How many units of alcohol in a bottle of baileys


Alcohol content is a major factor to consider when drinking, and determining how many units of alcohol are in a bottle of Baileys can help you plan your drinking responsibly.

A standard 750 milliliter (ml) bottle of Baileys Irish Cream contains 17% alcohol by volume (ABV), making it a relatively weak alcoholic beverage compared to other liquors. A 750 ml bottle of Baileys contains 13 units of alcohol, while a smaller 50 ml serving holds close to 1 unit.

Knowing the amount of booze in your drink helps you keep track and stay within the recommended daily limit set by medical professionals.

Alcohol Content

Knowing the alcohol content in your drinks is important for assessing how much alcohol you are consuming. With regards to the popular liqueur, Baileys, the alcohol content can vary depending on the bottle size and type.

Let’s take a closer look at the alcohol content in a bottle of Baileys and how it can affect your drinking habits.

Standard Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream is considered a liqueur and is most commonly served as a dessert or after-dinner drink. Its flavor profile is chocolate and cream with subtle notes of vanilla and whiskey.

The standard bottle size for Baileys (17% alcohol by volume) contains 17 units of alcohol, and the full-strength version (26% alcohol by volume) contains 26 units.

A unit of alcohol is generally defined as 10 milliliters (ml) or 8 grams of pure ethanol. This means that every standard 70cl size bottle contains 1190 ml/g when combined with the high proof liqueur mix, making it equivalent to 95ml/g of pure ethanol.

For these reasons, it’s important to be aware of how many units you’re consuming when drinking Baileys Irish Cream – always bear in mind the recommended guidelines for sensible drinking: no more than 14 units per week for men, and women should not exceed 14 units per week either.

Baileys Salted Caramel

Baileys Salted Caramel is a popular drink made with a blend of Irish cream and whisky flavored with sweet and salty caramels. It has an alcohol content of 17 percent by volume, meaning it contains approximately eight units of alcohol per bottle. The Normal Strength reference intake for alcohol is four units on average for men and three for women in any given day, so you should stick to those recommendations when deciding how much Baileys Salted Caramel to consume.

Baileys Salted Caramel is best served chilled over ice but can also be enjoyed as an ingredient in cocktails and other mixed drinks, or cooked into desserts.

Baileys Almande

Baileys Almande is a vegan-friendly version of the classic Baileys Irish Cream and it contains 75% less fat than its original counterpart. This almond milk-based liqueur has a smooth, sweet taste that is lighter than other cream liqueurs. Baileys Almande is an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 1.2%.

One unit of alcohol is equal to 10 milliliters (mL) or 8 grams of pure alcohol and it contains 28kcal per single 30 mL measure. Therefore, when working out the number of units in a bottle of Baileys Almande, one 750 mL bottle would be equivalent to 6 units of alcohol and 1320 kcal.

Serving Suggestions

Baileys Irish Cream is a popular alcoholic beverage enjoyed around the world. As it is an alcoholic beverage, it comes in a variety of strengths, ranging from light to strong. Knowing how many units of alcohol there is in a bottle of Baileys can help you to be mindful of your consumption and make responsible decisions when serving.

Let’s explore the different serving suggestions for Baileys Irish Cream:

Baileys on the rocks

Baileys on the rocks is a classic way to enjoy this beloved Irish cream liqueur. To enjoy Baileys on the rocks, pour one and a half ounces (or two tablespoons) of Baileys Irish Cream into a rocks glass over ice. Depending on your preference for sweetness, you may wish to add more or less of this alluring cream liqueur. Additionally, you can add a splash of whiskey, rum or brandy for an added complexity.

Of course, the traditional Irish way is to drink it neat by simply pouring one ounce (two tablespoons) of Baileys into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice and sipping slowly to savor the delightful blend of flavors found in every drop.

No matter how you decide to enjoy it, keep in mind that there are 7 units of alcohol per bottle so be sure to drink responsibly and plan ahead if there’s any chance you’ll be out after sunset. Enjoy!

Baileys and coffee

Baileys and coffee is a classic combination. Baileys liqueur is made with Irish whiskey, cream and other flavorings, such as vanilla or caramel. This combination creates a rich, luxurious taste that many people enjoy. With 17% alcohol by volume, Baileys can be enjoyed alone but it also works wonderfully when added to hot drinks like coffee and tea.

