How to become a lululemon elite ambassador


Becoming a lululemon elite ambassador is a great way to make extra income while being part of an amazing team of people who are passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle. As an elite ambassador, you will be given access to exclusive events and products, as well as discounts on merchandise, classes and wellness activities. Through this program, you can also share your style and help promote the lululemon brand on social media.

In order to become an elite ambassador for lululemon, there are several requirements that must be met in order to be considered for the position. This guide will outline the steps that need to be taken in order to become a successful elite ambassador for lululemon:

What is a Lululemon Elite Ambassador?

A Lululemon Elite Ambassador is someone who loves the Lululemon brand and wows our guests every day with their authenticity and passion. They are an inspiration to our community, embodying the qualities we wish to cultivate in all members of Lululemon Nation.

Elite Ambassadors serve as a direct relationship between our stores and the community, bringing stories about live classes, special events, product news and more directly to our guests. They are those true believers who will help us spread the word about everything that’s great in life!

To become an Elite Ambassador, you must be actively involved in the community near one of our stores—uplifting your peers through running groups or hosting seasonal events—and have extensive product knowledge. We look for individuals who embrace the mission of living a life free from compromise—doing what they love so they can be their best self every day.

Qualifications and Requirements

Becoming an elite ambassador for Lululemon can be an exciting opportunity for networking and growth within the community. In order to become an ambassador, there are a few requirements and qualifications that must be met. This section will explore what these are and how they can help you reach your goal.

Must be an active member of the Lululemon community

Lululemon Elite Ambassadors are members of our community who embody strong values that we take pride in. As a Lululemon Elite Ambassador, you will be expected to set an example within the Lululemon community with integrity, respect and loyalty.

To be considered for the program, candidates must demonstrate that they are an active member of the Lululemon community through a number of criteria. The criteria to become a Lululemon Elite Ambassador can be broken down into three must-haves:

  1. You must have been actively involved in the Lululemon community for at least one year before applying. This includes attending Lululemon events, participating in discussions and forums on topics related to lululemon, posting relevant content about the brand on social media channels (i.e. Instagram, Twitter etc.), and contributing in any way to the growth of the brand’s reputation and success.
  2. You must meet all stated qualifications for being an ambassador which include: at least 21 years of age; engaging with others as you represent lululemon via social platforms; having strong communication skills; regular participation in weekly lululemon stores check-in calls/social gatherings; being knowledgeable about lululemon product information or upcoming releases; having knowledge on fit or sizing; keeping up with industry trends or topics associated with the industry; prior experience representing a company or working with social presenters helpful but not required; reputable references from previous employers or colleagues is preferred but not required; maintaining consistent performance standards as it relates to customer service levels as well as participation expectations during store events, customer service phone calls and other communication avenues throughout your term as an ambassador preparedness is critical in order to execute any promotional activations successfully while engaging customers in a meaningful manner.
  3. Applicants should provide original creative ideas that help push forward their passion projects and ignite causes through their efforts as ambassadors within our lululebon communities around Canada, USA and UK/Europe (where applicable). This includes innovative efforts including unique advocacy marketing strategies ideally tied back into existing programs already established by Lululemons primary ambassadors foundations such campaigns may include directing blog posts about specific products including titles such “How Women Can Achieve Wellness Confidence With The Help Of lAURENs WELLNESS LINE” etc. or engineering innovative activities/events leading up to grand openings of new stores etc.

Must have a passion for the brand

In order to become an Elite Ambassador of lululemon, prospective candidates must demonstrate a true pride and love for the brand. They must consistently portray a clear commitment and enthusiasm towards lululemon’s values and actively make efforts to further spread the brand’s success.

Elite Ambassadors should be able to make strong connections with the local communities as well as act as role models or sources of inspiration. It is also important that they portray a sense of integrity when representing lululemon in public or online outlets. In general, they should have an ambition to positively contribute to bettering the lives of those around them in terms of physical well-being, self-expression and knowledge.

Must be a customer of Lululemon

In order to apply for the Lululemon Associates Program and become a certified Lululemon Associate, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must have an active Lululemon account;
  • Must have a valid photo ID;
  • Must complete and submit an application for the program, including a release form.

The application process also requires that you provide documentation from relevant authorities stating that you are eligible to work in your state or country, as well as any other documentation necessary in order to become a certified associate. Once your application is accepted, you will be provided with further instructions regarding certifying yourself as a Lululemon affiliate.

Benefits of Being an Elite Ambassador

If you’re looking for ways to reap the rewards of your commitment to wellness, becoming an elite ambassador for lululemon may be the perfect opportunity for you. It brings with it the chance to create a unique experience for customers, and there are plenty of perks and benefits associated with this role. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when you become an elite ambassador:

Access to exclusive product releases

Are you in the know about the newest lululemon styles and fabrics? As an Elite Ambassador, you gain access to exclusive product releases before the general public.

