How to Banish Dog Odor from Your Mattress

Dogs are the most loyal creatures and faithful friends, but sometimes they are a pain to deal with during their shedding season, especially when it comes to household items such as mattresses. A lot of pet owners struggle with getting the odor and hair out of their mattresses. It’s not just that dog odor smells terrible, but it can also affect the quality of your sleep. Aside from regular vacuuming and cleaning, what else can be done? Here are some practical solutions to help you get rid of dog odor from your mattress completely.

Step 1: Vacuum Your Mattress Thoroughly

Before anything else, one of the easiest measures to take is to vacuum your mattress. This cleans your mattress and removes any superficial dirt, hair, or skin. Ensure that you use an appropriate vacuum cleaner with a good suction capacity and the right attachments. Remember to vacuum the head and foot of the mattress and the sides too. To avoid harming your mattress’s fabric, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner attachment.

Step 1.1: Use Baking Soda to Neutralize Smells

Baking soda can be an excellent solution to neutralize pet odor from your mattress. Sprinkle some baking soda over your entire bed and give it about 15 minutes to settle. When it’s time to clean, use a handheld vacuum, or use the vacuum cleaner with the same attachment you used earlier to remove the baking soda completely. Baking soda is perfect for masking and eliminating odor.

Step 1.2: Invest in a High-Quality Mattress Encasement

Cleaning your mattress can be frustrating, but having a high-quality encasement can significantly reduce the impact of your dog’s odor on your mattress. A mattress encasement is like a cover that works to protect your mattress from different elements, including odor, dust, and allergens. This protective gear once placed over your mattress can also help prevent a repeat of pet odor smells. Ensure you use a waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic mattress encasement. By doing this, you can add an extra layer of protection to your bed.

Step 2: Use Enzymatic Cleaners to Remove The Smell

There are specific cleaners designed for pet smells. These cleaners are slightly different from regular cleaners because they contain specific enzymes that work to break down and eliminate the smell. They’re available both as sprays and detergents, depending on the nature of the fabric to be cleaned. The enzymatic cleaners create a chemical reaction that breaks down the smell and renders it odorless.

Step 2.1: How to Use Enzymatic Cleaners for Your Mattress?

Check the label on the enzymatic cleaner you bought for instructions on how to use it. Most enzymatic cleaners come with a manual with specific instructions. However, here’s a simple approach you can follow:

  • Spray on small sections of the mattress
  • Do not over-saturate the surface
  • Let the cleaner sit for some minutes
  • Use a cold, wet cloth to dab the area clean until the cleaner and the odor dissipate
  • Repeat the process for the entire mattress

Step 3: Consider Professional Mattress Cleaning

Despite the numerous household products available to remove dog odors from mattresses, some cases always require professional help to guarantee a thorough cleaning. Consider going for professional mattress cleaning services when necessary. It’s crucial to look for a cleaning company that understands pet odor removal and uses safe cleaning solutions. Professional cleaners can deep-clean your mattress and remove unwanted odors to improve air quality as well.

Step 3.1: Tips to Find The Right Professional Mattress Cleaner for You

Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a reliable professional cleaner for your mattress:

Factors What to Consider
Price Ensure the service fee is within budget
Experience Choose a cleaner with a lot of experience in pet odor removal
Credentials Ensure the cleaning company is certified and licensed to operate
Referrals and Reviews Check on the previous works of the cleaning company and read reviews and referrals from previous customers


In conclusion, removing dog odor from your mattress entirely can be a challenging task. However, by following these practical and straightforward steps, you can have your mattress smelling fresh and new again. In addition to regular vacuuming and cleaning, consider using a high-quality encasement, enzyme cleaners, and professional mattress cleaning services where necessary. This way, you can be sure to get rid of dog odor for good.


Below are some of the most common questions pet owners ask about how to get the dog smell out of mattresses.

Q1: What causes the smell in the mattress?

The odor in your mattress could be caused by several factors such as pet urine, sweat, mold, and even cigarette smoke.

Q2: How often should I vacuum my mattress?

It’s recommended to vacuum your mattress at least twice a year, and for households with pets or allergies, it can be done more often. 

Q3: What’s the difference between an enzymatic cleaner and a regular cleaner?

While a regular cleaner works only on superficial dirt, enzymatic cleaners have enzymes that break down the chemical structure of the stain in the mattress, making it odorless.

Q4: Are all enzymatic cleaners safe for humans and pets?

Yes, enzymatic cleaners are safe to use around people and pets. However, it’s essential to follow usage instructions as indicated in the manual.

Q5: Can I wash my mattress encasement?

Yes, most of the mattress encasements are machine washable, though it’s advisable to check the label about the washing instructions.

Q6: What are some tips for maintaining a clean mattress after cleaning?

  • Invest in high-quality mattress encasements
  • Keep pets off the bed whenever possible
  • Avoid eating on the bed
  • Oxidize your mattress once every few months



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