How Often Do You Feed Ball Pythons? A Guide for Your Pet Snake.

Keeping a Ball Python as a pet is an exceptional experience for reptile lovers. The captivating patterns of these snakes are fascinating, and they are very manageable to handle. However, when it comes to feeding, the question is often asked, how often do you feed ball pythons? Here is a guide to help you answer this question and give proper care for your pet snake.

The Basics: Understanding the Digestive System of a Ball Python

Ball Pythons, like many other snake species, are carnivores. They generally feed on rodents such as rats and mice. Pet owners should remember that the feeding patterns of your Ball Python in captivity don’t mirror what it would behave like in the wild. Generally, snakes in the wild consume at irregular intervals since catching prey can happen any time in the wild. However, in captivity, pet owners should create a well-organized feeding regime to keep their pet at optimal health.

Factors that Affect Feeding Frequency

There are many factors that impact the feeding frequency of your Ball Python. A few of these factors include:

  • Age: Young snakes grow very quickly and need to be fed more regularly than adult snakes.
  • Size: The size of your Ball Python can also be a determining factor in how often it needs to be fed.
  • Metabolism: As with people, individual snake metabolism rates differ; some Ball Pythons require more frequent feeds.
  • Sex: Generally speaking, female Ball Pythons require more food than males. Females become larger than males usually, and the amount of food they receive should be proportional to their body size.
  • Health: If your pet’s health is affected by parasites or infections, special dietary needs may be required from time to time.

Feeding Frequencies for Young Ball Pythons

Young Ball Pythons can grow quickly, so feeding frequency should be adjusted accordingly. Young pythons that are less than six months old are commonly fed once per week.

Age of Ball Python Feed Frequency
0-2 months Once a week
2-6 months Twice a week
6-12 months Once every one or two weeks

The portion size of food for young Ball Pythons should not exceed the width of your snake’s body in girth. Overfeeding can lead to severe health complications and even obesity.

Feeding Frequencies for Adult Ball Pythons

Adult Ball Pythons are typically less active than the juveniles, and their metabolism slows down too. They don’t require as much food as young snakes. In general, adult Ball Pythons should have a feed once every two weeks. Although there are many exceptions, and it ultimately does depend on the individual snake.

How to Feed Your Ball Python

When it’s time to feed your Ball Python, make sure the prey is a healthy rodent. As your pet snake consumes live prey, moving prey is typically more appealing to snakes since they simulate a healthy, active animal in the wild. However, it’s essential to note that feeding live prey to your snake can present a danger to the pet. Rodents that are too hefty can injure or harm your snake, and they may propagate injuries while trying to defend themselves. It’s often a better idea to use pre-killed rodents as your snake’s feed.

As a Ball Python owner, It’s crucial to know the appropriate portion control for your pet. Too many meals can cause weight problems and even lead to early death. On the other hand, underfeeding will compromise your snake’s health.

After a feeding, it is essential to handle the Ball Python with care; it requires time to digest its meal. The pet snake is vulnerable to ailments, such as respiratory infections, if they’re mishandled after eating.

What to Look for After Feeding

After feeding your Ball Python, monitor your pet and watch for any abnormalities. Although it’s normal for your pet snake to be lethargic after a meal, an aspect of your snake’s behaviour, such as no interest in food, may indicate a more severe underlying issue. When you notice problems with digestion or other unusual behaviour, contact your veterinarian to help determine the rights solution for your pet.


To keep your pet Ball Python in excellent health, it’s essential to regulate how often you feed it. This guide can assist you in making more informed decisions about how much, and how often, to feed your pet snake.


How often do you feed a baby ball python?

Young Ball Pythons are typically fed once a week. The feeding frequency will increase gradually as the snake grows older.

How often do you feed a juvenile ball python?

Juvenile Ball Pythons are commonly fed once to twice a week

How often do you feed an adult ball python?

Adult Ball Pythons can be fed every two weeks

What size prey should I feed my Ball Python?

The food portion should be proportional to the size of the Ball Python. For young Ball Pythons, the prey should be no larger than the snake’s body in girth.

What happens if I feed my Ball Python too often?

Overfeeding your snake can lead to obesity and related health problems such as fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

What happens if I do not feed my Ball Python enough?

Insufficient feeding can lead to weight loss or anorexia, which can compromise your pet’s well-being.


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