By being part of the elite ambassador program, you are one of the first to experience the newest products, get sneak previews, and a chance to try them out while they are still in development.

You will also have special perks that regular ambassadors don’t have when it comes to product releases. You may receive free or discounted apparel from limited edition collections as well as exclusive promotional codes for lululemon apparel online or in-store purchases. Additionally, you may have a first look at new images for marketing purposes or even be featured in a lululemon campaign! Being part of the Elite Ambassador program is definitely worth considering if you’re passionate about lululemon and its products.

Invitations to special events

As an elite ambassador, you will receive invitations to special events throughout the year. These include in-store workshops, appearance opportunities, and exclusive access to limited edition items. You may even be selected as a VIP guest at global products launches and press events.

These extra perks are designed to give you the opportunity to network with other ambassadors and influencers in the lululemon community. From an exciting chance to learn more about the brand and its products from store experts in person, to connecting with other people who enjoy living the lifestyle, elite ambassadorship offers unique experiences that are hard to match anywhere else.

Opportunity to represent the brand

By becoming an Elite Ambassador, you have the opportunity to represent the lululemon brand and its products in meaningful ways on social media and in your local community. As an ambassador, you will be given access to exclusive discounts offering insider access to all of lululemon’s best performing athletes, top ambassadors, product designers and new seasonal releases.

You will also have additional perks such as:

  • VIP invites to special events
  • Discounts for our retail stores
  • Complimentary tickets to select yoga classes
  • And more!

Additionally, being an Elite Ambassador provides you with a platform for sharing your knowledge of how lululemon apparel can enhance wellness in your life—allowing you to truly embody the company mission of creating room for growth and allowing inward-outward prosperity.

By wearing lululemon’s incredible product line with pride and owning it as a part of who you are while encouraging others to do the same will create a powerful presence on behalf of the brand that is sure to spread positivity and attract more people towards this rewarding lifestyle goal.

How to Apply

If you’re looking to become a lululemon elite ambassador, you’ll need to go through a rigorous application process. The application process consists of a background check, references, and an interview. You’ll also have to demonstrate your knowledge in the areas of wellness, fitness, and personal development. As an applicant, you’ll be evaluated on your commitment to embody lululemon’s core values.

Let’s go over the application process in more detail:

Fill out the application form

Before you can become a lululemon Elite Ambassador you have to fill out an application form. This form will help lululemon learn more about your qualifications, experience, availability and personal information as they consider you for the program.

When filling out the form, make sure that you answer all questions thoroughly and accurately. Detail your past accomplishments and experiences, as well as how you could contribute to the lululemon Elite Ambassador Program. Additionally, keep in mind that anyone who is accepted into this program must go through a background check before participating in any ambassador activity or utilizing any discounts associated with the program.

If you are filling out the application form online, please note that some questions may be marked as required and must be completed before submitting. Once your application is submitted, it typically takes two weeks for lululemon to process it and determine if they would like to move forward with an interview or presentation. Good luck!

Submit a video explaining why you would be a great ambassador

To apply to become a lululemon elite ambassador, you must first fill out an online application. The application requires personal narrative sections, writing samples, and a recent photo of you. You will also be asked to submit a video of yourself explaining why you would be the perfect fit for an ambassador role.

Your video should highlight your skill set and experience related to lululemon’s mission statement: “Create transformational products and experiences that enable people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives.” You can make your video stand out by using creative elements like music and special effects. Additionally, it’s important to show genuine enthusiasm for the lululemon lifestyle and demonstrate how passionate you are about living the brand’s core values.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the lululemon team over the course of four to six weeks before any notifications are sent out. If accepted in the program, you can expect an email with helpful information on how to get started. Good luck!

Provide two references

As part of the lululemon elite ambassador application process, you are required to provide two references in order to complete the application. It is important to choose your references carefully, so that they are able to offer in-depth information about your interests, activities and professional or academic endeavors.

Each reference should have known you for at least one year, as it is important that they can speak with knowledge of your character and capabilities. Choose people who have seen you in various settings – friends or family members, instructors, coaches or employers – so that they can provide a full picture of what type of ambassador you will be.

When submitting your application, make sure you provide complete contact information for each reference. This includes their name, current occupation and contact method (email address or phone number). You should also include basic information about yourself (name and email address) as a point of reference for the interviewer.


Becoming a Lululemon Elite Ambassador is easy if you have the proper training and experience. To begin the process, contact your local lululemon showroom or submit an application online. Follow the review process and take advantage of the detailed guides and interview tips offered on the official website to ensure that you make a strong impression.

Overall, becoming an Elite Ambassador for Lululemon not only provides an opportunity to work with a great brand but also allows you to expand your knowledge in yoga and fitness. From collaborating with experts in various fields to networking with other ambassadors, you’ll quickly feel part of an amazing community that advances individual fitness goals while pushing their collective team towards success.