Do Girls Dig the ‘Demi Moore’? Shaved Heads: The Latest Trend?

Shaved heads have been associated with masculinity since ancient times. It is a fact that certain haircuts can increase a woman’s attraction towards a man. In recent years, the shaved head has shed its old-fashioned machismo image and is now seen as a symbol of inner strength, self-assurance, and style. With celebrities like Demi Moore, Charlize Theron, and Natalie Portman sporting the buzz cut, there is no wonder that more and more men are experimenting with the style on their locks. But the question remains, do girls really dig the ‘Demi Moore’?

The History of Shaved Heads

Long before the dawn of modern civilization, men used to shave their heads, not as a fashion statement, but for practical reasons. The earliest recorded instance of heads being shaved dates back to 5000 BC in Egypt. The Egyptians shaved their heads, not as a style, but as a preventative measure against lice, fleas, and other forms of parasites. It also reduced the heat in their hot climate. By the time of the Greek and Roman Empires, the practice of shaving heads had been adopted by their soldiers. It made them more aerodynamic in battle and eased cleaning of wounds.

As time went on, the practice of shaving heads became more of a punishment than tradition. In the Middle Ages, criminals and prisoners were forced to shave their heads as a sign of shame and punishment. However, the trend underwent a significant transformation in the late 20th century, where people began shaving their heads for fashion purposes.

Why Shaved Heads are the Latest Trend

Shaved heads are becoming more of a trend, especially among the younger generation. Men have been iconic for their thick hair since forever, but today, men are becoming more conscious of the way they look. The clean-shaven look has become more popular in recent years as various celebrities such as Zayn Malik, Vin Diesel, and David Beckham are seen sporting this new look.

The Popularity of the Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a hairstyle where the hair is cut short and is evenly distributed. This hairstyle has grown in popularity in recent years, and now it is common among men. Men who wear this style often say that it provides them with more confidence and complements their personal style.

The buzz cut offers a low-maintenance hairstyle, which is perfect for those who live an active lifestyle or are simply short on time. This style suits a range of face shapes, and it is easy for hairstylists to accomplish. Men with receding hairlines also find the buzz cut useful, as it does not draw attention to the thinning hair.

The Benefits of Going Bald

Bald men are often considered attractive because of their confidence and self-assurance. The shaved head enhances their masculinity and makes them appear more dominant, assertive, and physically stronger. The absence of hair can also give an illusion of a more defined jawline and cheekbones, which raises their facial symmetry.

Certain men may also choose to shave their heads because they are experiencing hair loss. Shaving the head is a simple solution that eliminates patchy hair and provides a smooth, clean look. It also provides them with the ability to go for different haircuts faster than if they had a full head of hair.

Do Girls Like Shaved Heads?

It is quite possible that the answer to this question varies according to cultural backgrounds or geographic locations. However, The overall answer is Yes. The clean-shaven look is something that is considered stylish and appealing to many women. According to a survey conducted on Buzzfeed, 56% of women preferred men with shaved hair over hair.

Some girls also believe that shaved heads make men more approachable and easy to talk to. Since the bald look stands out, it leads to conversations, and it can break the ice in social situations. Women have loved the bald look not just in a romantic sense but also as a symbol of support. Women who shaved their heads in solidarity with cancer patients and survivors are an excellent example of how the bald look can convey a sense of kindness and empathy.

How to Maintain A Shaved Head?

  • Use Sunscreen – Without a doubt, one of the biggest drawbacks to shaved heads is that you are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. This means you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself from UV rays.
  • Stay Moisturized – Make sure that your scalp stays healthy and moisturized. Use lotion or coconut oil to keep your scalp nice and shiny.
  • Wash Your Head Properly – Shampoo and condition your head, as with any hair care routine
  • Go to the Barber – Regular haircuts are necessary when it comes to maintaining a shaved head. Visit the barber often to keep your hairline fresh.
  • Consider Hair Growth Products – Whether you want to keep your head shaved, or you want to grow your hair back, there are plenty of products aimed at helping your hair grow back thick and healthy

The Bottom Line

Shaved heads are no longer associated with skinheads or criminals. In recent years, the style has gained popularity and acceptance in everyday society. Thanks to celebrities, the clean-shaven look is being embraced, and as we can see, the trend is here to stay. Whether you have curly hair or straight, the shaved head can give you a fresh, unique, and stylish edge.


Q: Is shaving your head bad for your hair?

A: Shaving your head will not damage your hair, as hair growth occurs under the scalp. However, if you shave too often or too closely, you may experience some skin irritation.

Q: Will my hair grow back if I shave my head?

A: Yes, hair naturally grows back after shaving. It grows back thicker, healthier, and with a natural shine.

Q: How often should I shave my head?

A: This depends on your hair growth pattern. For some, daily shaves might be necessary, while for others, a couple of times a week will suffice.

Q: Can women shave their heads?

A: Yes, women can shave their head. Shaving a woman’s head can be empowering and have many benefits such as promoting hair growth, saving time, and supporting a personal image.



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