Do They Strip You During Surgery? The Naked Truth.

Going for surgery is always a daunting experience. Many people worry about what will happen during the procedure, which includes what they are required to wear, and whether they will be left bare. Considering the immense anxiety around different surgical procedures, it is essential to know what to anticipate, especially when it comes to clothing. This article will help you put your mind at rest by discussing what goes on, whether or not you get stripped, and what happens to your clothing during surgery.

What to Wear for Surgery

Your surgeon or nurse will notify you what to wear on the day of the surgery. However, this is not the same as notifying you whether or not they will strip you. They will tell you to wear comfortable clothes that you can easily take off and put back on. Additionally, they will let you know if you need to have any bare skin covered.

Clothing Removal

When you arrive at the surgical facility, you will have to change into a hospital dress or a gown. The reason for the change of clothes is because your clothing should not interfere with your surgical team. Your surgical team needs to be compact and entirely rid of anything that can cause contamination, and loose clothing can make that quite hard. Additionally, surgical garments are sterile and purpose-built for surgery, which means that they won’t contaminate the surgical environment.

Underwear Removal

You won’t have to remove your underwear since they are covered with sterile surgical drapes. The only time you may need to remove them is if they are going to interfere with the surgery. In rare cases where the procedure is situated too close to your underwear, or they cover a spot that needs to be examined, the surgical team may need you to take them off.

Surgical Prep and Anesthesia

After you have changed into a surgical gown, the surgical staff will clean all the surgical spots. Additionally, your surgical team may give you some medications to make you comfortable and relaxed before anesthesia. As a result, you will not be required to strip; hence, it’s better to leave jewelry, makeup, and other accessories at home.

Anesthesia and Surgical Procedures

After the surgical team confirms that you have been adequately prepped, you will receive anesthesia that will put you to sleep. The drugs used can usually remain in your system for a short while after the surgery, making you feel nauseous or disoriented. Also, the surgical team will put you on a table, usually with a safety belt to prevent any injuries from falls during surgery. Nonetheless, nobody will strip you, so to speak, during surgery. In most cases, you will have a surgical gown and underwear, which will be covered with surgical drapes.

Patient Privacy

During surgery, patient privacy is crucial, and as such, surgical staff do their best to ensure that you are covered as much as possible. They cover non-surgical areas with blue drapes to maintain modesty, and in some cases, if more than one person is present, a screen is erected for additional privacy.

Areas That Need to Be Examined

If your surgical procedure is situated close to your pubic, genital, or breast areas, surgical staff will need to maintain your modesty at all times while ensuring that they get down to the necessary body areas. Surgical staff can do this by using a surgical drape that exposes the surgical area only, leaving the rest of your body covered. In such rare cases, the surgical team takes adequate measures to maintain your privacy as well as performing their duties efficiently.


Going for surgery can be a nerve-racking experience, especially when you are worried about your personal modesty. However, rest assured that surgical staff will do their best to maintain your dignity and keep you covered at all times. You can show up at the surgical facility wearing loose and comfortable clothing, free of makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. You replace those clothes with surgical gowns, which are purpose-built for surgery, keeping you comfortable and well covered.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to get naked for surgery? No, you won’t have to get naked; the surgical staff will provide you with a hospital gown or surgical dress to wear.
  • Do I need to remove my underwear? No, you won’t need to remove your underwear unless it’s necessary for the procedure.
  • Will surgical staff see me naked? No, the surgical staff will do everything possible to maintain your dignity and modesty during surgery.
  • Do I need to remove my jewelry? Yes, it’s better to leave your jewelry at home since surgical staff may need to take it off you anyway.


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