Can You Re Refrigerate Beer? The Answer May Surprise You!

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. It’s consumed on various occasions from parties, to sports games to even a relaxing evening at home. However, we often find ourselves in situations where we have leftover beer from previous events or we simply don’t finish a can or bottle. In such scenarios, many people question whether it is okay to re-refrigerate beer or not. Curious to know the answer? Keep reading!

The Compromise with Cold Beer

Beer drinking is a worldwide phenomenon, and one thing that all beer lovers can agree on, is that beer is best served cold. While many people find it satisfying to consume warm beer, the majority of beer enthusiasts would prefer their beer chilled. There is no denying that nothing beats an ice-cold beer on a hot day!

Why Do People Refrigerate Beer?

People refrigerate their beer for various reasons. Firstly, cold beer tastes better than beer that’s been kept at room temperature. Secondly, refrigerating beer slows down the aging process, preserving the beer’s freshness and flavor. Lastly, a cold beer on a hot day is refreshing and perfect for quenching your thirst.

What Happens To Beer When It’s Refrigerated?

Refrigerating beer cools down the liquid and causes the carbon dioxide gas in the beer to condense, thus forming bubbles. As the beer warms, the beer’s carbonation increases, which may cause the beer to produce more foamy bubbles, which could result in foam overflow when you open it, especially if the beer has been agitated before opening.

Can You Re-Refrigerate Beer?

So, you have opened your beer, consumed some, and have a few sips left. At this point, you might be wondering whether it is okay to re-refrigerate the beer if you can’t finish it all, right? The answer is yes! Re-refrigerating beer is safe, and you will not get ill or spoiled beer if you consume it within a reasonable time frame.

How Long Can You Keep an Opened Beer in the Fridge?

The best way to store beer in the fridge after opening is to ensure that the seal is tightly closed. This will prevent the beer from being exposed to air, which can cause the beer to taste much flatter. Fresh beer that has been exposed to air for a few hours will taste different, but it is still safe to consume. If you re-refrigerate the opened beer and consume it within 24 hours, you are in the safe zone. After 24 hours, the beer will start to taste stale, and the once refreshing taste will be gone.

What Happens When You Leave Opened Beer Outside The Fridge?

If you leave an opened beer can or bottle outside of the fridge, you expose it to the air, heat, and light. This will accelerate the oxidation process, causing the beer to stale and taste off in a matter of hours.

When Is It not Safe to Drink Refrigerated Beer?

Expired Beer

Refrigerating expired beer will not save it. If your beer’s best by date has expired, you should avoid consuming it, no matter how many times you refrigerate it. Expired beer might taste weird and produce a bad odor, which can be a sign of bacteria build-up. This indicates that the beer is no longer safe to consume and should be disposed of correctly.

Contaminated Beer

If the beer wasn’t handled or stored correctly before being refrigerated, it could contain harmful bacteria or other contaminants. Ensure that your beer is sealed and correct storage is essential in maintaining the safety of your beer. If you suspect your beer has been contaminated, play it safe, and dispose of it.

The Bottom Line

Re-refrigeration of beer is safe, and it won’t harm the drink’s quality if you consume it within the safe period, which is 24 hours. Leaving opened beer outside of the fridge will cause it to stale and taste off, and beer that has expired or contaminated is not safe for consumption even if it’s been refrigerated several times. It is also essential to handle and store your refrigerated beer correctly to avoid bacteria growth, which could make your beer unsafe to consume.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can beer be re-refrigerated after being left out for several hours?
  • A: As long as the beer was not left out of the fridge for more than two hours, it is safe to re-refrigerate it and consume it within 24 hours.
  • Q: Can you freeze beer?
  • A: Freezing beer can cause the beer to expand, resulting in the bottle or can breaking, which is why it is not recommended. However, if held at a specific temperature, you can freeze beer in glasses or containers, and it will be good to drink for a passage of time.
  • Q: What is the ideal temperature for storing beer in the fridge?
  • A: The ideal storage temperature for beer is between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.



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