Do you really know me quiz: Could your friends pass the ultimate test?

If you think you know everything about your friends, you might want to put them to the ultimate test. A ‘Do You Really Know Me Quiz’ can help you evaluate your friendship while having fun at the same time. This quiz is a great opportunity to uncover some hidden facts about your friend’s life, personality, likes, and dislikes.

Ready to put your friends to the test? Here’s how to design the perfect ‘Do You Really Know Me Quiz’ and assess if your friends can pass the ultimate test.

Create Personalized Questions

Begin by creating a list of questions that are personalized to your friend’s life. Think about what you already know about them, and what you’d like to know about them. Consider things like their favorite music band, favorite film, hobbies and interests, family background, educational qualifications, etc. By creating customized questions, you’ll be able to evaluate your friend’s unique characteristics better.


What is my favorite music band?

  • Foo Fighters
  • Nirvana
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Metallica

Ask Open-Ended Questions

The more open-ended questions you ask, the better insights you’ll gain. Avoid Yes/No questions, and instead, ask questions that will require some explanation. Open-ended questions will also help your friend reflect on their life and personality, leading to a deeper understanding of each other.


What was my biggest fear growing up, and how did it shape my personality?

Include Some Tricky Questions

You don’t want to make the quiz too easy for your friends, so make sure to add some tricky questions that require thought and in-depth knowledge about your friend’s life. This is where you’ll get to test your friendship, and see how much effort your friends have put into getting to know you.


What was the name of my first pet, and what was its breed?

Be Mindful of Sensitive Topics

While designing the quiz, be careful not to include questions about sensitive or painful topics like past relationships, family feuds, traumatic experiences, etc. Such questions can make your friend uncomfortable and may lead to an unpleasant experience. Remember, the quiz should be a fun activity that brings you closer, not drift you apart.


Avoid asking, “What was the worst job I ever had?” or “Have I ever been arrested?”

Take Turns Asking Questions

Have everyone in the group take turns asking questions instead of having just one person ask all the questions. This will add variety to the quiz, and everyone gets to participate in the fun.


Start by having one person ask a question, then rotate clockwise until everyone has asked at least two questions.

Keep Score and Declare a Winner

For the ultimate challenge, keep score and rank your friends based on the number of questions they answered correctly. At the end of the quiz, declare the winner and reward them with a small prize like a coffee or a beer. This will add a competitive spirit to the quiz and make it more fun.


Here’s an example of how you can keep score:

Question Points
What’s my favorite food? 5 points
What’s my favorite color? 3 points
What’s the name of my best friend from college? 10 points
What was the nickname I had in high school? 7 points

In Conclusion

A ‘Do You Really Know Me Quiz’ can be a fun way to test your friendship while learning more about each other. By designing the quiz with personalized questions and adding a competitive edge, you’ll turn an ordinary hangout into a fun game night. Just remember, the quiz should be a fun bonding activity for everyone.


  • Q. Can I include sensitive questions in the quiz?
  • A. It is advisable not to include sensitive questions about past relationships, family feuds, traumatic experiences, etc. as they can make your friend overwhelmed and uncomfortable.

  • Q. Should I keep score and declare a winner?
  • A. Keeping score and declaring a winner can add a competitive edge to the quiz and make it more fun. However, it’s not necessary, and the quiz can be a lighthearted bonding activity for everyone.

  • Q. Can I make the quiz multiple-choice?
  • A. Yes, you can add multiple-choice options to the questions. However, open-ended questions will allow your friends to reflect on their life and personality, leading to deeper insights and understanding.


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