Can i buy the birth control patch online


The birth control patch is one of the most effective forms of contraception available today. It is a convenient and easy way to manage your contraception needs and can be purchased either from a pharmacy or online.

This article will provide an overview of the birth control patch, how it works, how to buy it online, and any potential side-effects associated with using the patch.

What is the birth control patch?

The birth control patch is a safe, reversible and effective form of contraception. It’s designed to deliver hormones into the bloodstream for 21 days (three weeks) through the skin and provide protection from unwanted pregnancy. The most common brand of patch is Ortho Evra, but there are other brands as well.

The hormones released by the patch are ethinyl estradiol (a type of estrogen) and norelgestromin (a type of progestin). As a combined hormonal contraceptive system, it works in two ways – firstly by stopping ovulation and secondly, by thickening cervical mucus so that sperm cannot pass through.

Typically, women wear each new patch for three consecutive weeks before exchanging it with a new one. During the fourth week (when no patch is worn), breakthrough bleeding occurs like a regular menstrual period. Generally, this breakthrough bleeding diminishes as time goes on. The patches come in boxes containing four patches, typically one per month over the course of three months total.

Additionally, the patches are available only with a doctor’s prescription; they cannot be purchased over the counter or online without one. Because they are prescribed medicines and should be taken according to your doctor’s instructions only – you should not obtain them from any source other than your doctor or health care provider/clinic.

Benefits of the birth control patch

The birth control patch is one of the most common and effective options for preventing pregnancy. This form of contraception delivers hormones through the skin, both preventing ovulation and thickening cervical mucus. The patch is a simple, convenient method used by many women around the world.

Advantages of wearing the birth control patch include:

  • Convenience: The main advantage of this contraceptive is how easy it’s to use. The patch can be applied once every week, taking only minutes to do so. It’s also easy to use while traveling or if your routine changes from week to week and often doesn’t require a doctor’s supervision.
  • Higher rate of effectiveness: Studies have shown that the patch is more than 99% effective when used correctly compared with similarly hormonal contraception such as pills which range from 91-95% in effectiveness.
  • No interruption during intercourse: Unlike barrier methods such as condoms, there isn’t a need to stop during sex and apply any type of device which can interfere with sexual satisfaction.
  • Easy removal: Should you decide you no longer wish to use the contraceptive it can also be very easily removed, allowing you almost immediately become pregnant should their be no other underlying issues preventing conception.

Where to Buy the Birth Control Patch

With the rise of online pharmacies, it can be tempting to buy the birth control patch online. It is an effective form of contraception and is far more convenient than needing to go to the clinic. But there are still risks to consider when buying the patch online and you need to be sure you’re getting the real thing.

Let’s take a look at where you can buy the birth control patch and what precautions you should take:

Online pharmacies

In the United States, there are several online pharmacies that provide prescription birth control patches to women who have undergone a qualified doctor or nurse’s consultation. It is important for women to receive an individualized evaluation of their health and lifestyle factors before starting any form of contraception, and this evaluation can be done digitally from the comfort of your own home.

A doctor will commonly make an online diagnosis based on your symptoms, medical history, and information entered into a questionnaire. Upon being prescribed the correct patch for your needs, you will then receive it in the mail within a few days. Online pharmacies are usually very discreet about sending packages containing contraceptives as well as sending confirmations of orders over emails to maintain privacy. That said, it’s still important to check the security measures in place when ordering medications online. Reputable websites should ensure that your personal information is kept secure with safe encryption technology and include a symbolic lock icon at checkout.

It can be difficult to find birth control patches at brick-and-mortar stores like Walgreens or CVS so ordering from an online pharmacy may be more convenient if you don’t want to travel far or don’t have time for long waiting lists for doctor consultations at clinics or Planned Parenthood centers in your area. Additionally, many online pharmacies have discounts and coupons that can help make birth control patches more affordable.

Local pharmacies

In some areas, you may be able to purchase the birth control patch directly at your local pharmacy without a prescription. It is recommended that you speak to your pharmacist or doctor before making any purchases to make sure that the birth control patch is right for you.

With most pharmacies, you can pay for the patch with your insurance company and check out just as if it was a regular purchase from the store.

You may need to show identification upon purchasing the birth control patch, depending on where you live and what type of pharmacy you are visiting. Always remember to keep all of your prescription documents stored safely in a secure location while traveling. This ensures that any medical personnel can quickly assess your medical history should an emergency occur.

Planned Parenthood

The birth control patch is available from various sources, including online pharmacies, Planned Parenthood clinics and retail pharmacies like Walgreens.

The patch is a contraceptive product that provides long-term birth control. It releases hormones in the body that suppress ovulation and impede sperm from reaching the egg.

The birth control patch is available at most Planned Parenthood clinics for free or at a low cost, depending on your income level and family size. It may also be covered by insurance plans that cover contraceptives, such as state Medicaid plans. If you want same day access to the patch, you can usually get it at a local Planned Parenthood clinic without having to make an appointment.

Getting the birth control patch through an online pharmacy is another option. You’ll need to fill out an online health questionnaire before getting your prescription medication online in order to ensure safety and accuracy of the prescribed dose. Most online pharmacies also provide:

  • Convenient home delivery of your patch every month with free shipping for ordering 3 or more months worth of patches at one time.
  • Automatic refills so you don’t have to remember when it’s time to order new patches each month!

Cost of the Birth Control Patch

The cost of the birth control patch varies depending on the product, form, and where it’s purchased. Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of the birth control patch, but the out-of-pocket cost can range anywhere from $0-$50 per month. Therefore, it’s important to do your research to find the best option.

In this article, we will discuss the cost of the birth control patch and where you can purchase it.

