Do Ugg Boots Stretch? Tips and Tricks to Get the Perfect Fit.

Many shoe lovers around the world would attest to the comfortability and style of Uggs. As with most boots, you want them to fit perfectly to avoid discomfort or any injuries that could occur as a result of wearing them for too long. It is then necessary to answer the question, do Ugg boots stretch? And how can you ensure you get the perfect fit?

Understanding the Ugg Boots Material

Ugg boots are usually made of soft sheepskin leather material that could stretch over time. The inner lining is made of wool that could move in different directions, making it more accommodating. However, it also depends on the type of Ugg boots you purchase. The Classic Ugg boots have more of a relaxed fit, and it might not stretch much. While other Ugg boots, such as the Bailey Button, have a more snug fit, they could stretch over time. It’s important to understand their materials to know which boots are likely to stretch and which ones would not.

Factors That Affect the Stretching of Ugg Boots

Several factors determine the extent to which Ugg boots could stretch. They include:

Size of the boots

Ugg boots that are too small might not stretch to your desired fit, and those that are too large could stretch too much, leading to a loose fit.

Type of Material Used

Some Ugg boots are made of suede fabric, which stretches relatively less compared to sheepskin leather materials.

Frequency of Wearing

Wearing Ugg boots frequently leads to stretching over time. Daily use would accelerate the stretching process.

Foot Swelling

Your foot size could increase slightly due to swelling. It is advisable to try on Uggs in the afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen to ensure you get the perfect fit.

How to Stretch Ugg Boots

Using a Boot Stretcher

A boot stretcher is an excellent tool to use if you’re experiencing discomfort with tighter Uggs or if you want to stretch new Ugg boots to a more relaxed fit. Insert the stretcher inside the boots and adjust it to your desired result. Leave the stretcher inside the boots for a day or two for the best results.

Wearing Your Ugg Boots Around the House

The most natural way to stretch your Ugg boots is to wear them often around the house. It would help if you walked around in socks and Ugg boots, applying even pressure to ensure all parts of the boot stretch at the same time.

Using a Stretching Spray

You could use a stretching spray as an alternative to a boot stretcher. Apply the spray on the tight spots of your Ugg boots, wear them for a few minutes and walk around to stretch the spots. However, please note that using a spray is less effective than a boot stretcher, so repeated applications might be necessary.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Ugg Boot Fit

Measure Your Feet

Measure your feet, and check the shoe size chart to ensure you get the perfect fit. You could take your measurements by tracing your feet on a sheet of paper and measuring the length and width.

Try on Boots in the Afternoon

Try on boots in the late afternoon when your feet are slightly swollen. That way, you avoid buying a small size, which would be too tight to wear regularly.

Consider the Lining Material

Uggs boots with a wool lining might stretch over time. You could consider sizing down to ensure a snug fit that would stretch over time to your desired fit. On the other hand, boots with synthetic lining would not stretch as much, so it’s best to buy your regular size.

Consider the Front of the Boot

Ugg boots with a narrow front tend to feel tighter, while boots with a rounder, wider front offer more room for your toes. Consider the style of boots you want and the kind of fit you prefer.


Ugg boots are comfortable boots with a great style that pairs well with different outfits. They have a reputation for stretching over time, so it is important to keep in mind the factors that affect the stretching of the boots when buying or stretching them. By following the tips mentioned above, you can get the perfect Ugg boots’ fit that allows for maximum comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions and their answers related to Ugg boot stretching.

  • Do Ugg boots stretch over time?
    Yes, Uggs made of sheepskin leather gradually stretch over time.
  • What if my Ugg boots are too big?
    You could consider pairing them with thick socks or use an insole to compensate for the extra space.
  • What if my Ugg boots are too small?
    You could stretch them using a boot stretcher, a stretching spray, or wearing them around the house often.
  • How long does it take to stretch Ugg boots?
    The duration depends on how often you wear them, the material used, and the stretching method used. It could take a few days or several weeks to achieve the desired fit.


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