How Much to Get Wisdom Teeth Out?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that appear in the late teen years or early adulthood. Most people have four wisdom teeth, but some may have none, while others may have more than four. These teeth can cause pain, inflammation, and other dental problems. That’s why it’s essential to get them removed as soon as possible. In this article, we will discuss how much it costs to get wisdom teeth out, factors that can affect the overall cost, and some ways to reduce your expenses.

How much does it cost to get wisdom teeth out?

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction can vary depending on several factors, such as the patient’s location, dental insurance coverage, the complexity of the extraction, and the number of teeth being extracted. On average, the cost of removing one wisdom tooth can range from $75 to $200. So, if all four teeth need to be removed, the total cost could range from $300 to $800.

Factors that can affect the cost

Several factors can affect the overall cost of wisdom teeth extraction, including:

  • The surgeon’s expertise: Experienced oral surgeons may charge more for their services. They may also use advanced techniques and equipment, which can also contribute to an increase in the cost.
  • The complexity of the extraction: The cost of extraction can increase if the tooth is impacted, meaning it’s still inside the jawbone or only partially erupted.
  • The patient’s location: The cost of extraction can vary depending on your location. If you live in an urban area, the cost may be higher than in rural areas.
  • Dental insurance coverage: Some dental insurance plans cover wisdom tooth extraction, while others may only cover a portion of the cost. Be sure to check with your dental insurance provider before scheduling the procedure.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal by Type of Extraction

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction can also vary depending on the type of extraction procedure. Here are some estimates of the average cost depending on the extraction technique used:

Extraction Technique Average Cost per Tooth
Simple Extraction $75-$200
Surgical Extraction $225-$600
Soft Tissue Impaction $225-$600
Partial Bony Impaction $275-$750
Full Bony Impaction $325-$800

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

While you cannot avoid getting your wisdom teeth removed, you can take several steps to reduce the overall cost:

Check your dental insurance

Before scheduling an extraction, confirm your dental insurance coverage to know what is covered under your plan. Some insurance providers cover the full cost of wisdom teeth removal. Others may not cover the procedure, or they may only pay a portion of the cost. Knowing what your insurance covers can help you budget for the procedure and avoid unexpected expenses.

Compare Prices

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction varies from one oral surgeon to another. Consider getting quotes from different dentists and oral surgeons to compare prices. You may be surprised at the difference in costs from one provider to the next.

Opt for a General Dentist

A general dentist can perform basic wisdom tooth extraction procedures. As a result, their fees are often lower compared to oral surgeons. However, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, you may need to see an oral surgeon.

Consider Dental Schools

Dental students require hands-on experience to cultivate their skills. You can save money by getting your wisdom teeth extracted by dental students. The procedure may take longer, but you’ll pay a lower fee.

Is it worth the Cost?

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction may seem steep, but it’s a necessary procedure that can prevent future dental issues. Wisdom teeth can cause dental problems like infection, tooth decay, gum disease, and cysts. These problems can be expensive to treat, and not addressing them can impact your quality of life. As such, getting your wisdom teeth removed is a wise investment in your dental health.

Final Thoughts

Removing your wisdom teeth has numerous benefits. While extracting wisdom teeth can be costly, it is better to take care of the issue sooner rather than later to avoid subsequent dental problems. However, you can opt for various cost-saving measures like visiting dental schools and comparing dental quotes to reduce the expense. If you’re worried about your wisdom teeth and how much it would cost to get them removed, consult with your dentist, and make an informed decision.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Q. How much does it cost to get all four wisdom teeth removed?
  • A. The average cost of wisdom teeth extraction for all four teeth ranges from $300 to $3,000. The cost of extraction can vary based on the factors previously stated, such as the surgery’s complexity and the surgeon’s location.

  • Q. Will my insurance cover wisdom teeth extraction?
  • A. Most dental insurance policies cover wisdom tooth extraction. However, the extent of the coverage varies, and some policies may only cover a portion of the cost. Check with your provider to determine what you’re eligible for.

  • Q. Can I remove my wisdom teeth on my own to save money?
  • A. No. Wisdom tooth extraction is a complex procedure that requires the expertise of an oral surgeon or dentist. Attempting to remove your teeth on your own can lead to serious infections or permanent damage to your teeth and gums. Always visit an experienced oral surgeon, especially for impacted wisdom teeth.


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