Online pharmacies

Using an online pharmacy to purchase the birth control patch can be a convenient and cost-effective option, but it’s important to exercise caution. An online pharmacy must first be vetted and verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. The online pharmacy should also provide verifiable contact information and a pharmacists’ license number in your state as well.

The cost of the birth control patch typically varies between states, pharmacies, and insurance coverage—the overall cost for one package of birth control patch typically ranges from $15 -$50 USD per month. However, it is important to do some research into the costs associated with purchasing from an online pharmacy, as prices may vary among sites. Additionally, be sure to read over any disclaimers or restrictions related to purchasing from an online pharmacy before making your final decision.

Local pharmacies

The birth control patch is available at local pharmacies and typically costs $30 to $50 per month. However, depending on where you live, your health insurance plan may cover the cost of the patch or provide you with discounts to reduce the cost. It is important to ask your pharmacist about any available discount programs for which you may be eligible.

Before making a purchase at your local pharmacy, it is wise to contact them first to ensure that they carry the specific brand of patch you prefer. Additionally, it is advisable to call ahead and inquire about their current pricing and any specific payment policies such as:

  • Are co-pays required?
  • Do they accept credit cards?
  • Is there a minimum amount when using a debit card?

Finally, many online companies offer safe and secure ordering of birth control patches directly from their website. Shipping fees may apply depending on where you live, but some online vendors offer discounted prices that can substantially reduce the overall cost of purchasing this type of contraception.

Planned Parenthood

If you are looking to purchase the birth control patch, Planned Parenthood is a great place to start. At most of their health centers, you can get birth control completely free or at a low cost. In addition, they provide confidential and respectful care, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else knowing about your visit.

You can often find the birth control patch for sale online. In general, however, it will be more expensive than if you go through your local Planned Parenthood health center. If you decide you want to buy online or from pharmacies located outside of the United States (like Canada), make sure that the website is reputable and properly registered with regulatory authorities before completing a transaction. Plus using a website from another country could also mean that any applicable warranty or customer service isn’t valid when purchasing medications abroad.

Good luck!

Risks and Considerations

Buying the birth control patch online comes with certain risks and considerations. While it may be convenient to purchase the patch over the internet, it is important to take the proper safety precautions.

Before purchasing the birth control patch online, it is important to understand the risks, as well as the correct use of the patch:

  • Risks associated with purchasing the patch online.
  • The correct way to apply the patch.
  • The correct dosage for the patch.
  • The potential side effects of the patch.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with the birth control patch are those related to hormone changes. These may include nausea, changes in menstrual cycle, headaches, breast tenderness and skin irritation at the application site. Less common side effects may include weight change, depression or mood changes, vaginal discharge and decreased libido.

If any of these symptoms occur or worsen while using the patch, you should consult a healthcare provider as soon as possible.

It is also important to be aware of any potential health risks associated with using the birth control patch. Some women may be at an increased risk of developing blood clots such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE). If you have any known risk factors for these conditions or if you experience severe leg pain, chest pain, coughing or trouble breathing while using a birth control patch you should seek medical attention immediately.

Finally, non-hormonal methods of birth control should also be considered when looking into the buy the birth control patch online as necessary protection from sexually transmitted infections is not offered with its use alone. The only way to provide full protection from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is through careful research of available contraceptive methods and sound decision making with your healthcare provider before purchasing any product online.

Interactions with other medications

When considering whether the birth control patch is an appropriate form of contraception for you, it is important to consider the potential interactions between other medications and the patch. The effectiveness of the contraceptive may be reduced when using certain types of medication, including some antibiotics, anticonvulsants, antiretrovirals (ARV drugs used in HIV treatment) and some herbal remedies. If you are using any of these medications or herbs then it is essential to talk to a health care professional before starting to use the patch.

The hormones in the patch can also interact with other hormonal medications and treatments such as hormonal birth controls, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and tamoxifen (a drug used to treat breast cancer). As a result, it is especially important that you tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any of these treatments prior to purchase. People with pre-existing conditions such as cancers or high blood pressure may find that it is not suitable for them to use this method because taking hormones may increase risks associated with those conditions. Again, your healthcare provider will be able to advise you on this.

Other considerations

Aside from whether you are able to buy the birth control patch online, there are other things to take into consideration before starting any type of birth control.

The patch is a reversible form of contraception and there may be differences in effectiveness depending on the user’s weight and lifestyle. Crushing or bending the patch, for example, could reduce its effectiveness. Also, vigorous exercise that produces sweat can potentially change the amount of hormone released by the skin patch.

In addition, some medications can reduce the effectiveness of the birth control skin patch. These include medications such as barbiturates and antibiotics. It is important to consult your doctor about any current and future medications before starting a new medication while on a skin patch product such as Ortho Evra.

Other potential side effects may include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Bloating
  • Changes in menstrual cycles

If this occurs after beginning to use a birth control skin patch product like Ortho Evra, it is best to consult with a health care provider for further guidance.


Making the decision to purchase a birth control patch online is a personal one that should be made in consultation with a healthcare provider. While there are online pharmacies where you can purchase the patch, it is important for consumers to understand potential risks when purchasing medications from any source. Some of these risks include receiving counterfeit or adulterated medication, side effects due to receiving improper dosages and medical advice from an unqualified source. In addition, purchasing medicines from unregulated sites introduces the risk of theft of your personal information or financial information.

When considering whether to buy the birth control patch online, it is important for consumers to research the reputation of any pharmacy where they will make the purchase and verify whether or not they are appropriately licensed. Additionally, take into account that in many cases there may be restrictions on ordering this type of medication outside your country, so it is important to check restrictions prior to placing an order.

Ultimately, you should consult with your own healthcare provider before deciding if purchasing the birth control patch online is right for you.