Does country crock contain milk


Country Crock is a brand of margarine and spread, widely available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The product was created by Unilever in 1985 as a response to competition from butter-like spreads such as Parks and Criscos. Nowadays it is typically packaged in containers resembling butter sticks.

The question of whether or not Country Crock contains milk often arises due to the fact that many uncooked chicken products have Country Crock as an ingredient. For this reason, people may be wondering if Country Crock is safe for those with milk allergies or lactose intolerance. The answer is nonone of the standard varieties of Country Crock spread contain any milk ingredients.

What is Country Crock?

Country Crock is a buttery spread produced by Upfield (formerly known as Unilever). Country Crock is made with a blend of sunflower oil, palm oil and canola, and contains several ingredients that are derived from milk–whey, yoghurt powder and lactic acid.

The label states that Country Crock contains “3g of fat per serving,” but it’s important to note that the product does not indicate exactly how much of this total 3g of fat comes from dairy products.

However, delicate consumers allergic to milk should be aware that the product does contain a small amount of dairy, and should exercise caution if considering eating or cooking with the spread. Country Crock also contains traces of allergens like sulphite.


Knowing what is in the food and products we consume is critical to making informed decisions about our health. In this section, we’ll look at the ingredients in Country Crock products to help you make an informed choice. We’ll review the ingredients and what they mean, as well as provide an analysis of the nutrition facts label. By the end of this section, you should understand what’s in Country Crock products.

Dairy Products

Country Crock products come in many forms and several of them contain dairy products. These include traditional butter sticks and spreads, as well as Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Honey Squeeze Tub and Soft Spreadable varieties. Dairy can also be found in certain flavors of its sticks, tubs, spray and squeeze bottles.

Examples of ingredients containing dairy products include:

  • Blue Bonnet Regular Margarine Sticks
  • Country Crock Spreadable Butter with Olive Oil & Sea Salt
  • Country Crock Buttery Sticks (all varieties)
  • Country Crock Honey Spreadable Squeeze Tub

It’s important to note that while some varieties may contain milk proteins or other forms of dairy ingredients such as whey or casein, they are often paired together with other ingredients that don’t contain dairy proteins – like salt or spices – which means you can still enjoy these products without worrying about potential causes for allergy flare-ups. To fully understand the potential for allergy-causing ingredients in your product of choice, always be sure to read the list of ingredients on the packaging or contact your local grocery store if you’re unsure.

Non-Dairy Products

Country Crock® is a non-dairy product made with plant-based ingredients and contains no milk or milk derivatives. The products are preferred by many people who are vegan, as well as those who suffer from food allergies, lactose intolerance, or other dietary restrictions.

These dairy-free spread products come in several varieties, providing tasty options for recipes such as Country Crock® margarine, olive oil spreads, original buttery spread and honey butter spread. All of these provide creamy flavor without the milk. They are also suitable for spreading on toast and mixing into your favorite dishes for plenty of taste without any guilt or worry about the source of the ingredient.

Additionally, some of Country Crock®’s non-dairy products contain plant-based omega 3 fatty acids derived from canola and soybean oils to help promote heart health. Whether you’re trying to incorporate healthier fats into your diet or seeking an alternative because you are unable to consume dairy, these spreads have you covered!

Does Country Crock Contain Milk?

The term “country crock” is used to refer to a variety of different types of butter products. Some of these products are made with dairy, while others are vegan friendly. The question of whether or not country crock contains milk can be answered by looking into the specific product. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at this question and exploring the details.


Country Crock products are made with real dairy ingredients, including whole milk and butter. Country Crock is a branded vegetable oil-based spread, produced by Unilever and sold in the United States. The original product design was to be an alternative to butter but it is accepted as an equivalent substitute in cooking and baking recipes.

Country Crock products always contain real dairy ingredients such as whole milk and butter. In addition, many flavors contain other dairy ingredients like whey, whey protein concentrate and pasteurized skimmed milk powder, among others. Products that declare “No Dairy” on the packaging do not contain any of these additional ingredients.

For more information about Country Crock’s nutritional content and allergen information, please visit for more details.


Country Crock is a popular spread that has been around for decades. It’s commonly used as a dietary replacement for butter. Given its wide range of uses, many people wonder if it contains any dairy products like milk or cream. The simple answer is no; Country Crock does not contain any dairy products.

Country Crock is made from five basic ingredients: hydrogenated oil, water, salt, flavors, and corn syrup solids. All these ingredients are derived either from natural sources or are synthesized in the lab. As such, Country Crock is completely dairy-free and should not cause any allergic reaction in individuals with dietary restrictions against dairy products.

On top of it being free of milk and other related allergens, Country Crock also claims to contain fewer saturated and trans fat as compared to butter. It can be suited to those looking for a healthier alternative to butter – though it should still be used in moderation like all other sources of fat and calories.


After taking a closer look at Country Crock spreads and their ingredients, it is clear that the product does contain milk. Milk is listed as an ingredient in both the original spread and the olive oil spread. As a result, those who are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant should not consume Country Crock products. Vegetarians may want to avoid the product due to its milk products, as well.

For anyone else looking for the mild buttery flavor that Country Crock provides in their spreads, they can be a great addition to your kitchen with many uses. To make sure you know what’s in your food, it’s always important to read labels thoroughly prior to purchasing any food items.

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