How much does trazodone cost? Unveiling its Price

If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, your doctor may recommend trazodone, a medication used to treat depression and sleep disorders. However, before starting treatment, you might wonder, “How much does trazodone cost?” Understanding the trazodone cost can help you evaluate the affordability of this medication.

What is Trazodone?

Trazodone is an antidepressant drug that is used to treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. It is known to work by changing the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, including serotonin, which regulates mood and emotions.

Why is Trazodone Prescribed?

Trazodone is primarily used to treat the symptoms of depression, including sadness, hopelessness, insomnia, and low appetite. Additionally, trazodone may also be prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, as it has a calming effect on people who suffer from anxiety.

How Much Does Trazodone Cost?

The price of trazodone varies depending on the dosage, the quantity, and where you purchase the medication. Typically, generic trazodone is less expensive than its brand name counterpart.

What is the Price of Generic Trazodone?

On average, generic trazodone costs about $5 for a month’s supply at major pharmacies in the United States. Some pharmacies may offer discounts or coupons that can help reduce the cost of the medication. For example, Walmart offers trazodone for as low as $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply.

What is the Price of Brand Name Trazodone?

The price of brand name trazodone is higher than that of generic trazodone. Depending on the pharmacy you visit, brand name trazodone can cost anywhere from $30 to $300 for a month’s supply. As with generic trazodone, some pharmacies may offer discounts or coupons that can help reduce the cost of the medication.

Do You Need Insurance to Buy Trazodone?

You do not necessarily need insurance to buy trazodone. However, if you have insurance, your out-of-pocket cost may be lower than if you pay for the medication out of pocket. It is recommended that you speak with your insurance provider to assess the coverage available for trazodone.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Trazodone?

Several factors can affect the cost of trazodone, including:

  • Dosage: The cost of trazodone increases as the dosage increases.
  • Quantity: The more pills you purchase, the lower the overall cost per pill.
  • Insurance Coverage: If you have insurance, you may be able to get trazodone at a lower cost.
  • Location: Prices may vary depending on where you purchase trazodone.

How to Save Money on Trazodone?

There are a few ways to save money on trazodone:

  • Ask your doctor if a cheaper alternative is available
  • Use a pharmacy that offers discounts or coupons
  • Ask your insurance provider for a list of preferred pharmacies
  • Buy in bulk to get a discount


Caring for your mental health is essential, and trazodone medication can assist you in addressing anxiety and depression. Knowing the trazodone cost can help you make an informed decision before beginning treatment. Keep in mind that the drug’s price could vary depending upon factors such as where you purchase the medication, the medication dosage, and whether you’re buying the brand or generic versions of the drug.

Most Common Questions and Answers About Trazodone

  • What is the average cost of generic trazodone in the US?
  • How much does brand name trazodone cost?
  • Can you purchase trazodone without insurance?
  • What factors impact the cost of trazodone?


  • The average cost of generic trazodone in the US is around $5 for a month’s supply.
  • The cost of brand name trazodone varies by pharmacy, with some charging between $30 to $300 for a month’s supply. You can save money by purchasing generic trazodone, which is less expensive.
  • Yes, you can purchase trazodone without insurance, but having insurance may help lower the cost.
  • The cost of trazodone is impacted by several factors, including dosage, quantity, insurance coverage, and location of purchase.


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