To make the perfect Baileys and coffee cocktail simply add two parts of hot brewed coffee to one part of Baileys in a heat-resistant glass or mug. To add a bit of sweetness, you can add white sugar or syrup to the mix before stirring with a spoon until fully incorporated. If desired, you can also create custom toppings for your Baileys and coffee; some suggestions include:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Whipped cream
  • Marshmallows

For an adult alternative try adding Kahlua instead of regular white sugar for an additional hint of sweetness; use one part Kahlua to two parts of hot brewed coffee with one part of Baileys for the perfect cocktail. The rounded flavor combination yields an irresistible drink that is suitable for any occasion!

Baileys in cocktails

Baileys Irish Cream is an incredibly versatile base for concocting delicious cocktails. In addition to being served on the rocks or neat (on its own), Baileys can be added to coffee, dessert drinks, and even creative holiday drinks. Here are some suggested recipes that make use of this delicious creamy liqueur:

  • Minty Bailey: This festive drink uses one part Baileys to two parts white chocolate liqueur and a splash of creme de menthe over ice.
  • Valentine’s Day Special: This delightful concoction combines one part Baileys with two parts raspberry liqueur, a splash of maraschino cherry juice and some crushed ice.
  • Baileys Espresso Martini: Put a shot of your favorite espresso into a shaker, pour one part Baileys, one part vodka, half a teaspoon of sugar syrup, and shake to perfection.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Shooter: For an indulgent treat, combine equal parts Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua and Malibu coconut rum in a shaker with ice cubes in the mix. Serve in shot glasses and sprinkle chocolate chips on top for the perfect sweet treat!

The amount of alcohol units contained in one bottle of regular strength (17%) Baileys is 4 units per 70cl bottle; this means that each serving should not exceed 1 unit as recommended by national UK guidelines. Enjoy responsibly!

Health Considerations

When considering the amount of alcohol present in a bottle of Baileys, it’s important to understand the health implications of consuming too much alcohol. Excessive drinking can lead to health problems such as liver damage, cardiovascular disease, and addiction. It’s essential to know how much alcohol is in a bottle of Baileys, so you can drink responsibly.

This article will discuss the alcohol content of Baileys, as well as the health risks associated with its consumption.

Risks of drinking too much alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is associated with a range of health problems, both short-term and long-term. In the short term, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to poor motor coordination and affected decision making, which can have potentially serious consequences in terms of personal safety. Long-term effects may include liver damage, brain damage, heart damage and certain cancers.

Excessive drinking increases the risk of developing various physical health problems including:

  • High blood pressure and stroke
  • Liver disease including cirrhosis or scarring of the liver
  • Stomach ailments including inflammation, ulcers and gastritis
  • Cancer of the mouth, throat, liver or breast
  • Neurological impairments such as memory loss or difficulties with concentration

Excessive alcohol consumption can also contribute to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It can interfere with normal functioning in work or social situations; impair judgment; lead to risky behavior; create feelings of guilt or shame; lower self-esteem; disrupt personal relationships and increase susceptibility to violence. It is particularly risky among teenagers as their bodies are still developing physically and emotionally.

Recommended daily limits

It is important to maintain a healthy diet that includes a moderate amount of caffeine. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it is recommended that adults limit their caffeine intake to no more than 400 milligrams per day. While there is much variation in individual needs, this is considered a safe daily intake and can be found in the following beverages and foods:

  • 2-3 8oz cups of brewed coffee
  • 1-2 12oz cans of caffeinated cola
  • 1 12 oz serving of energy drink
  • Various chocolate based foods such as hot cocoa and chocolate bars

In addition, individuals should be mindful of how much caffeine they are consuming from other sources such as medications, supplements, or other herbal extracts. Exceeding the recommended daily limit can lead to potentially serious health problems such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, restlessness and an increased heart rate.


In conclusion, the amount of alcohol in a bottle of Baileys is 17% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). This equates to 2.3 units per 1oz shot or 4.5 units per 25ml measure. As with all forms of alcohol, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly and always read the labels before drinking or purchasing products containing alcohol.

Baileys is best served chilled over ice, or as an ingredient in your favorite cocktail or dessert recipe.