How Many Wings in a Small BWW? Find Out Now!

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) is a popular American fast-food chain that specializes in mouthwatering chicken wings. Their menu comprises different sizes of wings, sauces, and many other mouth-watering delicacies to make your taste buds burst in excitement. In this article, we will explore the different types and sizes of wings available at BWW, with special focus on the question – how many wings are in a small BWW order? So, let’s get started!

What is Buffalo Wild Wings?

Buffalo Wild Wings, or BWW, is a restaurant chain that provides casual dining and sports entertainment to its customers. The company was founded in 1982 in Ohio and was initially named Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck. However, they later shortened the name to its current version, BWW. The restaurant specializes in chicken wings, but you can also find various other grilled or fried delicacies, snacks, and desserts.

How many wing sizes are available at BWW?

BWW offers three different sizes of chicken wings, which are small, medium, and large. It’s essential to know the size of the wings you want to order, as this determines the number of wings you’ll get in each order. The table below shows the different wing sizes and the corresponding number of wings.

Wing Size Number of Wings per Order
Small 8-12 wings
Medium 12-18 wings
Large 18-24 wings

What is a Small BWW Order?

A small BWW order refers to the smallest size of chicken wings you can buy from BWW. If you’re ordering a small order, you should expect to get between 8 to 12 pieces of chicken wings. This is an excellent option if you’re dining alone or with a small group of friends. However, if you’re ordering for a party or a large gathering, you should consider the medium or large sizes to avoid running out of wings.

What determines the number of wings in a small BWW order?

The exact number of wings you get in a small BWW order will depend on the size of the wings. This means that smaller wings will be more in number, while larger wings will be fewer in number. However, be sure to verify with the attendant, as the number of wings could depend on the branch you’re purchasing from or other factors such as special deals and promotions.

Can I customize the number of wings in a small BWW order?

Yes, you can! If you want a specific number of wings that falls between the specified range for a particular size, you can always request the attendant to customize your order. For instance, if you want a small order with 10 wings instead of 8-12 wings, you can make a request, and the attendant will package the order to meet your preferences.

What are the different wing flavors available at BWW?

BWW is famous for its variety of wing flavors. You can choose from any of the available flavors, including traditional wings, boneless wings, and some unique flavors such as Chipotle BBQ, Mango Habanero, and Sweet BBQ. The table below shows some of the popular wing flavors at BWW.

Flavor Spice Level
BBQ Mild
Caribbean Jerk Mild
Honey Mustard Mild
Garlic Parmesan Mild
Buffalo Medium
Teriyaki Medium
Spicy Garlic Medium
Asian Zing Hot
Mango Habanero Hot
Wild Blazing

What is the most popular wing flavor at BWW?

The most popular wing flavor at BWW is the Buffalo flavor. The flavor is medium spicy, and it has a unique blend of spices that make it irresistible. Whether you like your wings mild or spicy, you can always find a flavor that suits you. However, you should remember that the spice level could vary depending on the branch you’re visiting or the flavor you choose.

What are the best sides to order with wings at BWW?

BWW offers an array of sides that could complement your wings and enhance your dining experience. Some of these sides include fries, onion rings, mac and cheese, and mozzarella sticks. However, the best side to order with your wings depends on your preference. If you love fries, you could try out their famous cheese fries, which are one of their most popular sides. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for some veggies, you can go for their side salad, which is a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vegetables.

What is the spiciest wing flavor at BWW?

The spiciest wing flavor at BWW is the Wild flavor, which is labeled as “Blazing.” The heat level of this flavor is extreme, and it’s recommended for those with a high tolerance for spicy foods. If you’re daring enough to try it out, be sure to have a glass of milk or water nearby to soothe your mouth afterward.


In conclusion, BWW is the ultimate destination for mouthwatering wings and other delicious food options. You can choose from their variety of sizes and flavors to match your preferences. If you’re wondering how many wings are in a small BWW order, you can expect to get between 8-12 wings, depending on the size of the wings. Additionally, you can customize your order or consult the attendant to get the specific number of wings you want. Be sure to try out their unique flavors and complement your wings with sides that suit your preferences.

Most Common Questions About BWW Wings

  • How many wings are in a small BWW order? – 8-12 wings
  • What determines the number of wings in a small BWW order? – The size of the wings
  • Can I customize my wings order at BWW? – Yes, you can request for specific wing counts.
  • What is the most popular wing flavor at BWW? – The Buffalo flavor
  • What are the best sides to order with wings at BWW?- Cheese Fries, Onion Rings, Mac and Cheese, and Salad
  • What is the spiciest wing flavor at BWW? – Wild flavor, labeled “Blazing.”



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