Does Wendy’s Have Baked Potatoes on the Menu?

Wendy’s is a popular fast food chain that serves a variety of dishes to its customers. One of the dishes that Wendy’s is well-known for is its baked potatoes. However, there are some questions surrounding whether or not Wendy’s still serves this delicious dish. In this article, we will explore whether Wendy’s has baked potatoes on the menu, when they were added to the menu, and some other interesting facts about this dish.

What is Wendy’s?

Before we dive into our main topic, let’s take a moment to talk about Wendy’s. Wendy’s is an American fast food chain that was founded in 1969. The restaurant is known for its square-shaped burgers, sea salt fries, and the Frosty dessert. Over the years, Wendy’s has grown into a popular fast food chain with many locations across the country.

When were Baked Potatoes added to Wendy’s menu?

Many people may not know this, but baked potatoes were actually a part of Wendy’s original menu. The first Wendy’s restaurant opened in 1969, and baked potatoes were included as one of the side dishes. However, the introduction of new menu items and a shift in focus towards their core products resulted in the baked potatoes being removed from the menu for a period of time.

Are Baked Potatoes still on Wendy’s menu?

The short answer is yes! Wendy’s still offers baked potatoes on their menu, and it is one of the most popular side dishes. However, the availability of this dish may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local Wendy’s if you’re specifically looking for their baked potatoes.

What are the nutritional benefits of Wendy’s Baked Potatoes?

If you’re a health-conscious individual, you may be wondering about the nutritional benefits of Wendy’s baked potatoes. Here are some facts:

  • A medium-sized baked potato contains about 270 calories.
  • The same baked potato also contains about 5 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein.
  • The potato is also a rich source of vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin B6.

All things considered, the Wendy’s baked potato can definitely be considered as a healthy side dish option.

What are some popular toppings for Wendy’s Baked Potatoes?

One of the things that make Wendy’s baked potatoes so popular is the ability to customize them with a wide range of toppings. Here are some popular options:

  • Sour cream
  • Chives
  • Cheese sauce
  • Bacon bits
  • Butter
  • Broccoli

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to personalize your Wendy’s baked potato.

How much do Wendy’s Baked Potatoes cost?

The price of a Wendy’s baked potato may vary depending on your location. However, on average, a plain baked potato costs around $2.19. If you add additional toppings, the cost may increase slightly.

How to order a Baked Potato at Wendy’s?

Ordering a baked potato at Wendy’s is easy. Simply ask the cashier for a baked potato, and let them know what toppings you would like. You can also request a plain baked potato if you prefer to add your own toppings at home.

What are Wendy’s Loaded Baked Potatoes?

If you’re in the mood for something a little more substantial, you may want to try Wendy’s Loaded Baked Potatoes. This dish is essentially a baked potato with all the toppings already included. Some popular options include:

  • Bacon and cheese
  • Chili and cheese
  • Sour cream and chives

As with the regular baked potato, the Loaded Baked Potatoes can also be customized to your liking.

Do Wendy’s Baked Potatoes come in different sizes?

Yes! Wendy’s baked potatoes are available in two sizes: small and medium. The small baked potato is perfect if you’re looking for a lighter side dish, while the medium baked potato is great for those who want a heartier meal.


In conclusion, Wendy’s still serves baked potatoes, and it is a popular side dish that is loved by many of their customers. Whether you prefer it plain or loaded with toppings, the baked potato at Wendy’s certainly does not disappoint.


  • Q: How many calories are in Wendy’s Baked Potato?
  • A: A medium-sized baked potato contains about 270 calories.
  • Q: What are some popular toppings for Wendy’s Baked Potatoes?
  • A: Popular toppings include sour cream, cheese sauce, bacon bits, chives, broccoli, and butter.
  • Q: Does Wendy’s still sell Baked Potatoes?
  • A: Yes, Wendy’s still serves baked potatoes.





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