How Much Does a Mental Hospital Cost? The Truth Revealed.

How Much Does a Mental Hospital Cost? The Truth Revealed

In most cases, mental health issues are just like physical health issues. They can require whole treatment in the hospital. Mental health treatment can be heavily expensive, just like any other hospital treatment. Proper medication, psychotherapy, and stay in a hospital can create a huge burden on the patient and the family paying for it. But unfortunately, most people avoid seeking help due to this burden. That’s why it’s essential to know about the expected cost and expenses of a mental hospital.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Mental Hospital

Like any other hospital stay, some factors significantly affect the cost of mental hospitals.

Type of Mental Illness

Mental illnesses vary greatly in symptoms, severity, and duration. Each patient’s needs differ from the other, and treatment approaches also vary. That’s why the cost of mental hospital treatment varies greatly on the type, severity, and duration of the illness.

Location of Hospital

The location of the hospital affects the cost of the treatment. Different areas have different standard pricing tags, and it’s the same for the mental hospital. In metropolitan areas, the cost of treatment is usually considerable.

Type of Insurance Coverage

Another crucial factor that affects the cost of admission in the hospital is the type of insurance coverage. Different insurance policies have different coverage plans with varying limitations and budgets.

Economic Status

Economic status is a significant factor that plays a fundamental role in hospital admission. Individuals with average income are not bound to choose expensive hospitals for treatment. However, underprivileged people have limited access to hospitals, and if they can have access, then the cost is too high.

The Cost of Mental Hospital Per Day

The cost of mental hospital is entirely dependent on individual needs and treatment approaches. However, below is the estimated cost breakdown for a day in a mental hospital.

S. No. Description Cost
1 Room Charges (semi-private) $350 – $550 (per day)
2 Treatment and therapy sessions $150 – $200 (per day)
3 Doctor and staff fees $80 – $120 (per day)
4 Food and beverages $50 (per day)
5 Medications $60 (per day)
6 Miscellaneous $70 (per day)
Total $700 – $1150 (per day)

Room Charges (Semi-Private)

The cost of rooms in hospitals varies by location and quality. Private and semi-private rooms have different rates with considerable contrast. As for mental hospitals, semi-private rooms cost between $350 – $550 per day. Room price directly reflects quality amenities like T.V, telephone, and customized meal plans.

Treatment and Therapy Sessions

The cost of treatment and therapy sessions is one of the most expensive parts of hospitalization, and it’s especially valid for mental hospitals. Mental illnesses require prolonged sessions, and doctors charge an immense amount of money per hour. The patient must pay $150 – $200 per day only for therapy.

Doctor and Staff Fees

The doctors and staff, who check patients regularly, are significant components of the cost. Their visit, checkups, and medication change during treatment or aftercare are charged every day. Most hospitals charge between $80 to $120 a day for their ordinary services.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are essential components for patients in hospitals. The food cost is charged separately from the room bill. Patients are offered different types of meals, and if they want a personalized meal plan, it can cause additional charges. The daily cost of food and beverages is $50.


Medications have a considerable share of the cost in mental hospitals. Medications are necessary in treating mental illnesses or disorders. Various medicines are prescribed depending on the mental health problem. The cost of medications alone is around $60 per day.


There is always a miscellaneous charge that is included in the total cost. It encompasses the smaller charge that is not attributed to any specific service like laundry, transportation, and other hospital services. The daily charges for miscellaneous expenses are approximately $70.

How to Pay for a Mental Hospital

Mental hospital admission is a gigantic financial burden on individuals and families. However, it’s essential to know that there are many ways to pay for hospital care. Below are several options that you can explore to pay for mental hospital treatment:

Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to pay for hospital expenses. Most of the health policies include psychiatric care or mental health coverage. The type of insurance coverage directly affects the cost, but if you have comprehensive insurance, the chances are that you’d have to pay less.

Self-Pay or Coverage by Family and Friends

If you can afford it, self-paying or support from family and friends is an excellent option. It saves you the trouble of going through complex and lengthy insurance procedures. Mental hospitals offer different payment plans and financing options. You can choose one that fits your budget.

Financing Options

Most hospitals offer financing options, especially for individuals who cannot afford to pay a lump-sum amount at once. Most financing options have flexible payment options that allow the patient to pay through monthly instalments or other methods.

State and Government Programs

One of the best ways to fund mental hospital treatment costs is with government-funded programs. Medicaid and Medicare are two of such programs that provide efficient financial support to low-income individuals and families.


The cost of mental hospitalization can be high, but it is worth it to get the necessary treatment that can help in dealing with mental disorders. The cost can be reduced through insurance policies or financing options available at the hospitals. It’s essential to know the cost breakdown and prepare ahead for any emergency needs.


Below are some of the most common questions that patients and their families ask about mental hospital costs:

  • What is the average cost of mental hospital treatment?
  • The average cost depends on the patients’ illness and duration of the stay. However, the estimated cost is between $700 to $1150 per day.

  • How much does insurance cover for mental health treatment?
  • The amount of insurance coverage for mental health treatment depends on the insurance policy. However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all policies to cover mental health services.

  • Does Medicaid cover mental health hospitalization?
  • Yes, Medicaid covers mental health hospitalization. The coverage varies from state to state

  • Do hospitals provide financial assistance?
  • Hospitals provide financial assistance to patients who cannot afford to pay huge hospital bills. These programs vary from one hospital to another.


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