How Much Is The Pill Club? Affordable Access To Birth Control.

When it comes to reproductive health, access to affordable birth control is vital. The Pill Club has emerged as a game-changer in this domain, offering a convenient way for women to access birth control pills and other reproductive health products without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explore how much the Pill Club costs and how it helps women take charge of their reproductive health.

What Is The Pill Club?

The Pill Club is a subscription-based service that provides its customers with a wide range of birth control pills, along with some other reproductive health products. The service is designed to simplify the process of getting birth control pills, with the aim of making reproductive health more accessible to women across the US.

The Benefits of The Pill Club

There are several benefits to using The Pill Club to manage your reproductive health. These include:

  • Free delivery: The Pill Club offers free delivery to its customers, regardless of their location in the US.
  • Auto-refill: The Pill Club makes it easy to stay on top of your birth control pills by auto-refilling your prescription every month.
  • Discreet packaging: All orders are shipped in discreet packaging, so you needn’t worry about anyone knowing what’s inside.
  • Affordable prices: The Pill Club offers birth control pills at affordable prices, making it easier for women to obtain the medication they need.

What Are The Different Plans Offered By The Pill Club?

The Pill Club offers three different subscription plans that cater to different needs and budgets. These are:

The Pill Club Monthly

The Pill Club Monthly is the most basic plan offered by the company. It includes a monthly supply of birth control pills and access to The Pill Club’s teleretina program. The cost of this plan is $15 per month, making it an affordable option for women who don’t want to spend a lot on reproductive health.

The Pill Club Quarterly

The Pill Club Quarterly plan offers the same benefits as the Monthly plan, but the pills are delivered quarterly rather than monthly. This plan costs $45 for three months, saving you money in the long run.

The Pill Club Annual

The Pill Club Annual plan is the most cost-effective option for women who wish to have a more extended period’s worth of pills delivered. This plan includes a year’s worth of birth control pills and teleretina services. The cost of this plan is $180 per year, making it just $15 per month.

What Are The Shipping Costs?

As we mentioned, The Pill Club provides free shipping to its customers, regardless of their location in the US. This means that you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs as the shipping is included in the subscription price.

How Do I Get Started With The Pill Club?

Getting started with The Pill Club is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Create an account on The Pill Club’s website
  2. Select your preferred plan
  3. Fill out the health questionnaire to get a prescription
  4. Let The Pill Club know where to send your pills
  5. Sit back and wait for your pills to arrive

What Types of Birth Control Pills Are Available?

The Pill Club offers a wide range of birth control pills, including combination pills, progesterone-only pills, and extended-cycle pills. The company ensures that its customers have access to the most common and popular birth control pills on the market.

What Are the Benefits of Having An Online Doctor Consultation?

One of the benefits of working with The Pill Club is that users have access to an online doctor consultation. This consultation can provide women with personalized advice on their reproductive health, including advice on birth control options.

Some of the benefits of using a telehealth service like The Pill Club include:

  • Convenience: Users can talk to a doctor from the comfort of their own home, without needing to take time off work or travel to a clinic.
  • Privacy: Users can discuss sensitive reproductive health issues without worrying about anyone else overhearing the conversation.
  • Increased access: Users who live in more remote areas may find it challenging to access appropriate reproductive health services. With The Pill Club, they can access an online doctor consultation, regardless of their location.

What Do Customers Say About The Pill Club?

The Pill Club has mostly positive reviews from customers, with many praising the convenience and affordability of the service. On Trustpilot, The Pill Club has received an impressive 4.7 out of 5-star rating, with many reviewers commenting on the high level of customer service provided by the company.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

The Pill Club understands that not everyone has health insurance. That’s why the service is designed to be affordable, regardless of whether you have insurance or not.

The cost of birth control without insurance varies depending on the medication you need. Some of the most commonly used birth control pills and their prices without insurance include:

Birth Control Pill Price Without Insurance
Tri-Sprintec $30 – $55 per month
Yaz $60 – $130 per month
NuvaRing $30 – $80 per month
Ortho-Cyclen $30 – $55 per month
Mircette $20 – $50 per month

Final Thoughts

Access to affordable birth control is essential for women’s reproductive health. The Pill Club provides a convenient and affordable solution, allowing women to manage their reproductive health with ease. With a range of subscription plans to choose from, free shipping, and an online doctor service, The Pill Club has earned its place as a leader in the field of online reproductive health services.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about The Pill Club and their answers:

What Other Reproductive Health Products Does The Pill Club Offer?

The Pill Club offers a range of other reproductive health products, including acne treatment, emergency contraceptives, prenatal vitamins, and more.

Is The Pill Club Legitimate And Reliable?

Yes, The Pill Club is legitimate and reliable. It is a licensed online pharmacy that has been approved by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

What Happens If My Birth Control Prescription Expires?

If your birth control prescription expires, you can simply fill out a new health questionnaire on The Pill Club’s website to get a new prescription.

Can I Pause or Cancel My Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging into your account on The Pill Club’s website.

Does The Pill Club Ship To All 50 US States?

Yes, The Pill Club provides free shipping to all 50 US states.

Can I Change My Birth Control Pills If I Don’t Like The Ones I’m Currently Taking?

Yes, you can change your birth control pills if you don’t like the ones you’re taking currently. Simply log into your account on The Pill Club’s website, complete the health questionnaire, and let the company know which birth control pill you would like to switch to.


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