid of paint odor from your home. Fill a bowl with white vinegar and place it in the room. The vinegar will help to neutralize the paint odor and leave your home smelling fresh. You can also mix vinegar with water and spray it around your home.

Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are very helpful in eliminating paint odor from your home. They are designed to filter out airborne particles and contaminants, including paint odor. Air purifiers use HEPA filters that capture tiny particles in the air and neutralize the smell. It is recommended to use an air purifier that has activated carbon filter technology, which is very effective in absorbing odors.

Keep the Temperature Moderate

It is important to keep the temperature moderate in your home to eliminate paint odor. High temperatures can cause the paint to release more fumes and slow down the process of eliminating the odor. Likewise, low temperatures can cause the paint to dry slowly, making the odor linger around for longer. Keep your home temperature between 68-72°F for the best results.

Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners

Avoid using chemical cleaners to clean up any spills or messes made while painting. Chemical cleaners can react with the paint fumes, causing even more odor to be released. Instead, use natural cleaning agents like soap and water to clean up.

Use Fans

Using fans is another effective way to eliminate paint odor from your home. Place a fan close to the window and direct the airflow outside. The fan will help to circulate the fresh air from outside and eliminate paint odor. It is also recommended to use the exhaust fan in your bathroom or kitchen to help in the elimination of the paint odor.

Clean Your Air Filters

If you have an HVAC or any other type of air filter in your home, be sure to clean it regularly. Air filters help to trap particles, including paint fumes, and prevent them from recirculating in your home. Cleaning your air filters will enable them to function effectively and help reduce paint odor inside your home.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are some additional tips that can help eliminate paint odor from your home:

  • Add fresh flowers or plants to your room to absorb toxins and freshen the air.
  • Keep your room door open while painting so that the fumes can escape.
  • Avoid sleeping in a room with fresh paint for at least 2-3 days.
  • Wash your hands and clothes after painting to eliminate any paint odor.
  • Consider using low or zero VOC paint, which produces fewer fumes and has almost no paint odor.

Common Questions and Their Answers

Here are some common questions and their answers related to getting rid of paint smell in your home:

How long does paint smell last?

The duration of paint odor depends on several factors like the type and quality of paint, ventilation, and temperature. However, the smell typically lasts from two to three days to a few weeks.

Can paint smell be harmful?

Yes, inhaling paint fumes can cause various health problems like headaches, dizziness, and even more serious issues. Consider using a respirator while painting and make sure to keep away from fresh paint for a few days after painting.

Will the smell of paint go away on its own?

Yes, the smell of paint will go away eventually on its own without doing anything. However, the methods mentioned above can speed up the process and help you enjoy a fresh-smelling home.

Can scented candles eliminate paint odor?

Scented candles can provide a pleasant fragrance to your home, but they cannot eliminate paint odor. It is recommended to use natural odor absorbers like charcoal or baking soda to neutralize paint odor.

How long should I wait before using the painted room?

It is recommended to wait for at least 2-3 days before using the painted room. This will allow the paint to dry properly and the paint odor to dissipate.

Can I use air fresheners to eliminate paint odor?

Air fresheners can help to mask the paint odor temporarily, but they cannot eliminate it completely. It is recommended to use natural odor absorbers like activated charcoal or baking soda to get rid of paint odor from your home.


Eliminating paint odor from your home can be frustrating, but it is not impossible. The methods mentioned above are effective in getting rid of paint odor and making your home smelling fresh. It is essential to use natural odor absorbers and to keep your home well-ventilated for the best results.


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