Does CVS Sell Dog Food? Explore the Answer Here!

In today’s busy world, we are always on the lookout for convenient options. If you are a pet owner, you may have found yourself wondering if you can buy your dog food at CVS. In this article, we will explore the answer to the question “Does CVS sell dog food?” and provide you with all the information you need.

What is CVS?

CVS Health is an American healthcare and retail company that operates a chain of pharmacies and drug stores across the United States. It is known for its convenience and affordability, with a wide range of products and services available for customers.

Does CVS Sell Dog Food?

Yes, CVS does sell dog food as part of its range of pet products. You can find a variety of options, including dry food, wet food, and treats, from popular brands such as Purina, Iams, and Pedigree.

What Types of Dog Food Does CVS Sell?

CVS offers a range of options for dog food, including:

  • Dry food
  • Wet food
  • Treats

You can find a variety of brands and flavors to suit your dog’s preferences and dietary needs. Some options may be specific to certain locations, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local CVS store for availability.

Are CVS’s Dog Foods Affordable?

CVS aims to offer affordable options for pet owners, and its range of dog food is no exception. The prices may vary depending on the brand and flavor, but they are generally competitive with other retailers.

Can I Order Dog Food from CVS Online?

Yes, you can order dog food from CVS online through its website or mobile app. This can be a convenient option for getting your pet’s food delivered straight to your door.


So there you have it, CVS does indeed sell dog food, and with a variety of options available, pet owners can easily find something to suit their furry friends. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, CVS offers convenience and affordability to make your life easier.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Q: What brands of dog food does CVS sell?
    A: CVS sells a variety of dog food brands, including Purina, Iams, and Pedigree.
  • Q: Does CVS sell dry or wet dog food?
    A: CVS offers both dry and wet dog food options for pet owners.
  • Q: Is dog food from CVS affordable?
    A: CVS aims to offer affordable options for pet owners, and its range of dog food is generally competitive with other retailers.


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