Does Lobster Taste Like Crab? A Delicious Debate.

When it comes to seafood, there are many questions that pop up in our minds. One of the most common questions is ‘Does lobster taste like crab?’ This topic seems to arouse a lot of interest, and the debate is eternal. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to dive into this delicious debate and dissect the differences between lobster and crab meat, flavor, texture, and overall food experience.

Lobster Vs. Crab

Lobster and crab are both known for their sweet and succulent meat, but they have different origins and characteristics.


Lobster is a crustacean that belongs to the Nephropidae family. It has a long body, two large claws, eight walking legs, and antennae. Lobsters are found in cold waters, like the Atlantic Ocean.

Lobster meat is known for its high-quality, sweet, and firm flesh. The tail is considered the most coveted and is commonly used in lobster dishes. However, the claw meat is also delicious, and some people prefer it over the tail. Lobster meat has a delicate flavor that is amplified by spices and butter. The texture is slightly chewy but still tender.


Crab is also a crustacean that comes from the Brachyura family. It has a shorter body, broad limbs, and a pair of claws. Crabs are mainly found in warmer waters, such as the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Crab meat has a sweeter taste than lobster meat, and it’s considered more flavorful. The meat is flaky, tender, and delicate, making it perfect for soups, sandwiches, or any dish that requires shredded meat.

Meat Flavor Comparison

Lobster and crab are both seafood delicacies, but their flavor profiles are not the same.

Lobster Flavor

Lobster has a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of brininess. The taste is slightly more subtle than crab, making it perfect for dishes that require delicate seasoning. The addition of butter, garlic, and herbs can enhance its natural flavors.

Crab Flavor

Crab meat has a savory, slightly sweet flavor. It has a stronger taste than lobster, which makes it perfect for hearty dishes. Its flavor is often amplified by adding spices, like Old Bay seasoning, which is a classic ingredient used in crab cakes, soups, and stews.

Texture Comparison

The texture of lobster and crab meat can impact how it is prepared and enjoyed.

Lobster Texture

Lobster meat has a firm texture, with a bit of chewiness. It’s not as flaky as crab meat, but it still gets easily shredded. The texture makes it perfect for dishes that require bite-sized chunks of shellfish.

Crab Texture

Crab meat has a flaky texture, making it perfect for dishes that need shredded meat. The texture also makes it ideal for soups, dips, and sandwiches.

Food Experience Comparison

The overall food experience of lobster and crab can differ based on personal preference, cuisine, and cooking method.

Lobster Food Experience

Lobster is often associated with fine dining, luxury, and romance. It’s served in high-end restaurants and frequently featured in celebratory menus. Eating lobster is a special occasion and can be paired with wine or champagne.

Crab Food Experience

Crab is a more casual seafood, often enjoyed in beachside shacks, crab boils, and picnics. It’s a staple in the New England area, and it’s part of many traditional dishes like crab cakes or crab sandwiches.

Lobster Vs. Crab – Which One Is Better?

Choosing between lobster and crab meat can depend on personal preference, dish recipe, or availability. Both seafoods are exceptional, with their unique flavors, textures, and food experience. However, if we had to choose, it would be a tie, as they are both equally delicious and satisfying.

Tips on Preparing Lobster and Crab

Preparing lobster and crab is simple, but you need to follow some basic guidelines to ensure that it’s cooked correctly.

Lobster Preparation Tips

  • Boil or steam the lobster for eight to ten minutes per pound.
  • Remove the cooked meat, and either shred it for salads and sandwiches or use it in chowders and soups.
  • Grill or bake it with garlic butter, lemon, or herbs for a low-calorie option.

Crab Preparation Tips

  • Boil or steam the crab for 15 minutes per pound.
  • Remove the meat from the shell, and either shred it or keep it intact for crab cakes or crab legs.
  • Sauté it with garlic butter or bake it with cheese for a flavorful dish.

Most Common Questions on Lobster and Crab Taste

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding lobster and crab taste.

  • Is the taste of lobster similar to crab? Lobster has a distinct mild and sweet flavor, while crab has a more savory and slightly sweet flavor.
  • Does lobster taste better than crab? Both seafood have their unique flavor, making it a subjective choice. There’s no clear winner, as both are delicious in their way.
  • What’s the difference between lobster and crab meat? Lobster meat is firmer, while crab meat is flakier. The taste of lobsters is mild and sweet, whereas crab meat is savory.
  • Is lobster meat better than crab meat? Both lobster and crab meat are exceptional, making it a matter of personal preference. The decision should be based on the dish you’re preparing and the taste and texture you prefer.


Choosing between lobster and crab meat is a difficult decision for seafood lovers. Both seafood are delicious and unique, with their flavors, textures, and cooking methods. While the debate of whether lobster tastes like crab or not might continue, one thing is for sure – both are mouth-watering and should be enjoyed whenever possible.


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