How Long Does Bacon Grease Last in Fridge? The Definitive Guide

Bacon grease is one of the best things you can use for cooking. It adds flavor, depth and a smoky taste to several dishes. However, bacon grease sometimes becomes a topic of concern regarding its shelf life. Many people ask how long bacon grease lasts in the fridge. The answer is simple; bacon grease lasts for a surprisingly long time. However, there are a few factors that can affect its shelf life. So, how long does bacon grease last in the fridge and what factors can make it go bad? In this article, we will provide you with the definitive guide to help you understand more about bacon grease storage, preservation and safety measures.

What is Bacon Grease?

Bacon grease is oil made from rendered bacon fat. When you cook bacon, its fat melts and it forms liquid grease. After cooking, the grease is taken from the pan and stored for future use, either at room temperature, in the fridge or the freezer. Bacon grease usually takes on the flavor and aroma of the bacon it was rendered from. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used for cooking all sorts of dishes, such as frying eggs, making gravies and even in baking recipes.

How Long Does Bacon Grease Last in the Fridge?

Bacon grease, if stored in a tightly sealed container, can last for up to six months in the fridge. However, this shelf life is not set in stone. The quality and stability of bacon grease depend largely on how it is stored, handled and preserved. Factors like heat, light, oxygen and exposure to moisture can drastically affect the quality of bacon grease and accelerate its spoilage rate.

The Importance of Storing Bacon Grease Correctly

The shelf life of bacon grease depends on how it is stored. It is crucial to store bacon grease in a clean, dry, and airtight container. It is essential to keep it away from sources of heat, dampness, and light because these factors can cause the grease to break down, oxidize, and spoil. If you handle the bacon grease improperly, it may become rancid and cause food poisoning.

What Makes Bacon Grease Go Bad?

There are several factors that can cause bacon grease to spoil, including:

  • Oxygen Exposure: Exposure to air is perhaps the most significant factor that causes bacon grease to go bad. Oxygen plays a critical role in the oxidation of the grease, causing it to spoil and become rancid.
  • Heat Exposure: Warm temperatures can cause the fats in the bacon grease to start breaking down, leading to spoilage.
  • Light: Light exposure can cause the oxidation of the grease, leading to a change in color and flavor.
  • Exposure to Moisture: Bacon grease exposure to moisture can promote the growth of bacteria, mold, and other harmful microorganisms.
  • Contamination: Using dirty utensils, storing in dirty containers, or improperly washing the container can make the grease contaminated, leading to spoilage.

How to Tell if Bacon Grease has Gone Bad

There are several signs that bacon grease has gone bad, including:

  • Odd Smell: Spoiled bacon grease will emit an off smell that indicates the presence of harmful bacteria or other microorganisms.
  • Discolored Appearance: Spoiled bacon grease will change color, usually becoming cloudy or dark in appearance.
  • Strange Texture: Spoiled bacon grease will have a gloopy consistency or might contain solid chunks, indicating that it has started to solidify.
  • Mold Growth: If the grease comes into contact with moisture, it may grow mold, so always be on the lookout for any signs of mold growth.

How to Store Bacon Grease

Storing bacon grease correctly is critical for preserving its freshness and quality. Here are some tips on how to store bacon grease:

  • Use a Clean Container: Before storing the bacon grease, it is essential to clean and sterilize the container to remove any food residues or contaminants. Use a glass or metal container with a tight-fitting lid to preserve the bacon grease’s freshness.
  • Cool Down Before Storing: Wait for the bacon grease to cool down slightly before transferring it to the container. Hot bacon grease can cause the container to crack or break, and it can also lead to condensation, promoting spoilage.
  • Store in the Fridge: The best place to store bacon grease is in the fridge because it is cooler and less prone to temperature fluctuations. Store the bacon grease at the back of the fridge, where it is less exposed to light and heat.
  • Store for Short Periods at Room Temperature: If you plan on using the bacon grease within a few days, you can store it at room temperature. However, this is not recommended because it can cause the grease to go bad quickly.
  • Use Ice Cube Trays: You can store bacon grease by pouring it into ice cube trays and freezing it. Once frozen, transfer them to an airtight container or ziplock bag, and store them in the freezer for future use.

How to Reuse Bacon Grease

One of the best things about bacon grease is that it can be reused several times. However, it is essential to reuse the grease properly to avoid contamination or spoilage. Here are some tips for reusing bacon grease:

  • Use a Strainer: Once the bacon grease cools down, use a fine-mesh strainer to remove any food particles or impurities from the grease.
  • Check the Smell and Appearance: Before reusing bacon grease, check for any signs of spoilage. If the grease emits an off smell or appears discoloured, it is time to discard it.
  • Keep it Sealed: To avoid contamination, store the reused bacon grease in an airtight container, in the fridge or freezer, to preserve its freshness and quality.
  • Do not Mix Old and New Grease: Since old grease can impact the quality of fresh grease, avoid mixing fresh and old grease. Instead, use up the old grease first and discard it before using the new grease.


In conclusion, bacon grease, if stored correctly at a cool temperature, in a clean, airtight container, can last for up to six months in the fridge. It is essential to protect it from light, moisture, heat exposure and oxidation to avoid spoilage. If you reuse the bacon grease, ensure to follow the proper guidelines to avoid contamination or spoilage. Always check for any signs of spoilage, such as odd smell, discoloration, mold growth or unusual texture, before reusing the bacon grease, to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.


Here are some frequently asked questions that people usually ask about bacon grease storage:

1) How long can you keep bacon grease on the counter?

Bacon grease can be kept on the counter for no more than a day or two. It is recommended to store it in the fridge for long-term storage.

2) Can you freeze bacon grease?

Yes, you can. Pour the bacon grease into an ice cube tray and freeze it. Once frozen, transfer it to a ziplock bag and store it in the freezer.

3) Can you reuse bacon grease?

Yes, you can reuse bacon grease as many times as you want. However, ensure to strain it, check for any signs of spoilage and properly store it to avoid contamination or spoilage.

4) How do you dispose of bacon grease?

Do not pour bacon grease down the drain because it can cause blockages. Instead, let the grease cool down and solidify, then scoop it into a container and dispose of it in the trash.

5) What happens if you eat rancid bacon grease?

Eating rancid bacon grease can lead to food poisoning, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and fever.

6) How can you tell if bacon grease is rancid?

You can tell if bacon grease is rancid by checking for a pungent, sour-like odor, discolored appearance, and any mold growth or unusual texture.


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