Can you put a casper mattress back in the box


Buying a mattress is no longer an easy task because people need to find the right fit for them. Mattresses come in various shapes and sizes and some, like the Casper mattress, are designed to be rolled up and shipped in a box. While it might seem daunting, assembling and disassembling your Casper mattress is easier than you’d think!

In this article, we’ll discuss how to put your Casper mattress back in the box so that you can store or transport it with ease. We will also cover what materials you need for this process, as well as other essential tips:

What is a Casper Mattress?

A Casper mattress is a type of foam bedding commonly used for sleeping. The mattress consists of three layers—a top comfort layer, a middle pressure relieving layer, and a base support layer.

The comfort layer is made from special foam that give the mattress its cushioning and provide airflow to create a cooler sleep experience. The pressure-relieving and support layers work together to provide the spinal support needed for sound sleep.

Casper mattresses are designed to be easy to assemble, comfortable, and breathable. However, due to their size and weight when fully assembled (twin size mattresses weigh approximately 30lbs), disassembling them can be difficult if you wish to move or store the mattress in the box it was delivered in.

Can You Put a Casper Mattress Back in the Box?

For those who have just purchased a Casper mattress, figuring out the logistics of moving it can be a bit of a challenge. After all, most houses and apartments don’t have an extra king size bed lying around to fit the mattress. The good news is that Casper mattresses are designed to be lightweight and transportable, and they are able to fit back in the box they came in.

Although each mattress is different and may come packaged differently, there are some general steps you can take to put your Casper mattress back in the box:

  1. Unzip the cover from your mattress. Doing this will open up the mattress and make it much easier to store away when you’re done using it.
  2. Fold your mattress lengthwise in thirds so that it becomes smaller. It may help to place materials such as blankets or pillows on top of the folded sections to keep them secure while you work on folding them further into thirds laterally across their length.
  3. Tightly roll your folded-in-thirds mattress into an even smaller shape that fits easily inside the box it came in or another box of similar size. Make sure not to over-tighten, as this could damage or tear apart one of its more delicate sections such as near its edges or corners!
  4. Zip up any extra material such as pillowcases so that they do not get lost during storage; ensuring everything will still be together when you unpack the bed again later!
  5. Securely tape up your boxed Mattress for long distance travel if necessary (for example loading onto a truck or train). You can also use furniture sliders underneath your boxed Mattress for easier maneuvering inside or outside without having to lift too heavy items!
  6. And finally, enjoy your night’s rest knowing that when you’re ready for storage again next time – putting your Casper Mattress back into its box will be simple!

How to Pack a Casper Mattress

Knowing how to properly pack a Casper mattress can be essential when it comes time to move or store your mattress. The Casper mattress is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport or store. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to properly pack a Casper mattress back into its original box.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step to packing a Casper mattress is to gather the supplies you’ll need. Make sure that you have adequate space in which to perform the task, as well as a few tools and materials on hand.

You’ll need access to either a vacuum or a heavy-duty air compressor—ideally both. You’ll also need scissors or other cutting tool, packing tape, and strong, durable moving blankets for cushion (avoid using plastic or garbage bags). Additionally, it’s recommended that you have someone on hand to help you lift and maneuver the mattress if necessary.

Step 2: Roll the Mattress

Once the mattress has been cleared of any dirt, dust and debris, it is important to roll it up from head to toe. Start by making sure the mattress is placed on top of a clean and flat surface. Position yourself at the foot of the mattress, put your body weight behind one foot and use your hands to draw snugly the sheeting over the foot end of the mattress.

  1. Carefully roll up the sheet tightly together with the mattress until you reach your hips.
  2. With both hands firmly press down around one side of your hip so you don’t lose any air in that area.
  3. Then repeat this step again at your shoulder level.
  4. Hold onto each side firmly as you continue rolling until you get to the head end of your mattress or to where it belongs in its packaging box.
  5. When fully rolled up, secure with two straps or rope (provided by Casper) ensuring that there is no possible way for air pockets to accumulate within it thereby ruining its shape upon unrolling inside its packaging box.

Step 3: Secure the Mattress in the Box

Once the mattress is rolled up and every bit of air has been removed, it’s time to secure the mattress in the box. Start off by adding a layer of bubble wrap in between the layers of foam. Then take a piece of tape and make sure that any seams or folds are securely taped to prevent tearing or displacement.

Finally, you can place the shrink-wrap around the mattress so that it will remain secure until it is reassembled at its destination. If possible, try to ensure that there are enough pieces of tape to keep any edges from separating during transportation. Leave some extra room in the box for any padding material used earlier as well as loose parts, plastic seals or cleaning supplies which may need to be used in dismantling and assembling your new Casper mattress.

Step 4: Tape the Box

When you’re done with assembling and packing, it’s vital to tape the box securely and effectively. Start by taping the edges, then stretch the tape over any hard parts of the mattress in order to prevent any shifting during delivery. Make sure that all sides are properly taped, and double check all cardboard flaps before making a final seal.

If using a vacuum-sealable box or bag, you should use a vacuum sealer to compress and seal the package firmly in place. Once it is done, your Casper mattress is ready for safe shipping!


Putting a mattress back in the box is possible but not ideal. The Casper mattress, or any other mattress for that matter, should be moved with caution. After relocation or storage of the mattress, it may require some adjustment before it is ready to use again. This could include simple steps like fluffing and rotating the mattress or more complex steps like fixing an air chamber that has been punctured without proper support.

The low profile and small box size of the Casper mattress help to make this process more convenient. The Casper mattress’s design allows for up to 90% compression when handled carefully using the instructions outlined on the company website. If you move your Casper mattress regularly or need to store it for extended periods away from your home, taking precautions is worth considering – even if you’re only putting your mattress back in its box after use.