How Many Oz in a Fifth of Vodka: Get Your Measurements Right!

Vodka, a famous spirit that originates from Eastern Europe, is considered the world’s most popular distilled beverage. It is versatile and can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other ingredients to create a variety of cocktails. Many vodka enthusiasts are often curious about its size measurements and how many ounces are in classic vodka bottles, such as a fifth. This article seeks to answer these questions.

The Origins of Vodka

Vodka traces its origin back to the 14th century, where it was first distilled in Poland and Russia. The name ‘vodka’ comes from the Russian word ‘voda,’ which means water. Russians believe that they are the original creators of vodka as they were the first to distill it systematically in the 14th century. It wasn’t until the 1930s that vodka gained worldwide recognition, after an American businessman imported it to the United States.

Distillation Process

Vodka is made by distilling fermented grains, often wheat or rye, to create ethanol, which is then purified through charcoal filtration to remove impurities. The spirit’s taste is subtle since it goes through a distillation process that requires multiple filtrations to remove impurities that impart taste and odour.

Understanding Sizes of a Vodka Bottle

When shopping for vodka, it is essential to understand the various bottle sizes available in the market. Here are some of the most common vodka bottle sizes:

  • 50 ml – also known as a ‘shot.’
  • 375 ml – also called a ‘pint.’
  • 750 ml – also known as a ‘fifth.’
  • 1-litre bottle.
  • 1.75-litre bottle – also known as a ‘half-gallon.’

How Many Ounces are in a Fifth of Vodka?

The term ‘fifth’ refers to a 750 ml bottle of liquor. It’s also referred to as an ‘imperial pint’ or a ‘handle. Historically, when liquor was bottled, they would fill one-fifth of a gallon, which is equivalent to 757 ml or 25.6 ounces. This is why vodka bottles labeled as “fifths” are 750 ml instead of 757 ml in the United States today.

Why the Difference in Oz Measurement?

In the United States, where volumes are measured in fluid ounces, the fifth is 25.6 fluid ounces. However, since the United States adopted the metric system, they rounded down and converted the fifth to 750 ml. In contrast, countries that use the British Imperial system, such as Canada and the United Kingdom, continue with the 25.6 fluid-ounce measurement of the fifth. Therefore, depending on the country, the size of a fifth of vodka may vary and may contain around 25.6 oz or 750 ml.

The Importance of Knowing Vodka Measurements

As you have seen, the size of a ‘fifth’ of vodka can differ depending on the country’s measurement system. It is important to know these measurements to ensure that you get the correct amount of vodka for your cocktail. Moreover, knowing the standard vodka measurements can help you determine the number of servings you can get from a bottle when hosting a party or event.

Most Common Questions and Answers on Vodka Oz Measurements

  • Question: Is there a difference in the number of fluid ounces in a fifth of vodka and a fifth of whisky?
  • Answer: No. They are both 750 ml or 25.6 fluid ounces regardless of the spirit type.

  • Question: How many shots can I get from a fifth of vodka?
  • Answer: A fifth of vodka contains around sixteen 1.5 fluid-ounce shots. However, this may vary depending on the individual’s preference.

  • Question: How many drinks can I make with a fifth of vodka?
  • Answer: This depends on the serving size and the cocktail recipe. A cocktail made with 1 oz of vodka will yield approximately 25 drinks from a fifth of vodka.

  • Question: What is the size of a sixth of a gallon?
  • Answer: A sixth of a gallon is equivalent to 757 ml or 25.6 fluid ounces, which is the size of a fifth of vodka or whisky as previously mentioned.


It is evident that measuring vodka can be confusing due to varying measurement systems used in different countries. In the United States, the ‘fifth’ refers to a 750 ml bottle, which is equivalent to 25.6 fluid ounces of vodka. Knowing the standard measurements of vodka is crucial when mixing a cocktail or serving at events.


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