How Many Power Episodes Are Left: Countdown to the Epic Conclusion!

Power, the beloved crime drama television series, is fast approaching its epic conclusion. Audiences have been on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what’s to come. The season six mid-season finale left fans with more questions than answers, and with only a few episodes left in the series, the countdown has officially begun. Let’s take a closer look at how many Power episodes are left and what we can expect from this groundbreaking show.

How Many Power Episodes Are Left?

Before we dive into what we can expect from the remaining episodes of Power, let’s first establish how many episodes are left in the series.

Starz, the network that produces Power, announced that there will be 15 episodes in the final season. The first ten episodes aired from August 2019 to November 2019, with the mid-season finale airing on November 3, 2019. Fans have eagerly awaited the return of the series to find out how it all ends.

What Happened in the Mid-Season Finale?

The mid-season finale of Power left fans with plenty of questions. The episode, titled “No One Can Stop Me,” aired on November 3, 2019, and was explosive, to say the least.

The episode saw the end of a prominent character, leaving fans in shock and disbelief. Ghost, the show’s protagonist, also known as James St. Patrick, was shot and fell off a balcony in a nightclub. Though his body was shown lifeless, fans have speculated that he might also have faked his death, causing more confusion.

Other significant plot points in the mid-season finale included Tasha St. Patrick’s (Ghost’s estranged wife) attempts to protect their son Tariq; Councilman Tate’s attempts to become Governor; and the betrayal of Tommy Eagan, Ghost’s longtime friend.

Who Shot Ghost?

The question on everyone’s mind after the mid-season finale is, who shot Ghost?

While there are many suspects, the show’s creator Courtney Kemp has stated that the final five episodes will reveal the true identity of the shooter. Fans have speculated that it could be any one of Ghost’s many enemies, including his ex-mistresses, business partners, and even his own son Tariq.

What Can We Expect from the Final Episodes?

The final five episodes of Power are sure to be explosive, with many plot points to be resolved.

The Search for Ghost’s Shooter

The most significant plot point that needs to be resolved is the mystery of who shot Ghost. The final episodes will surely explore the events that led to his shooting, as well as revealing the culprit.

The Fate of Tasha St. Patrick

Tasha St. Patrick has always been an integral part of the show, primarily in her role as a mother trying to protect her family at all costs. With Ghost’s death, it’s unclear whether Tasha will remain a target or whether she will come out on top.

The Redemption of Tommy Egan

Tommy Egan’s character has been one of the most dynamic in the series, with viewers sympathizing with the hitman despite his wrongdoings. Tommy’s arc in the final episodes will be interesting to watch as he tries to find redemption while also hunting for Ghost’s shooter.

Tariq St. Patrick’s Evolution

Tariq St. Patrick, Ghost’s son, has been a central character to the series with his storyline driving the plot forward in the most recent episodes. As the show comes to a close, it will be interesting to see how Tariq’s arc ends and whether he becomes the new drug kingpin that his father once reigned over.

What Are Fans Saying?

As the final episodes draw closer, fans of Power have been speculating about what will happen to their favorite characters. Social media is abuzz with theories and predictions, with some fans even starting petitions to try to save their favorite characters from their inevitable fate.

One of the most common fan theories is the idea that Ghost faked his death, with many citing the show’s clever use of flashbacks as evidence. Another popular theory is that Tariq was the one who pulled the trigger, spurred on by his desire to avenge his sister’s death and free his mother from prison.


The final five episodes of Power are sure to be a thrilling conclusion to a groundbreaking series. With so many plot points left to be resolved, audiences will be eagerly awaiting each new episode. As we countdown the days to the finale, one thing is for sure: we’re in for a wild ride.


Here are some of the most common questions and their answers regarding the final episodes of Power:

  • Q: When do the final episodes of Power air?
  • A: The remaining episodes of Power will premiere on Sunday, January 5, 2020, at 8:00 PM EST on the Starz network.
  • Q: How many episodes are left in Power?
  • A: There are five episodes left in the final season of Power.
  • Q: Who shot Ghost?
  • A: The identity of Ghost’s shooter will be revealed in the final five episodes of the series.
  • Q: Will there be a spin-off series?
  • A: Yes, Power Book II: Ghost has been confirmed and is set to air in 2020.
  • Q: Is Ghost really dead?
  • A: Courtney Kemp, the show’s creator, has stated that Ghost is indeed dead.



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